When I am gone, release me, let me go

I have so many things to see and do

You must not tie yourself to me with tears

Be happy that I have had so many years

I gave you my love, you can only guess

How much you gave me in happiness

I thank you for the love each have shown

But now it is time I traveled on alone

So grieve a while for me, if grieve you must

Then let your grief be comforted by trust

It is only for a while that we must part

So bless the memories in your heart

I will not be far away, for life goes on

So if you need me, call and I will come

Through you can not see or touch me,

I will be near

And if you listen with your heart,

you will hear

All of my love around you soft and clear.

Then, when you must come this way alone,

I will greet you with a smile and a 

"Welcome Home."

                                                              Mary Alice Ramich


By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo


Cathy Allen (Templeman) (Class Of 1971)  
Ralph Alsgood (Class Of 1964)  
Larry Bain (Class Of 1965)  
Ricky Bauman (Class Of 1967)  
Cherri Booth (Class Of 1978)  
Mike Carvalho (Class Of 1967)  
Richard Childree (Class Of 1962)  
Darin Davison (Class Of 1973)  
Arnaldo Alves De Almeida (Class Of 1973)  
Mary Anne Fay (Milner) (Class Of 1973)  
Mitch Gazarian (Class Of 1974)  
Christopher Gonsalves (Class Of 1985)  
Kathy Grace (Harris) (Class Of 1967)  
Janet Hicks (Class Of 1973)  
Barry Jackson (Class Of 1968)  
Richard Jarvi (Class Of 1979)  
Brent Lawrence (Class Of 1962)  
Dorothy Lopes (Class Of 1969)  
John Ludtke (Class Of 1972)  
Rick Ludwigsen (Class Of 1970)  
Ed Marquez (Class Of 1964)  
Bruce Plunkett (Class Of 1985)  
Patrick Robinson (Class Of 1970)  
Kris Ruiz (Class Of 1972)  
David Sanchas (Class Of 1966)  
Edward Smucher (Class Of 1966)  
Elaine Sturdevant (Class Of 1972)  
Doug Wells (Class Of 1969)  

Vincent Acosta (Class Of 1967)  
Frank Armienti (Class Of 1963)  
Kathy August (Class Of 1971)  
Carol Baker (Hubbs) (Class Of 1963)  
Denise Bebout (Fisher) (Class Of 1972)  
Sylvia Belman (Rodriguez) (Class Of 1967)  
Timothy Benavidez (Class Of 1964)  
Jean Bettencourt (Class Of 1972)  
Steve Branco (Class Of 1963)  
Gwyneth Chenoweth (Knolls) (Class Of 1967)  
Eric Christophersen (Class Of 1972)  
David Drawdy (Class Of 1976)  
Kristine Ellis Oryall (Class Of 1965)  
Lorna Fay (Class Of 1970)  
John Gillock (Class Of 1964)  
Bill Hart (Class Of 1977)  
Tim Hayward (Class Of 1974)  
Barbara Howell (Dodson) (Class Of 1969)  
Bonnie Rita Ione (Tobin) (Class Of 1966)  
Joe "Jody" Kitchen (Class Of 1966)  
Vicky Lewis (Martinez) (Class Of 1966)  
George Martinez (Class Of 1962)  
Kent McLean (Class Of 1968)  
Manuel Moirao (Class Of 1979)  
Tina Moirao (Class Of 1974)  
Linda Morris Henderson (Class Of 1963)  
Ellen Nichols (Brazelton) (Class Of 1974)  
Shirley Noble (Santos Moreno) (Class Of 1966)  
Priscilla Olivas (Class Of 1964)  
Donna Snow (Fernandes) (Class Of 1967)  
Theresa Sylvia (Class Of 1974)  
Eric Teter (Class Of 1981)  
Rebecca Tobias (Farris) (Class Of 1969)  
Dennis Tobin (Class Of 1972)  
Tom Tuley Jr (Class Of 1966)  
Allen Tyner (Class Of 1964)  
Frank Urquides (Class Of 1966)  
William White (Class Of 1962)  
Doreen Wideman (Blanchard) (Class Of 1969)  

Judith Archuleta Perreiera (Class Of 1964)  
Jerry Beaver (Class Of 1968)  
Joann Margaret Biddle (Lynch) (Class Of 1965)  
Ron Caballero (Class Of 1970)  
Kathleen Childress (Bronstein) (Class Of 1968)  
Darlene Clayton (Kelly) (Class Of 1964)  
John Crawford (Class Of 1974)  
Laura Crawford (Class Of 1972)  
Susanna DeLarre (Chavez Velasquez) (Class Of 1969)  
Vicky Edwards (Werner) (Class Of 1973)  
Patrick Egan (Class Of 1966)  
Glenn Elliott (Class Of 1968)  
Timothy Fadda (Class Of 1964)  
Jody Fleischman (Class Of 1966)  
Albert Galvan (Class Of 1978)  
Marina Garcia (Gelpe) (Class Of 1966)  
Dolores {Dodie} Haynes (Bahl) (Class Of 1976)  
Micheal Henderson (Class Of 1967)  
Debbie Higuera (Class Of 1972)  
Rosemary (Rosemarie) Ione (Francis) (Class Of 1967)  
Jacqueline Johnson/Lawrence (DeCamp) (Class Of 1968)  
Daryl Karcher (Class Of 1985)  
James Mike Kenkel (Class Of 1965)  
Elaine Langston (Nissen) (Class Of 1972)  
Lana Larsen (Reed) (Class Of 1968)  
Gary Leeman (Class Of 1967)  
Cheryl McCulloch (Thompson) (Class Of 1966)  
Jon Nichols (Class Of 1972)  
Christine Ochoa (Ochoa) (Class Of 1975)  
Paul Ortiz (Class Of 1973)  
Richard Paiva (Class Of 1967)  
Steve Penland (Class Of 1970)  
Kevin Reinhardt (Class Of 1975)  
Robert "Ricky" Ricardo (Class Of 1965)  
Darrel Roloff (Class Of 1965)  
Katie Rumple (Class Of 1973)  
Alex Sanchez (Class Of 1967)  
Nancy Smith Bowman (Class Of 1971)  
Penny Stevenson (Dean) (Class Of 1970)  
David Tabing (Class Of 1979)  
Paul Tobias (Class Of 1964)  
Donald Trejo (Class Of 1967)  
Steven Vallejos (Class Of 1971)  
Mark Worsham (Class Of 1976)  
David Wright (Class Of 1969)  

