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01/09/18 01:14 PM #808    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

A note from Marie Cordaway...  She also welcomes all Pacific High Alumni to their get togethers...

1965 Classmates...we have a date for our next get together next month....Saturday February 24th at Harry's Hoffbrau San always I arrive around 11:30 to check in...last time they screwed up our reservation and gave away our back room area...hopefully they don't do that again...anyway hope to see you there...and any class is welcome to join us......I live in New Orleans and Mardi Gras is in full swing...bringing a King Cake for all of us to enjoy...if you don't know what that is..look it's a tradition during the Mardi Gras season...!!

01/10/18 08:59 AM #809    


Penny Bode (Hughes) (1967)

I'm looking for a way to contact Celeste & Brian Hawkins, Gary Duckworth & Joy Bravard., all from the class of '67.  Does anyone know where they are and how to reach them?  An elementary school classmate is trying to arrange a get together for our very small class of about 15 people.  Thanks for any help you can provide.




01/10/18 03:59 PM #810    


Maria Cordaway (Villagomez) (1965)

Thank you Sue Ferreira (Nunes) for passing the word...



Your Welcome

01/19/18 09:42 PM #811    


Carol Truex (Young) (1967)

Sue, at a recent gathering of 66/67 ladies we reflected on the 67 reunion....what a fabulous evening....we again want to thank you and the planning committee for making our 50th such a memorable event.  My reflections on the class of 1967. Wishing all our classmates, those in attendance and those who were there in spirit a very happy 2018. 

Carol Truex Young

I attended my 50th high school reunion which required a willing suspension of disbelief, sacrificing realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment. I approached this with optimism as I came face to face with a room full of people from the present; would it be impossible to connect to the kids from the past? The cheerleader in me was confident as I cruised the room seeking familiar faces, that somehow those faces plus 50 years would defy time. That didn't work! The reality was all around and it included me. The faces were creased with age and life had made us wiser, but as we shared our current lives, the spirit of who we were and what we've become blurred together into something so very comfortable and familiar. We were part of the "ride or die" generation, we didn't ask where we were riding to, or why anyone would have to die! We didn't wear seat belts or helmets, we were instructed to hide under our desks to avoid death during an atomic attack, we played outside long after dark, had measles, chicken pox and mumps, we attended proms in the gym, had fathers who fought in WWII, Korea and classmates who died in Viet Nam, our music was Rock N Roll, Motown, Beach Boys, The Beatles, Psychedelic Rock, and Folk Songs, we cruised the strip, went to drive in movies, and baby boomed our way through life. We are the link between how things were and how they are now. We are the "class of 67" still alive and so far, it's been quite a ride.

Carol, I could not have said it better !! Our 50th Reunion Rocked !!!  It was a pleasure to be part of the Reunion Committee .. I think were due for another Girls Night Out !!.. Sue

01/20/18 08:13 AM #812    

Richard Lewin (1967)

Nicely done, Ms. T

01/20/18 10:25 AM #813    


Sharon Whalen (Talsma (Previously Johnson)) (1967)

Carol-  I believe you said what most of us felt about that evening!  I know that Sue Ferreira Nunes and others have made it a major part of their lives to keep us all linked.  Hopefully we will not let all that work go to waste. Wishing all Vikings the best for 2018 and let's stay connected!!!

01/20/18 12:35 PM #814    

Nancy Squier (Sukle) (1972)

I was from the class of 72, but that was very well said Carol and I'm hope all that went or will go to a reunion in the future will feel the same way you wrote it. I'm proud of the era I was raised in too, and wouldn't change a thing about it.  Thanks for expressing how most of us old folks (lol) now feel. Nancy Sukle (Squier)

04/20/18 02:01 PM #815    


David Merrick (1970)

Awesome Fellow PHS Classmates:

Thank you to those with the time to read this long entry!

I believe I posted this years ago, but it bears repeating. My understanding is that after "the baby boom" generation passed, and the San Leandro high school student population declined, Pacific High School was scheduled to be sold off as a trade school [A General Motors Training Facility used to be directly across the street] or as an extension to Chabot Jr. College (thus the round academic building.)

Without going into detail, when one thinks about it, Pacific High School's basic design was a bit "over the top" for a 1962 public school.

As a result, Pacific High School, as a public school, therefore, was never "finished." The class rooms on the south side of the arts and crafts/home ec wing was never constructed. The "second floor" was concrete with a chain link fence open to the outside.

