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04/22/18 07:22 AM #818    

Richard Lewin (1967)

Oops, Pauli, Possibly you could have spent more time in class.

04/22/18 12:04 PM #819    


Steve Pendley (1967)

David thank you for your lifelong concern regarding your classmates and courage to keep us informed. You really have our back. Hey, Paul, I agree with you 100% and thanks for at least living here and having some skin in our issues. I have my own Kaiser issues as well. A big shout out to you Ron Jones and Vince Acosta Thanks to you And all our veterans for your service, we love you brothers. Still missing my friend Damitt Hammet. Opps, Richie, how’s everything in Canada, maybe you should have stuck around so you could have skin in the game too. I hope you are still safe from all those USA libs while you are living in Canada.

04/22/18 03:04 PM #820    


Steve Pendley (1967)

You rest easy now, we know the truth and nothing can change it. You once asked if I knew your brother-in-law Dave Grow, yes he lives here in Elk Grove and was my mentor for Boy Scouts. We got our Physical Fitness Merit Badge together at Farley Pool. Dave drove us over in his 1950 flat head V8 Ford. Still love the memories. I mentored another guy you know named Dave. When he turned 12 I got assigned as tent mate with him at scout camp July 1964, his name is David A. Bednar. He was quarterback for San Leandro High in 1970 and you know the rest. Well my kids still hang out with Dave Grow’s kids  and every now and then I run into Dave too. I guess I had a really good mentor, your sister is a lucky woman!

I wish you well and God’s Peace be with you.


04/22/18 04:36 PM #821    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

Steve, David is my nephew-in law. Linda is my niece. both my sisters girls are older than me. they both get a kick out of it. my sister was the oldest and would be around 95 now. i am the baby of 9.

may you be blessed.



04/22/18 05:39 PM #822    


Steve Pendley (1967)

Vince, thank you. Your niece is the blessed one! I will remember this conversation to them next time we meet. Keep in touch and post as many messages as you can.

Hope this keeps you going day by day.

05/18/18 10:44 AM #823    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of Ron Sheldon.  Colonel Ronald J Sheldon was a three war Veteran, He served in Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ron was riding his motorcycle from Ontario CA to Washington DC (the southern leg of The Run for The Wall) when he was involved in a motorcycle accident in Arizona. Ron lost his life while doing something he enjoyed.  Thank you, Ron for your service and may you rest in heavenly peace.

05/18/18 01:00 PM #824    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

will miss you my friend. REST IN PEACE!

05/19/18 11:35 AM #825    


Steve Pendley (1967)

Such sad news.  We can never thank these HEROES enough, and then they are gone. God bless all our vets!

05/19/18 11:41 AM #826    

Valerie Massari (Acuff) (1973)

Does anyone know what ever happened to Ron Blalock class of 73?

06/06/18 10:33 AM #827    


Marvin Puckett Jr (Jr) (1976)

Happy Birthday Barry Phillips (1976)

06/09/18 07:10 PM #828    


Joseph Bustos (1962)

i saw something about mike haug 1962 was rlrctrf as one of best tackles ever at phs.  he was right tackle and i was right end and coach gunnari didnt like to pass so we ran alot.  the gaurds pulled either left or right which meant the tackle took on who was over the gaurd and the end took on who ever was over our tackle and the pulling guard was lead blocker usually followed by the full back who bob mitsuyatsu a big guy followed by those 145lbs halfbacks, needless to say i had to block a big guy all the time and i was only 155lbs way back when

06/16/18 11:08 AM #829    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Happy Father's Day to all the great Pacific High Dad's 

I hope you enjoy your special day !!!

06/17/18 08:04 AM #830    


Stuart Wenkheimer (1972)

Thank you Sue! Being a dad and grandpa is the greatest. Highly recommended!

06/17/18 08:04 AM #831    


David Pascal (1968)

Thanks Sue your are a Dream 

06/17/18 08:28 AM #832    


Michael Corbett (1962)

Thank you Sue. I agree with the fellow from the class of 72. I have five children and twelve grandchildren and they are the best part of my life. With a little luck I'll see some great grandchildren in the future. Take care.