Larry Aiello (Class Of 1969)  
William Anderman (Class Of 1973)  
Sean Atkinson (Class Of 1983)  
Loretta Boyer (McCormack) (Class Of 1965)  
Joan Brown Plunkette (Class Of 1964)  
Jackie Coghlan (Class Of 1971)  
Steve Dresser (Class Of 1969)  
Lisa Giles (Taylor) (Class Of 1977)  
Greta Grego (Velazquez) (Class Of 1967)  
Patricia Guinta Kellner (Class Of 1964)  
Melissa Hart (Hakata) (Class Of 1972)  
Robert Jardine (Class Of 1970)  
Susan King Beaver (Class Of 1969)  
Linda Klinger (Class Of 1967)  
John Luckett (Class Of 1966)  
Wayne McAlpin (Class Of 1966)  
Robert McKeever (Class Of 1984)  
Otis McQueen (Class Of 1962)  
James Moschetti (Class Of 1968)  
Donald Nunes (Class Of 1967)  
Dan Olson (Class Of 1966)  
Shirley Pacheco (Fleischman) (Class Of 1966)  
Laberta Perry (Class Of 1969)  
John Ramirez (Class Of 1970)  
Sandra Reimche ((Bilodeau, Ashcraft, Goforth, Kilner)) (Class Of 1965)  
Aubrey Rhine (Jr. ) (Class Of 1965)  
Kenneth Riggsby (Class Of 1982)  
Henry Sanchez (Class Of 1980)  
Joe Souza (Class Of 1963)  
Mark Taylor (Class Of 1969)  
Frank Villa (Class Of 1963)  
Edith Warren (Leuschner) (Class Of 1973)  
Vic Wharton (Class Of 1970)  

Linda Beasley Gurule (Ahearn) (Class Of 1968)  
Nancy Beyer (Cano) (Class Of 1968)  
Judy Carte (Griffin & Chance) (Class Of 1964)  
Ricky Cruz (Class Of 1963)  
Diane Denego Cariss (Class Of 1964)  
Dale Devine (Scott) (Class Of 1966)  
Perry Dillon (Class Of 1984)  
Elena Dominguez (Class Of 1978)  
Tecla Fouche Marshall (Class Of 1965)  
Chris Haller (Class Of 1970)  
Richard Hiles (Class Of 1962)  
Dean Hubbard (Class Of 1971)  
Randy Kerr (Class Of 1977)  
Jerry Kreutzer (Class Of 1966)  
Judith Lamanet Pine (Pine) (Class Of 1964)  
Bonnie McClellan (Kral) (Class Of 1966)  
Harland McClellan (Class Of 1972)  
Virginia Miller (Class Of 1964)  
Linda Minafo (Class Of 1966)  
Suzanne Mitchell (Lentz) (Class Of 1971)  
Dana Moschetti (Class Of 1974)  
Tim Mowdy (Class Of 1983)
Sandra Ornellas (Class Of 1967)  
Tony Ortega (Class Of 1966)  
John Reagan (Class Of 1973)  
Vernon Reis (Class Of 1978)  
Larry Rowland (Class Of 1964)  
Doug Santos (Class Of 1971)  
Lawrence Sarmento (Class Of 1967)  
Ronald J Sheldon (Class Of 1968)  
Michael Souza (Class Of 1968)  
Carl Speckman (Class Of 1975)  
Ron Tapley (Class Of 1969)  
Yolanda (Lani) Turner (Class Of 1980)  
Charlene Wright (Clark) (Class Of 1966)  
Ray Young (Class Of 1977)  

Linda Bailey (Class Of 1970)  
Virginia Chapman (Class Of 1969)  
Erika Charles (Class Of 1986)  
Kurt Cooper (Class Of 1967)  
La Donna Cottier (Class Of 1967)  
Debby Daily (Nisleit) (Class Of 1973)  
Carolyn Dias (Class Of 1966)  
Kenneth Dubuque (Class Of 1982)  
Kurt Erickson (Class Of 1970)  
Larry Halverson (Class Of 1967)  
Christine Louise Hampton (Class Of 1977)  
Dennis Harrison (Class Of 1968)  
Curt Hill (Class Of 1970)  
Richard Ione (Class Of 1969)  
Mark Kersting (Class Of 1975)  
Connie Maddix (Class Of 1969)  
Severo (Jay) Martinez (Class Of 1971)  
Joni (Jonella) McCulloch (Velez) (Class Of 1970)  
Terry Mendenhall (Class Of 1966)  
James Nagel (Class Of 1972)  
Michael Newman (Class Of 1976)  
Robert Norlinger (Class Of 1966)  
Linda Perez (Class Of 1972)  
Henry Pratt (Class Of 1978)  
Lisa Procarioni (Class Of 1978)  
Michelle Roberts (Class Of 1980)  
Heather Robertson (Class Of 1984)  
Mary Solversen (Howard) (Class Of 1967)  
Lee Stein (Class Of 1972)  
Jim Truex (Class Of 1963)  
Robert Trujillo (Class Of 1966)  
David Walker (Class Of 1969)  
Ken Wilson (Class Of 1964)  

