Rebecca Hernandez Perez

Profile Updated: January 26, 2014
Class Year: 1976
Residing In: Ceres, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: ex spouse
Occupation: payroll bookkeeper
Children: Sergio born 1987
Christopher born 1989 passed 1989
Estevan born 1990

After graduating, I started working and taking some college courses at night. Moved out on my own to an apartment next to Lake Merritt, and had a nice little sporty car. Had fun going out and being independent. Met the man of my dreams at the age of 27, had a shotgun wedding at the age of 29. Had my first precious baby boy, Sergio. Two years later was about to have another baby, when the big earthquake hit in 1989, and I was working in downtown Oakland, that night, I went into premature labor, and lost my son a couple of days later he was just too small to survive. And then another miracle happened. I had another son, born on the exact same day has the one I lost, exactly one year later. He was premature also, but insisted on being born on the exact birthday as his brother. My boys are a blessing to me. Now they are just about all grown up, and they watch over me. We moved to the valley when the boys were small, and I was able to work part time for several years, it was great! Oh, and after 22 years of marriage, the man of my dreams walked out of my world and into the world of a young lady almost 20 years younger. At first I was devastated, but you find that your friends and family really pull you through, and a cheater is not worth crying over. I have found my independence again, and have met a really nice guy, nothing serious, but so much fun. I had forgotten how nice it is to be treated like a lady! I still feel like San Leandro is my home. So what's going on with you all?

School Story:

All I remember about school is that I used to cut class, and my big brother would catch me, because he would be out of class too. I remember going around in circles my first year at Pacific and passing my classroom up. And I remember how smokey it was in the girls bathroom with all the girls smoking in there.

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