06/18/18 01:36 PM #833    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

To Mike, I agree granchildren are the best.. I have 8 grandchirldren and 3 great grandchildren.. Love them all to the moon and back.. Sue

06/19/18 08:11 AM #834    


Lenore Albers (Ryan) (1968)

I wish I had more grandchildren. I only have 2, a boy (10) and a girl.(9) But according to my other 2 children, that is all the grand kids I will get ;-(   We only get to see them about once a year, But I agree, I love them to the moon and back.  Lenore Albers-Ryan



06/21/18 06:15 AM #835    

Rebecca Blake (Boxberger) (1968)

To David Merrick (1970)

Thanks, David, for the information on the closure of PHS and the asbestos aspects. I had not known about that issue.

My dad worked in a lumber yard after WWII (exposure to creosote), and then in sheet metal heating and air conditioning for the rest of his working days. He suffered much exposure to asbestos and, in fact, died of asbestosis. It's a suffocating disease destroying lung tissue that will never regenerate. He was 83 when he died in 2006. He had been the recipient of a class action suit over the asbestos exposure (I don't know the details). 

It's disturbing to know the facts of the hidden secrets held by industry for years until so many people are damaged. 

Becky Boxberger (Blake - 1968)


07/06/18 07:51 PM #836    


Tom Brody (1969)

Dear friends from Class of '69 and from earlier and later years.  Here is some good news.  I just concluded a lengthy job search.  It was painless, because I'd been doing part-time (30-50%) consulting work all along.  Anyway, during the past two years at job interviews, they made comments to me such as:  (1)  Is your father still alive? (2) Is your wife retired? (3) YOU ARE OLD!!! (4) When did you graduate from college?  (5) You don't fit in.  (6) Shouldn't you be retired?    The first of these comments made no sense to me, but after a few months I realized the meaning of these comments.  The meaning of all of these comments was exactly the same (but that is a direction we will not be heading to, in this message).  The happy ending, is that I started full-time work at a biotech company in San Diego a month ago. Even though I had to relocate from the Bay Area and rent an apartment in San Diego, the job promises to be the best job ever.   In leaving the Bay Area, I had to discontinue my periodic visits to Pinnacles National Park, located an hour south of San Jose.  The climb to the top (see photo of me at the top) is a great adventure, and I recommend it to my fellow baby-boomers.  Best regards, Tom Brody, Class of 1969

07/07/18 08:14 AM #837    


Jon Gledhill (1969)

Congrats Tom!  Glad to hear about your new position. A big move at this stage, but happy to see you’re excited about it and that you’ve embraced the change. Cheers to your continued success and happiness!

07/07/18 08:41 AM #838    

Alicia Fields Rudnicki (1969)

Congratulations, Tom. As I recall, you love Anza Borrego, so this new job will give you opportunities for hiking and taking photos there. 

07/07/18 04:47 PM #839    


Julie Garcia (Mackenzie) (1968)

Hey Tom, congratulations!  If one must leave the SF Bay Area, San Diego is a great place to live. You may not remember me, but you were in my husband's Jim  MacKenzie's Journalism class your junior year.   Well, over the many years since that time Jim has often shared first with me and later with friends and acquaintances the story of the cartoon about the boy and his dog named Karate that his student, Tom Brody wrote and illustrated for Pacific High's Current. I just wanted to share that with you so you would know what a lasting impression you made on us.  It appears you are still making an impression on people!

I wonder, do you still have that cartoon somewhere that you could share with our fellow alumni?  

07/09/18 10:19 AM #840    


Pat Carvalho (1971)

Your a stud Tom Brody. No dust on you. Pedal to the medal 

08/11/18 12:48 PM #841    


Lewis Correia (1973)

Trying to find Steve Rodriguez class of 74
Mark Regan class of 73 want to talk to him. If anyone knows how to get a hold of him please let me know Thank you Lewis Correia
Mark Regan is on Facebook and this Viking site

08/12/18 02:15 PM #842    


Diana Carlton (Smith) (1974)

Lewis, Steve Rodriguez is under Steve Garland. This is his stage name. He has a FB page.


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