Bill Baldwin (Class Of 1970)  
Larry Campos (Class Of 1966)  
Sandra Castro (Stroud) (Lee) (Jackson) (Class Of 1966)  
Ralph Cook (Class Of 1965)  
Bill Danser (Class Of 1971)  
Ed Davis (Class Of 1963)  
Dwight Denton (Class Of 1970)  
Frank DeOliveira (Class Of 1964)  
Steven Drummond (Class Of 1968)  
Sally Gaspar (Garrity) (Class Of 1973)  
Diana Gonsalves (Aidnik) (Class Of 1977)  
Jim Hackmeier (Class Of 1964)  
Drew Johnese (Class Of 1969)  
Edward Johnese (Class Of 1962)  
Paulette King (Class Of 1972)  
Jo Anne King Leca (Class Of 1965)  
Kim Larsen (Goodwin) (Class Of 1973)  
Judy Lewandowski (Class Of 1966)  
Brad Lockhart (Class Of 1963)  
Ricky Gordon Lopes (Class Of 1967)  
Daniel Main (Class Of 1966)  
Debbie Massari (Rourke) (Class Of 1975)  
Robert Mitsuyasu (Class Of 1962)  
Ralph Montgomery (Class Of 1965)  
Susan Nichols (Sanchez) (Class Of 1967)  
Erik Nielsen (Class Of 1983)  
Lourdes Nunes (Class Of 1972)  
Jerry Ortega (Ortega) (Class Of 1964)  
Michael Anthony Paiva (Class Of 1981)  
Renee Pederson (Class Of 1981)  
Ron Preuett (Class Of 1972)  
Steven Robinson (Class Of 1965)  
Roger Schimmel (Class Of 1967)  
Jim Slade (Class Of 1963)  
Susan Smith (Class Of 1962)  
Mark Taylor (Class Of 1976)  
Marilyn Uribe (Class Of 1966)  
Teresa Vallejos (Class Of 1970)  
Michele Volpe (Bazzel) (Class Of 1968)  
David Wallace (Class Of 1981)  
Ralph Zobel (Class Of 1963)  

Felicia Belman Garcia (Class Of 1975)  
William Brennan (Class Of 1966)  
James Brown (Class Of 1964)  
Dennis Feliciano (Class Of 1964)  
Heidi Fraser (Class Of 1979)  
Patricia Guerra (Bruce) (Class Of 1976)  
Lawrence Hand (Class Of 1967)  
Danny Jones (Class Of 1965)  
Hiroshi Kishi (Class Of 1962)  
Mary Lopes (Holland) (Class Of 1967)  
Michael Lopez (Class Of 1964)  
Valentino Mumford (Class Of 1970)  
Don Muriset (Class Of 1963)  
David Olivas (Class Of 1969)  
Deann Reed (Class Of 1975)  
Mark Rocha (Class Of 1975)  
Glenn Rosaaen (Class Of 1967)  
Mike Rose (Class Of 1970)  
John Santos (Class Of 1980)
Linda Skinner (Class Of 1966)  
Charles Starr (Class Of 1963)  
David Teles (Class Of 1975)  
Pamela Templeman (Sevilla) (Class Of 1965)  
Michael Joseph Vegas (Class Of 1972)  
Rudy Waschau (Class Of 1965)  
Michael Whitacre (Class Of 1974)  
Dona Marie Willmes-Silva (Class Of 1975)  
Nick Wind (Class Of 1962)  
Karen Woodward (Class Of 1962)  
Darrell Youngblood (Class Of 1965)  

James Abina (Class Of 1970)  
Kathryn Bennett (Class Of 1973)  
Jeff Bond (Class Of 1973)  
David Camper (Class Of 1975)  
Nancy Campos (Class Of 1969)  
Ron Costa (Class Of 1974)
Rich Countiss (Class Of 1969)  
Anthony Crudele (Class Of 1962)  
Thomas Cummings (Class Of 1966)  
Paul DeLloyd (Class Of 1966)  
Becky Erickson (Steen) (Class Of 1974)  
Tom Freitas (Class Of 1970)  
John Fry (Class Of 1971)  
Nancy Gehrkens Reeder (Class Of 1965)  
Joan Harris (Wass) (Class Of 1973)  
Linda Hedstrom (Class Of 1979)  
Stanley Thomas Hephinger (Class Of 1968)  
Micheal Homon (Class Of 1967)  
Darrell Horn (Class Of 1976)  
Darlene Jones (Roderick) (Class Of 1974)  
Mary Jo Kelly (Liscinski) (Class Of 1966)  
Carla Kerr (Theis) (Class Of 1973)  
Mark Kerr (Class Of 1975)  
Anita Kitchen (Class Of 1967)  
Patricia Kopacz (Pedroia) (Class Of 1968)  
Estor Lopez (Class Of 1976)  
Gina Pisano (Class Of 1979)  
Mary Jane Sanders (Davis) (Class Of 1969)  
Karen Schwartz (Pozniak) (Class Of 1966)  
Carrol Shaw (Class Of 1968)  
Leonard Simon (Class Of 1967)  
David Squier II (Class Of 1970)  
Brad Still (Class Of 1973)  
Mark Symmons (Class Of 1966)  
Dale Tumlin (Class Of 1966)  
Kimberly Weiler (Langley) (Class Of 1982)  
Gary Westlake (Class Of 1971)  
Gary Wilson (Class Of 1967)  

Joseph Aboumrad (Class Of 1966)  
Shawn Bell Herrin (Moore) (Class Of 1973)  
Cindy Bergan (Keeth) (Class Of 1972)  
Louie Christopher (Class Of 1962)  
Dale Clark (Class Of 1975)  
Edward De Oliveira (Class Of 1967)  
Angie Evans (Riggs) (Class Of 1965)  
Greg Frasca (Class Of 1971)  
Richard Gattey (Class Of 1966)  
Debra Houston (Perakis) (Class Of 1977)  
Yvonne Medeiros (Kolb) (Class Of 1966)  
Tony Montero (Class Of 1973)  
Linda Nevins Henderson (Class Of 1965)  
Debra Ozenne (Christopherson) (Class Of 1975)  
Glenn Leslie Pendley (Class Of 1969)  
Guy Perry (Class Of 1979)  
Frank Petersen (Class Of 1976)  
Melvin Pimentel (Class Of 1971)  
Ruth Plants (Class Of 1973)  
Antoinette (Toni) June Rego (Oliver) (Class Of 1965)  
Marvin Rogers (Class Of 1967)  
Frank Schoolmaster (Class Of 1964)  
Jim Schwartz (Class Of 1974)  
Joseph Sgroe (Class Of 1965)  
Michael Sgroe (Class Of 1970)  
Kathy Slater (Clark) (Class Of 1970)  
Judy Snow (Class Of 1964)  
Michael Steele (Class Of 1966)  
John Triberti (Class Of 1964)  
James Trujillo (Class Of 1972)  
Dennis Woudstra (Class Of 1971)  
Don Young (Class Of 1969)  