There was no overhead cover between the academic building and the gym. We [1968-1970] used to complain about having to walk through the rain to get to gym class.

There was a layout for an olympic sized swimming pool between the boys and girls gym that remained a weed laden plot of dirt. Never built. It was not considered economic for SLUSD to complete the swimming pool facilities at a building scheduled to be eventually sold off when John Muir Junior High had an olympic sized pool with a diving alcove only a couple of blocks away (try to convince our humiliated swim team of this logic!)

I was working on asbestosis cases for a major San Francisco law firm [it was known as far back as the 1930's that exposure to asbestos could cause a form of lung cancer called mesothelioma but kept confidential by asbestos manufacturers until this "dirty little secret" was "outed" in the early 1980's] and in 1988 I happened upon a file regarding a class action lawsuit for $1 Billion filed by The San Leandro Unified School District  on behalf of all national school districts who had to remove asbestos from their schools or, worse yet...tear the schools down because the effective removal of asbestos from a school was extremely tedious.

Major asbestosis lawsuit files were shared, nationally, by law firms involved in the lawsuits. Our San Francisco law firm was not directly involved with the SLUSD. We simply had a copy of the "pleading." I can say that no other national school district filed such a lawsuit or we would have had a copy of it.. It was the SLUSD only.

Remember that white powder on the ceiling of the academic building? Guys like to flip pencils up there to see if they could get them to stick into it. Ocasionally there would be left a white powder on the hallway floor.

That powder over your head, and uder your feet included raw asbestos.

This included the asbestos in the overhead acoustic tiles in the classrooms.

Before anyone reflects on attending up to three years in a building with raw asbestos hanging overhead, [and that was only the asbestos you could see] bear in mind you have probably inhaled more asbestos from the ambient ffiliments in the air secondary to automobile drum brakes on public streets and in fireproof floor tile than ever at PHS! There was no significant health concern at PHS. It just seemed "politically incorrect" to maintain a any public building, within which students were REQUIRED to attend,  laden with asbestos. And if indeed my claim is accurate, that PHS was designed to be eventually sold in the first place,  the cost of asbestos removal just reduced PHS's eventual sales value.

My theory as to why PHS was torn down, [with memory being what it is I have to present this as simply an educated theory now] and the property sold minus the building complex that used to occupy it, is based on my understanding  that the building designed from the beginning to be eventually sold anyway. If there were favoritism to San Leandro High, that favoritism would have been in place before the first shovel of dirt was turned in the construction of PHS in the early 1960's. Was Pacific High School destined, from the very beginning, to deny its graduates class reunions in the building where they attended high school? Was our fate predestined to have to eventually have to stare at our [former] high school as a [former] Western Careeer College, [former] HEALD, or an extension of Chabot College?

Or, as now, a Nordstrom Rack mini-mall?

If the Vikings of PHS were "sold down the river," it might have been with a process that began in the planning stage before the school was built, not necessarily a 1980's decision

If anyone has conflicting information I would like to hear about it. Twenty-two years would have been a long time for the SLUSD to continue a plan for the fate of a building designed in the early 1960's. [Remember the steel louvres over the windows in the academic building? They would have protected us from an atomic bomb blast. Is that 1960's or what???]

If the SLUSD truly felt the need for two permanent hgih schools, and PHS was not designed to be eventually sold, from its inception, and in lieu of being sold, it had to be torn down, then why was it not replaced? If the the SLUSD was not angry at having to tear down the building, rather than sell it,  then why was The San Leandro Unified School District , only one of thousands of national school districts with asbestos laden buildings, the one district upset enough to file that $1 Billion class action lawsuit about the same time PHS was closed?



David Merrick

Class of 1970




04/20/18 03:54 PM #816    


Joseph Bustos (1962)

i always look in the in mempry pages of the all classes .  the first class has the fewest reported deaths and the the next 10yrs or so the deaths all are way more than the first class.  first class was only their 2 yrs

04/21/18 09:49 PM #817    


Paul Haller (1973)

Hey David, thanks for the info. no doubt you are right about the ceilings I spent most of my lunch flying paper airplanes into the cafeteria ceiling and then taking them down after Ray Barker busted us doing it. The class of 73  could party with the best of them. Unless you can get us some money for breathing all the crap it’s water under the bridge. We lost enough of great Vikings in Viet Nam and now others are dieing like my brother at the hands of Kaiser. I guess now that marijuana is legal the city can make some money to cover our lawsuits. The Dro is run by a bunch of liberals who have no clue what went on in those great years of rock and roll. Rolling Witherspoon The Donald Make America Great Again  F/O all u libs.



