Ellen DeVries Lima

Profile Updated: December 2, 2010
Class Year: 1975
Residing In: Sacramento, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Single
Occupation: Student & Volunteer
Children: Angela Michelle Bonanno 2/1/82
Joseph Michael Bonanno 3/8/83
Kathryn Irene Kuly 7/5/91 girl More…twin
Jeymes David Kuly 7/5/91 boy twin
Steveeray Paul Stegeman DeVries 11/11/94
Yes! Attending Reunion
School Story:

Wow my school story, it seems I've told it a thousand times. I went to Pacific High in 9th, 10thand 11th grade. I wasn't able to attend my senior year because my mom moved to Emeryville with her boyfriend Jim who was dying of cancer, without me. I stayed in our house on Pearson Ave. and believe it or not she charged me rent of 300.00 per month. I tried to stay in school but because I was a minor, the school wouldn't allow me to attend unless I was living with a parent. so my mom suggested my boyfriend at the time moved in and pay the rent out of his Vietnam Veterans School Income he received for going to Chabot College, whoa that was a trip. Any way, any one remember Richard Munsell, he drove a '68 Camaro, long hair? So he moved in and we went on a weed selling frenzy. I forget all the real tiny details, except I do remember I sold joints at school for fifty cents a piece, and I had to roll about 50 a day. Dang! so if you knew me then, you will remember I was a real Hippy and I always cut school, usually to hitchhike to Berkeley and demonstrate, then come back for my favorite subjects which were Art with Mr. Anderson, Homemaking double periods, forgot the teacher, and Music. Remember I played the flute? I was even in the High School Marching Band besides the Orchestra. Welp. that went on for a while, me cutting class and forging my own notes, and with every note I made up stories to become sicker and sicker until the school secretary felt so sorry for me that she called my mom at work cause she worked in the school district to give her condolences about my failing health. then the bomb dropped, My mom told her that I wasn't sick at all them they found out I was living alone with out a parent. That is when I said bye-bye to my music and art scholarships cause my mom called the police on me saying I was encourageable (it isn't even a real word Huh?) anyway met them at the house on Pearson, and six cops started coming in all the windows and doors. I decieded to get the Kilo out of the front room closet and put it in my hippy purse , then go out the back door and hop the fence to Kathy Skippers house and escape, but the cops were coming in that way to . Being trapped as I was I threw the purse back in the front room closet and it fell right behind Rich's big red tool box that had the top lid opened and when the cops cme in from every where and they searched they never found it. I on the other hand was arrested but I managed to kick the teeth and balls of the cops tackling me, so extensively tha I was charge dwith charges like hurting officers or something like that. after going to the San Leandro Police station, they couldn't hold any charges on me because I had a rental agreement with my mom so it was all legal, except for the part where I got to stay in the house, that was a wash. My grandma had to come and pick me up from jail that day, and the cops told me to stay out of San Leandro with my boyfriend or he would be charged with statutory rape. Well I had Paul Jenkins,(remember him? Gloria Spidle's and my friend with the '69 light green Cougar?) go to the house and get the spare key off the water heater and go in and get the kilo and any clothes that he could gather, and he did . Ha! they didn't really get me. Any way I had to live "on the lamb" or "underground till I was 18 so I did. I never went back to San Leandro again till I was of age because I stayed with Richard. So that's my school or non- school story. Any way I used to hang out with Gloria Spidle and Julie Tripp and noe I don,t even know where they are? Does any body? What about Helen Quililang? Will write more later.

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Ellen DeVries Lima has a birthday today.
Aug 29, 2019 at 1:33 AM
Ellen DeVries Lima has a birthday today.
Aug 29, 2018 at 1:33 AM
Ellen DeVries Lima has a birthday today.
Aug 29, 2017 at 1:33 AM
Ellen DeVries Lima has a birthday today.
Aug 29, 2016 at 1:33 AM
Ellen DeVries Lima has a birthday today.
Aug 29, 2015 at 1:34 AM