Linda Adelman (Fowler) (Class Of 1968)  
Jorge Borboa (Class Of 1972)  
Vivian Bradshaw (Class Of 1962)  
John Burns (Class Of 1965)  
Henry Caldera (Class Of 1967)  
Greg Fitzgerald (Class Of 1969)  
Mary Ann Freitas (Bohl) (Class Of 1981)  
Gustavo Guerra (Class Of 1978)  
Diana Hamre (Turner) (Class Of 1978)  
Karen Hanna (Allen) (Class Of 1965)  
John Horn (Class Of 1974)  
Ted Howard (Class Of 1965)  
Lola Kelly (McAlpin) (Class Of 1964)  
Debbie Kenkel (Morgan) (Class Of 1977)  
Floyd Kirk (Class Of 1963)  
Dale Martinez (Class Of 1974)  
Larry Montero (Class Of 1970)  
Raynold Moral (Class Of 1978)  
Jeff Norcup (Class Of 1971)  
Brenda Paul Clarke (Class Of 1962)  
Mike Ramirez (Class Of 1973)  
Dorothy Renshaw (Coppa) (Class Of 1967)  
Kathy Rhodes (Class Of 1963)  
Joanne Rivas (Class Of 1967)  
Brent Rothwell (Class Of 1970)  
John Salsedo (Class Of 1967)  
David Schantz (Class Of 1971)  
Carol Souza (Haskins) (Class Of 1967)  
Diana Stark (Guidry) (Class Of 1967)  
Raul Velazquez (Jr. ) (Class Of 1967)  
Raymond Veronda (Class Of 1963)  
Marta Wagner (Class Of 1968)  

Russell Boeder (Class Of 1982)  
Greg Caruso (Class Of 1974)  
Jim Childers (Class Of 1965)  
Daryl Cline (Cline) (Class Of 1963)  
Lavone Mae Fereira (Class Of 1969)  
Andreas Gaide (Class Of 1980)  
Rita Graef (Class Of 1974)  
Dennis Greer (Class Of 1969)  
Kenneth Hephinger (Class Of 1965)  
Robert Jungkeit (Class Of 1967)  
Carol Kimlin Garrison (Class Of 1965)  
Maureen Larsen (Emory) (Class Of 1973)  
Diane Leach Mazuroski (Class Of 1978)  
Leon Lewis (Class Of 1969)  
Joseph Mabayag (Class Of 1982)  
Dave Mendez (Class Of 1977)  
Bruce Moore (Class Of 1969)  
Dennis Murphy (Class Of 1978)  
Marianne Parsons (Parcell) (Class Of 1962)  
Reginald Pedro (Class Of 1972)  
Danny Pereira (Class Of 1979)  
Ed Perreira (Class Of 1974)  
Patrick Rego (Class Of 1977)  
Lois Rodrigues (DeCarie) (Class Of 1968)  
Gerald Sanborn (Class Of 1964)  
Joseph Smith (Class Of 1972)  
Steven Taylor Flores (Class Of 1972)  
Manuel Valente (Class Of 1980)  
Danny Waits (Class Of 1973)
Dana Weaver (Class Of 1969)  
Ronald Wilson (Class Of 1967)  

Louis Belger (Class Of 1967)  
Richard Coghlan (Class Of 1965)  
Justine Coleman (Class Of 1980)  
Al Corum (Class Of 1967)  
Michael Crom (Class Of 1966)  
Marjorie Curtis (Class Of 1966)  
Sandra Drusch (Class Of 1962)
Maria Duarte (Class Of 1971)  
Eric Hildebrand (Class Of 1978)  
Mark Hooper (Class Of 1964)  
Ed Kraus (Class Of 1970)  
Louis Lato (Class Of 1968)  
Larry Long (Class Of 1964)  
Mike McCarthy (Class Of 1963)
Charles Moscardini (Class Of 1978)  
Leonard Plants (Class Of 1967)  
Ronald Dale Plants (Class Of 1970)  
Allan Rexelle (Class Of 1969)  
Thea Roberts (Whaley) (Class Of 1968)  
Christine Rodrigues (Medina) (Class Of 1968)  
Butch Rumple (Class Of 1980)  
Mike Sauer (Class Of 1981)  
Vic Soares (Class Of 1963)  
Shannon Floyd Tibbetts (Class Of 1976)  
Vivian Weisser (Klos) (Class Of 1973)  
William Willis (Class Of 1962)  

Roland Anolin (Class Of 1968)  
Terry Beardsley (Class Of 1965)  
Lisa Bergan (Boyd) (Class Of 1977)  
Carl Ditmore (Class Of 1968)  
Wayne Allen Franks (Class Of 1984)  
Clarence Freitas (Perry) (Class Of 1962)  
Rose Marie Goulart (Class Of 1981)  
Renee Houston (Garecht) (Class Of 1966)  
Valerie Hutton (Wind) (Class Of 1967)  
Fred Lanzo (Class Of 1966)  
Patricia Newton (Class Of 1977)  
Stephen Nunley (Class Of 1971)  
Art Parker (Class Of 1977)  
Donald Phelps (Class Of 1962)  
Rick Pratt (Class Of 1970)  
Bruce Redmon (Class Of 1965)  
William J Reis (Class Of 1965)  
John Rizzo (Class Of 1967)  
William Robinson (Class Of 1966)  
Dave Schlater (Class Of 1965)  
Frank Scobee (Class Of 1962)  
Leland Stapleton (Class Of 1967)  
Mitch Wilson (Class Of 1970)  