04/22/18 07:22 AM #818    

Richard Lewin (1967)

Oops, Pauli, Possibly you could have spent more time in class.

04/22/18 12:04 PM #819    


Steve Pendley (1967)

David thank you for your lifelong concern regarding your classmates and courage to keep us informed. You really have our back. Hey, Paul, I agree with you 100% and thanks for at least living here and having some skin in our issues. I have my own Kaiser issues as well. A big shout out to you Ron Jones and Vince Acosta Thanks to you And all our veterans for your service, we love you brothers. Still missing my friend Damitt Hammet. Opps, Richie, how’s everything in Canada, maybe you should have stuck around so you could have skin in the game too. I hope you are still safe from all those USA libs while you are living in Canada.

04/22/18 03:04 PM #820    


Steve Pendley (1967)

You rest easy now, we know the truth and nothing can change it. You once asked if I knew your brother-in-law Dave Grow, yes he lives here in Elk Grove and was my mentor for Boy Scouts. We got our Physical Fitness Merit Badge together at Farley Pool. Dave drove us over in his 1950 flat head V8 Ford. Still love the memories. I mentored another guy you know named Dave. When he turned 12 I got assigned as tent mate with him at scout camp July 1964, his name is David A. Bednar. He was quarterback for San Leandro High in 1970 and you know the rest. Well my kids still hang out with Dave Grow’s kids  and every now and then I run into Dave too. I guess I had a really good mentor, your sister is a lucky woman!

I wish you well and God’s Peace be with you.


04/22/18 04:36 PM #821    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

Steve, David is my nephew-in law. Linda is my niece. both my sisters girls are older than me. they both get a kick out of it. my sister was the oldest and would be around 95 now. i am the baby of 9.

may you be blessed.



04/22/18 05:39 PM #822    


Steve Pendley (1967)

Vince, thank you. Your niece is the blessed one! I will remember this conversation to them next time we meet. Keep in touch and post as many messages as you can.

Hope this keeps you going day by day.

05/18/18 10:44 AM #823    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of Ron Sheldon.  Colonel Ronald J Sheldon was a three war Veteran, He served in Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ron was riding his motorcycle from Ontario CA to Washington DC (the southern leg of The Run for The Wall) when he was involved in a motorcycle accident in Arizona. Ron lost his life while doing something he enjoyed.  Thank you, Ron for your service and may you rest in heavenly peace.

05/18/18 01:00 PM #824    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

will miss you my friend. REST IN PEACE!

05/19/18 11:35 AM #825    


Steve Pendley (1967)

Such sad news.  We can never thank these HEROES enough, and then they are gone. God bless all our vets!

05/19/18 11:41 AM #826    

Valerie Massari (Acuff) (1973)

Does anyone know what ever happened to Ron Blalock class of 73?

06/06/18 10:33 AM #827    


Marvin Puckett Jr (Jr) (1976)

Happy Birthday Barry Phillips (1976)

06/09/18 07:10 PM #828    


Joseph Bustos (1962)

i saw something about mike haug 1962 was rlrctrf as one of best tackles ever at phs.  he was right tackle and i was right end and coach gunnari didnt like to pass so we ran alot.  the gaurds pulled either left or right which meant the tackle took on who was over the gaurd and the end took on who ever was over our tackle and the pulling guard was lead blocker usually followed by the full back who bob mitsuyatsu a big guy followed by those 145lbs halfbacks, needless to say i had to block a big guy all the time and i was only 155lbs way back when

06/16/18 11:08 AM #829    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Happy Father's Day to all the great Pacific High Dad's 

I hope you enjoy your special day !!!

06/17/18 08:04 AM #830    


Stuart Wenkheimer (1972)

Thank you Sue! Being a dad and grandpa is the greatest. Highly recommended!

06/17/18 08:04 AM #831    


David Pascal (1968)

Thanks Sue your are a Dream 

06/17/18 08:28 AM #832    


Michael Corbett (1962)

Thank you Sue. I agree with the fellow from the class of 72. I have five children and twelve grandchildren and they are the best part of my life. With a little luck I'll see some great grandchildren in the future. Take care.

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