Gary Aro (Class Of 1963)
Steve Balero (Class Of 1978)  
Daryl De Lima (Class Of 1968)
Larry De Luz (Class Of 1965)  
Terry Grennan (Class Of 1973)  
Joseph Daniel Hammet (Class Of 1962)  
Delmar Himango (Class Of 1966)  
Kent Koizumi (Class Of 1976)  
Jim Larsen (Class Of 1970)
Daniel Lofgren (Class Of 1962)  
James Long (Class Of 1966)  
Patti Ludtke (Class Of 1975)
Thomas Martens (Class Of 1966)
Joseph "Joey" Martins (Class Of 1983)  
Dan Nelson (Class Of 1970)  
Debbie Perreira Main (Main) (Class Of 1971)  
Frank Pulaski (Class Of 1972)  
Charles Raynor (Class Of 1963)  
Daniel Reilley (Class Of 1966)
Micheal Anthony Silva (Class Of 1967)  
Earl Tapley (Class Of 1968)  
Clem Thompson (Class Of 1964)  
Debbie Tiffany (Class Of 1972)  
James White (Class Of 1966)  
Steven White (Class Of 1965)
Brian Williamson (Class Of 1968)  
Arthur Zuniga (Class Of 1967)  

Gary Allen (Class Of 1969)  
Paul Ardell (Class Of 1968)
Jeff Beckwith (Class Of 1979)  
Deborah Bergen Hamilton (Tegland) (Class Of 1969)  
Richard Broadbent (Jr. ) (Class Of 1965)  
Steve Butler (Class Of 1969)  
Patricia Cain (Class Of 1970)  
Renee Catone (Class Of 1975)  
Carol Clarke (Class Of 1963)  
Connie Clayett (Class Of 1962)
Darwin Clayton (Class Of 1962)  
Larry Collins (Class Of 1985)  
Robert Cranford (Class Of 1972)  
Lance Cruz (Class Of 1966)  
Leonard Eskridge (Class Of 1976)  
Harry Fitzpatrick (Class Of 1964)  
Micheal Gibson (Class Of 1967)  
Bill Hall (Class Of 1974)  
Gary Hulse (Class Of 1966)  
Laverne Johnson (Class Of 1972)  
Elizabeth Kittlelson (McCoy) (Class Of 1964)  
Ron Kruse (Class Of 1963)  
Mike O'Mara (Class Of 1966)  
Larry Petkovich (Class Of 1965)  
Richard Ramirez (Class Of 1980)  
Alan Royce (Class Of 1968)  
Chris Santiago (Class Of 1974)  
Fiamaua Suesue (Hollenbeck) (Class Of 1968)  

Davannie Benson Summerville (Class Of 1966)  
Milton Chapman (Class Of 1966)  
Larry Denham (Class Of 1966)  
Harry Favretto (Class Of 1966)  
Steven Harris (Class Of 1973)  
Antoinette Hooper (Class Of 1966)  
Ralph Jungkeit (Class Of 1965)  
Keith Lidyard (Class Of 1984)  
Domonic Loconte (Class Of 1970)  
Lynelle Rankin (Mackanic) (Class Of 1977)  
Claudia Salmela (Class Of 1963)  
Charles Schembra (Class Of 1964)  
Rosanne Sgroe (Tobias) (Class Of 1968)  
Paul Soto (Class Of 1966)  
Linda Suchman (Class Of 1962)
Yvonne Trejo (Class Of 1971)  
Victoria Volpe Thomas (Class Of 1965)  
Erik Williams (Class Of 1986)

Gerald Anderson (Class Of 1968)  
Taya Brown (Class Of 1967)  
Randy Corbin (Class Of 1977)
Warren Daniels (Class Of 1969)  
Barry Duarte (Class Of 1966)  
Freddie Flores (Class Of 1969)  
Sue Hanson (Class Of 1979)  
Marshall Lubker (Class Of 1969)  
Benny Blas Mabayag, Jr. (Class Of 1981)
Cindy Munk (Class Of 1976)  
Leslie Olson (Bouchia) (Class Of 1965)  
Ricardo Ramirez (Class Of 1980)  
Chester Renfro (Class Of 1962)  
Bill Sharp (Class Of 1964)  

Frank Aceves (Class Of 1971)  
Paul Aguero (Class Of 1968)  
Adam Ahumada (Class Of 1979)
Robert Babcock (Class Of 1964)  
Michelle Berntson (Class Of 1976)  
Dennis Campos (Class Of 1972)  
Jerry Hatch (Class Of 1970)  
Lee Haynes (Class Of 1970)  
Glenn Locke (Class Of 1967)  
Timothy Mulgrew (Class Of 1984)  
Robert Munoz (Class Of 1970)  
Gary Myers (Class Of 1962)
William Pebria (Class Of 1963)  
Anthony Punia (Class Of 1983)  
Rich Renteria (Class Of 1975)  
Debbie Schuett Weber (Class Of 1979)  
Ronald Scobee (Class Of 1965)  
Kathleen Souza (Class Of 1967)  
Wayne Stockwell (Class Of 1985)
Stephen Wisley (Class Of 1967)  
Don/Douglas Yepez (Class Of 1980)  

Charles Ceremello (Class Of 1968)  
Raymond Choy, Jr. (Class Of 1981)  
Kary Lyn Cochrane (Class Of 1970)  
Billy Dutchover (Class Of 1966)
Lyle Estrella (Class Of 1968)  
Jessie Flores (Class Of 1967)  
Ramona Jarvi (Deangulo) (Class Of 1967)  
Fred Lerma (Class Of 1963)
Ed Mann (Class Of 1966)  
Chuck McCool (Class Of 1968)  
JoAnn Nichol (Class Of 1976)  
Mark Oyarzo (Class Of 1984)  
David Robinson (Class Of 1964)  
Steve Rosaaen (Class Of 1964)  
Pon Stempczynski (Class Of 1974)  
Donald Velasco (Class Of 1966)  
Rick Wallace (Class Of 1970)  
Carol Williams (Class Of 1966)  

Floyd Belknap (Class Of 1965)  
Benjamin Brown (Class Of 1967)  
Frederick (Rick) Collins (Class Of 1977)
Kathleen Corrigan (Bosso) (Class Of 1966)  
Lyle Decena (Class Of 1968)  
Paul Flores (Class Of 1964)  
LeRoy Garcia (Class Of 1965)  
Annie Giles (Class Of 1983)  
Ron Gross (Class Of 1969)  
Bill Grove (Class Of 1971)  
Sabra Jones (Class Of 1975)  
John Kauffman (Class Of 1963)  
Stanley Kauffman (Class Of 1964)  
Lawrence Keaney (Class Of 1965)  
Perry McClelland (Class Of 1963)  
Floyd Nay (Class Of 1971)  
Gene Nay (Class Of 1966)  
Frank Ramirez (Class Of 1972)  
David Renteria (Class Of 1982)
Kenneth Ross (Class Of 1962)
Steven Schott (Class Of 1968)  
Sharon Souza (Aboumrad) (Class Of 1967)  
Paul E. Walker (Class Of 1970)  

Daniel Conlin (Class Of 1970)  
Earl Davis (Class Of 1969)  
Michael Fernandez (Class Of 1968)  
Carol Lendahl (Class Of 1967)  
Evelyn MacNair (Class Of 1969)  
Bonni Miller (Class Of 1975)  
Cheri Montgomery Pagan (Class Of 1981)  
Mark Sale (Class Of 1984)  
Eddie Waltz (Class Of 1979)  

David Branco (Class Of 1969)  
Gary Burns (Class Of 1964)  
Lawrence De La Gardelle (Class Of 1964)  
Judy Dewsnup (Ellsworth) (Class Of 1967)  
Ron Gerhard (Class Of 1967)  
Daniel Martin (Class Of 1972)  
Doreen Matteson (Class Of 1968)  
George Rego (Class Of 1967)  
Ryan Robinson (Class Of 1970)  

Steve Boeder (Class Of 1978)
Mike Burks (Class Of 1963)  
John Daly (Class Of 1973)  
Gary Dameral (Class Of 1963)  
Mary Hernandez (Class Of 1975)  
Michael Jennings (Class Of 1972)  
Arthur Meireles (Class Of 1976)  
Dennis Mejia (Class Of 1972)
Stephen Roeder (Class Of 1965)  

Armando Artega (Class Of 1973)  
Donald Bunday (Class Of 1966)  
Debbie Dickerson (Class Of 1970)  
Steve Kerr (Class Of 1974)  
Marlene Lucena (Gamaza) (Class Of 1963)  
Angela McConnell (Class Of 1966)  
Ann Post (Class Of 1962)
Chuck Wright (Class Of 1967)  

John Castro Jr (Class Of 1966)  
Ron Fernandes (Class Of 1969)
Sandy Jackson (Class Of 1964)  
Mike Lepai (Class Of 1975)  
Steve Mederios (Class Of 1969)  
Ron Perkins (Class Of 1969)  
Gary Roderick (Class Of 1968)  

Fred Baker (Class Of 1963)
Joseph Borges (Class Of 1966)  
Dan Coleman (Class Of 1966)  
Daniel Cordaway (Class Of 1969)  
Walter Dilling (Class Of 1962)
Keith Duhon (Class Of 1983)  
Phil Gunnari (Class Of 1977)  
Edward Hall (Class Of 1970)  
Robert Ice (Class Of 1966)  
David Kenney (Class Of 1970)  
Dennis Olson (Class Of 1974)  
Mike Starr (Class Of 1970)
Darrell Stevenson (Class Of 1967)  
Rollie Turpin (Class Of 1966)  

Ron Bauer (Class Of 1969)  
Vincent Bianco (Class Of 1984)  
Beverly Boggs (Atkinson) (Class Of 1967)  
Penelope Codero (Class Of 1967)  
Daniel Hurst (Class Of 1972)  
Mark Morrison (Class Of 1971)  
Ellen Naito (Class Of 1985)
Sheryle Roeder (Class Of 1968)  
Jack White (Class Of 1967)  

Basil Beaver (Class Of 1962)  
Judith Burns (Class Of 1966)  
Angela Costa (Class Of 1985)  
Mary Hart (Class Of 1965)  
Sheila Moitozo (Addleman) (Class Of 1967)  
Dennis Morrison (Class Of 1965)  
Sharon Norvell (Class Of 1967)  
Dan Rivera (Class Of 1982)  
Bill Williamson (Class Of 1965)  

James Bateman (Class Of 1976)  
Mike Boepple (Class Of 1982)
Coleen Eaton (Class Of 1966)  
Mike Galbaugh (Class Of 1970)  
Allen Quezada (Class Of 1967)  
Carol Ann Vegas (Class Of 1971)  

Nick Abood (Class Of 1978)  
Jo Ann Abrew (Gray) (Class Of 1967)  
Gino DiMenco (Class Of 1966)  
Jesse Nieto (Class Of 1967)  
John Perreira (Class Of 1970)
Larry Pimentel (Class Of 1965)  
Judith Redmon (Ramos) (Class Of 1968)  

Edward Michael Aboumrad (Class Of 1964)  
Robert Anderson (Class Of 1965)  
Alfred N Caputa (Class Of 1981)
Darla Dickey (Class Of 1969)  
Virginia Moore (Class Of 1965)  
Carl Northcott (Class Of 1967)  
Janick Rivera (Class Of 1982)  
Oliver Wharton (Class Of 1963)

Steve Bryczek (Class Of 1965)  
Herbert Kiff (Class Of 1971)  
Valerie Liccardo (Class Of 1964)  
David Medeiros (Class Of 1966)  

Stephen Michael Furtado (Class Of 1966)  
Gail Hutton (Class Of 1975)  
Joel Lewin (Class Of 1964)  
James Madsen (Class Of 1969)  
Edward Mignone (Class Of 1966)  
Kevin Reed (Class Of 1981)  
Shirlee Darlene Russell (Samuel Wheeler) (Class Of 1966)  

Susan Gore (Class Of 1967)  
Cheryl Howard (Andrade) (Class Of 1965)  
David Lawson (Class Of 1982)  
Dennis Macho (Class Of 1966)
Jim Taylor (Class Of 1973)  
David Vanderspek (Class Of 1982)  

Randall Bachman (Class Of 1974)  
Thomas Pizzotti (Class Of 1965)  
Jennifer Waidler (Class Of 1963)  
Rick Will (Class Of 1984)
Kathy Yeghoian (Class Of 1964)  

Ronald Bateman (Class Of 1980)  
Sue Bruns (Corbett) (Class Of 1963)  
Ronald Buna (Class Of 1967)  
Laura Cox (Class Of 1980)  
James Graves (Class Of 1967)  
Dino Oliveira (Class Of 1974)  
Joyce Palmer (Moon) (Class Of 1965)  

Michael Courreges (Class Of 1976)
Divo Gino Dianda (Class Of 1968)  
Mario Moreno (Class Of 1971)  
Nofosao Noa (Class Of 1985)  
Dianne Smith (Class Of 1984)  

Barry Armstrong (Class Of 1970)  
Joseph Michael Higuera (Class Of 1981)  
Bill Hofsommer (Class Of 1977)  
Carol Purslow (Class Of 1962)  
Wayne Wajdowicz (Class Of 1971)  

Ron Ebreck (Class Of 1969)  
Robert Encinas (Class Of 1967)  
Harry Jens (Class Of 1966)
Laura Keates (Class Of 1974)  
Sharon Lambert (Class Of 1976)  
Robin Dee Rodriguez (Class Of 1980)  

Frank Belger (Class Of 1969)  
Sandie Furtney (Class Of 1964)  
Rachelle Leite (Tapia) (Class Of 1974)  
Thomas Mc Cartney (Class Of 1969)  

Michael Coppa (Class Of 1966)  
Kenneth Darnell (Class Of 1981)  
Brenda Erickson (Class Of 1979)  
Eric Hartz (Class Of 1977)  
Jerry Morrill (Class Of 1970)  

Charles Boggs (Class Of 1967)  
Jeff D'Moski (Class Of 1981)  
Greg Griswold (Class Of 1968)  
Rochelle Hamlow (Class Of 1972)  
Keith (Kit) McAlpin (Class Of 1974)  

William Earl Colinsky (Class Of 1970)  
Richard L. Jennings (Class Of 1970)  
Alton Kiel (Class Of 1976)  

David Andrade (Class Of 1966)  
Kathy Balderston (Class Of 1973)  
Mike Farinha (Class Of 1971)  
Dennis Johnese (Class Of 1972)  

Tom Downey (Class Of 1966)  
Robert Faria (Class Of 1967)  
Nancy Sylvia (Class Of 1969)  

Kurt Kaikinger (Class Of 1966)  
Alex Soares (Class Of 1963)  
Joe Tome (Class Of 1976)  

Ralph Dozier (Class Of 1965)  
Jeff Hatch (Class Of 1967)  
Jerry McCaskill (Class Of 1970)  
James Musch (Class Of 1972)  

Richard Hedemark (Class Of 1967)  
Terry Puckett (Class Of 1969)  
Andrew Robertson (Class Of 1968)  

Ed Cleveland (Class Of 1969)  
Floyd Crawford (Class Of 1969)  
Gary DeOliverira (Class Of 1962)  
David Sellars (Class Of 1972)  
Dale Starr (Class Of 1973)  

Barry Erickson (Class Of 1965)  
Robert Hatch (Class Of 1962)  
Tom Truex (Class Of 1972)  

Bill Enos (Class Of 1967)  
Jeff King (Class Of 1971)  

Jack Hatch (Class Of 1964)  
Dennis Young (Class Of 1968)  

Judith Bruns (Class Of 1967)  
Edmond Caldira (Class Of 1968)  
John Costa (Class Of 1966)  
Gloria De La Pena (Class Of 1968)  
Michael Hicks (Class Of 1968)  
Edward Reyes (Class Of 1968)  

Eric Bristow (Class Of 1964)  
Richard Lee Hammett (Class Of 1966)  
Jim Hardman (Class Of 1965)  
Judy Hatch (Class Of 1963)
Keith Swanson (Class Of 1966)  
Alan Zuniga (Class Of 1970)  

Robert Abina (Class Of 1966)  
Kenneth Byers (Class Of 1965)  
Joseph Vierra (Class Of 1965)  

Richard Acosta (Class Of 1965)  
Steven Joseph Borre (Class Of 1964)  
Donna Morris (Class Of 1965)  
Eleanor Sloan (Class Of 1966)  
Bob Stephens (Class Of 1965)  

Danny Paiz (Class Of 1966)  

James Bierman (Class Of 1963)  
Tom Dunagan (Class Of 1966)  
Phillip Minor (Class Of 1966)  
Sandra Passafiume (Class Of 1964)  
Richard Rose (Class Of 1965)  
Leonard Lyle Wisecarver (Class Of 1968)  

Gayle Archer (Class Of 1966)  
Janet Atkins (Class Of 1966)  
Jose Barrera (Class Of 1972)
John Barros (Class Of 1968)
Edward Belman (Class Of 1971)
Keith Bentley (Class Of 1975)  
Al Bernadini (Class Of 1965)
Denise Bigelow (Class Of 1979)  
John Bilodeau (Class Of 1964)  
Ron Blanco (Class Of 1973)  
Murray Bleak Jr (Class Of 1966)
Wanda Blile (Class Of 1964)  
Joe Bolich (Class Of 1978)  
Jerry Brewer (Class Of 1962)  
David Brooks (Class Of 1968)  
Gary Brooks (Class Of 1971)
Jenny Broyles (Class Of 1979)  
Robert "Bobby" Cain (Class Of 1962)  
Anthony Chavez (Class Of 1968)  
Robert Chavez (Class Of 1969)  
Danny Cochrane (Class Of 1973)  
Frank Coleman (Class Of 1982)  
James Coleman (Class Of 1982)
Danny Coltharp (Class Of 1963)
Edward Costa (Jr. ) (Class Of 1964)  
Ron Costa (Class Of 1971)  
Jim Cox (Class Of 1963)  
John Cumberland (Class Of 1965)  
Tom Dougherty (Class Of 1977)
Larry Drake (Class Of 1969)  
Karen Edmonds (Class Of 1968)
Richard Eighmy (Class Of 1962)  
Sharon Epps (Class Of 1965)  
Jan Farinha (Class Of 1975)
Donald Fernandez (Class Of 1963)  
Jim Ford (Class Of 1971)  
Mike Frakes (Class Of 1977)
Ernie Garcia (Class Of 1972)
John Gardner (Class Of 1964)
Daniel Gomez (Class Of 1965)
Debbie Gonzales (Class Of 1973)  
Marisa Guerra (Class Of 1985)
Mark Guerrero (Class Of 1971)
John M. Hager (Class Of 1970)  
Alex Hamlow (Class Of 1971)  
Jeffery Hart (Class Of 1966)
Gregg Hatten (Class Of 1980)  
Mike Haug (Class Of 1962)  
John Haynes (Class Of 1983)  
Chris Higuera (Class Of 1970)
Mel Hornback (Class Of 1971)  
Betty Horton (Class Of 1966)
Bill Hurschman (Class Of 1965)  
Joe Jardine (Class Of 1968)
John Johnson (Class Of 1982)
Dwaine Just (Class Of 1967)  
Kumiko Kakutani (Class Of 1963)  
Karen Kilbert (Class Of 1962)  
Bart Kummell (Class Of 1963)  
Suzanne Kuzmicky Wood (Class Of 1965)  
Ben Lapis (Class Of 1969)  
David Lawson (Class Of 1982)
Gerald Lawson (Class Of 1968)  
Sheri Lenhardt (Class Of 1975)
Tom Leonard (Class Of 1963)  
Janet Lesso (Class Of 1964)  
Jack Lewis (Class Of 1964)  
John Licciardo (Class Of 1968)  
Danny Lopez (Class Of 1971)  
Kathleen Mackin (Renteria) (Class Of 1966)  
Patricia Maldonado (Class Of 1971)  
Kathy Banthrall Martin (Class Of 1971)  
Randy Martinez (Class Of 1979)
Virginia Mattos (Fuller) (Class Of 1969)  
Ron Mayer (Class Of 1964)  
Harry McClung (Class Of 1979)  
James McConville (Class Of 1968)
Patrick McNulty (Class Of 1972)  
Kenneth Miller (Class Of 1965)
Jeffrey Moeller (Class Of 1968)  
Sandra Mole (Class Of 1965)  
Raymond Montoya (Class Of 1970)  
Teresa Montoya (Class Of 1973)  
Willie Moral (Class Of 1976)  
Joe Morales (Class Of 1977)  
Bruce Mosley (Class Of 1965)
Kenneth Murray (Class Of 1965)  
Larry Nevins (Class Of 1968)
Cindy Newman (Class Of 1974)  
Mike Newsom (Class Of 1984)
Greg Norcup (Class Of 1972)  
Richard Norvell (Class Of 1965)  
Lark Nunley (Class Of 1969)  
Manuel Orozco (Class Of 1969)
Dennis Orr (Class Of 1963)  
Linda Ozenne (Class Of 1974)
Rick Ozenne (Class Of 1973)  
Mary Paiva Rose (Rose) (Class Of 1962)  
John Peinado (Class Of 1972)
Gary Pennington (Class Of 1980)  
Paul Penrod (Class Of 1979)
Neil J. Phelan (Class Of 1970)  
Robin Phillips (Class Of 1972)  
Arthur Ramierz (Class Of 1969)
James Ray (Class Of 1967)
Deborah Renner (Class Of 1978)  
Brian Richards (Class Of 1962)  
Michelle Rios (Class Of 1986)  
Richard Rizzo (Class Of 1970)  
Joyce Romero (Class Of 1965)  
Gabor Rovid (Class Of 1968)  
Danny Santos (Class Of 1966)  
John Santos (Class Of 1980)  
Matthew Schafer (Class Of 1986)
Alan Schlein (Class Of 1966)
Pete Schmidt (Class Of 1979)
Tom Scott (Class Of 1964)  
Avelino Sena (Class Of 1983)
Sandra Senter (Class Of 1964)
David Shaffer (Class Of 1976)  
Jim Silva (Class Of 1964)
Richard Silveria (Class Of 1974)  
Bonnie Smith (Yarbrough) (Class Of 1969)  
David Snyder (Class Of 1969)  
Tim Sotelo (Class Of 1983)  
Bill Souza (Class Of 1971)
Kenneth Timmons (Class Of 1979)  
Lorenzo Torres (Class Of 1974)  
Keith Trummer (Class Of 1970)  
Gary Vargas (Class Of 1964)
Gary Vasconcellos (Class Of 1969)
Burt Velazquez (Class Of 1972)  
Ricky Velazquez (Class Of 1969)  
Steve Veronda (Class Of 1972)  
Joe Vierra (Class Of 1968)
Paulette Vierra Burkhardt (Class Of 1965)  
Maria Vigil (Class Of 1983)  
Vicki Wajdowicz (Cedres) (Class Of 1968)
Susan Wallace (Class Of 1962)
Roger Waters (Class Of 1966)  
Chuck Wells (Class Of 1978)  
Charles Weltback (Class Of 1968)
Stuart Wenkheimer (Class Of 1972)  
Patricia White (Class Of 1962)  
Jeff Wilcoxen (Class Of 1972)  
Lloyd Williams (Class Of 1965)  
Judy Williams-Lewis (Class Of 1968)  
Chris Wood (Class Of 1969)  
Lorraine Wood (Class Of 1970)  

Pat Ball  
Robert "Bob" Bull  
Dale Robinson  

Robert Breedlove  
Ron Caballero  

Bob During  

Gordon Pappas  
Edward Spilman  

James Johnston  

Wayne Rhoades  
Dorothy Ann Witt  

Ardys Skoglund  

(Milton) Ray Barker  

d'Riece Good (Gundred)  
Durland Lewis Skinner  

Audrey J Flaxington  
Arba Hudgens  

William "Derrell" Bond  

Marjorie Camp  

Dolores Cleveland  

Vincent Adelman  

Bernice Mongi  

Petra Estacio  

Tom Gunnari  

Thomas D. Kowalski  

Elvin Brown  
Bruce Duncan  
Richard Shaffer  

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