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07/04/23 01:16 PM #1779    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

Hey there Ralph, wow it takes an old lady a few years to realize that you were born a day before me.  Well, youngman, Happy Birthday To You.  I am so  happy God has blessed you, and us, with another day and hopefully the beginning of 30 more, (I asked for 93).  Ralph i do really enjoy your posts and I'm sure you've been a fantastic friend to so many.  You are a Viking Alumni that I am proud of and be in our special group from a VERY SPECIAL SCHOOL, that none of us forgets.  Have you all noticed Norndstroms will probably close on begone soon.  Our school may have closed but we are not gone!!!!  May God continue to bless you, Always, Peggy Wood Guernsey '68

07/10/23 02:19 PM #1780    

Donald Rappold (1980)

Another Viking went to Valhalla too soon. My sister Janet Rappold(Welch) class of 78 passed away unexpectedly earlier this month.

07/11/23 08:17 AM #1781    

Anna Baptista (B-Ippolito) (1978)

I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Janet's passing. She was always the most wonderful person. I was looking forward to seeing a baseball game with her, either out here, or in Oakland. I have a feeling she's watching a lot of games up there! It thrilled me to see her so happy when getting an answer early on in Wordle and Nerdle. Condolences to her family and friends. You will be missed. ❤️💔

07/11/23 10:35 AM #1782    


Steven Roper (1980)

Donald, so sorry to hear of your loss. 

07/12/23 08:38 AM #1783    


John Jamison (1980)

Don, sorry to hear about your sister. God bless you.

07/19/23 11:31 AM #1784    


Ralph Martin (1967)

MY brother Sammy texted me last weekend passing along he & Retha attended a Anniversary party which clasmates Wendy Brown...Nico Futterer....Larry Himango asked Sammy to be sure to tell Ralph  & Gail  Hello and also wished us well.This made me fell all "warm & fuzzy inside" as I now lay in bed doing leg exercises in preparation for my upcoming knee surgery mid-August.I thank my classmates for their kind words,  I also want to thank clasmates on the Message Forum Linda..Janet..Peggy..Liz..Sue for their reponses to my Post on the forum.I tend to create my Posts when the conversation seems to go silent and do so hoping others wiil jump in the conversation....CYA around...little Ralphie God Bless angel







07/20/23 10:04 AM #1785    


Sharon Whalen (Talsma (Previously Johnson)) (1967)

Ralph is, you are a true Viking!  AlwYs staying in touch with us. Good luck on the upcoming surgery!!🥰🥰

07/30/23 06:24 PM #1786    


Marvin Puckett Jr (Jr) (1976)

Rest in Peace
Mark Worsham
Missing you Buddy

08/02/23 11:18 AM #1787    


Ralph Martin (1967)

I've learned thru a classmate that on Augest 26th at Chabot College we have a Team partiapating in  an event  through the American Cancer Society's Annual Relay for Life.Sue Nunes is dedicating her walk for classmate/husband  Don Nunes who Passed Oct. 2019.I myself unable to attend due to upcome Knee surgery have mailed Sue a small donation in support and hope other classmates will do the same or if living nearby please go to this event...God Bless & give back whenever you can...Lil Ralphieyes

P.S.  Event at Chabot College 



08/03/23 04:26 PM #1788    


Ralph Martin (1967)

Thanks for the advice Joe (classmate Josph Steele) regarding my  up-coming surgery...I have been doing my knee excises starting back to July 13th & by the time of surgery I will hav e completed over 1200 reps of leg lifts (Aug 22)..With this surgery had to complete an on-line class which stressed the importance of pre-op exercises. You made me Happy knowing that you also believe inthe American Cancer Walk for life on August 26 at Chabot College,How can we not support Sue Nunes & other classmates that are particpating.God Bless Joe & waving a hand backyes to you...lil Ralphie

08/05/23 08:31 PM #1789    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)


Well, you sound well prepped for surgery, I've had it done on both knees and never was told to do prep like you have done.  The current way is for you to go home right after surgery and do rehab at home.  MOST IMPT to remember, they cut through skin and bone, muscle etc to do the job and your brain and body haven't had that done before.  Those hurt more than the knee.  I would do each again in a heartbeat if I need to (my 1st is over 20 yrs and may need to be done again, they say the parts wear out, we will see) and for me it was the endless pain and NO RELIEF that was the decieding factor.  I did not do steriods before and NEVER recommend it.  The afternoon after both was great feeling, those drugs work so well!!<3 <3.  Walking hurt more due to stiches and cuts, the relief of pressure was gone.   YES EXCERISE after was IMPORTANT.  1st time, Humana ins, 8 wks in rehab hosp made it great!!!!  Secord, Kaiser, 3yrs ago, was harder because at home nothing was setup like before ("oh we don't do it that way anymore!"), hosp bed, roomservice haha, in hosp gym and coach 6 days a week for at least an hour, etc.   The nurse and coach coming only 1-2 days a week made it harder. The hosp gym had all the necessary equipt that helped me so much. You are in a good pattern of excerise and should be ready to move more than most of those I have known and should do fine.   When is surgery, I'd like to put you on our paryer list at church.  I will probably be at Relay, I used to Capt and setup castro Valley and Cal State Hayward years ago.  It is a great time.  My friend is on campus at habot and they are doing a team.  It is not like we used to do, so I have no idea how it works.  The track area is very disabled accessible and if you were in a wheelchair, I know we could get you around.  I would love to meet you face to face sometime.  As I said you are a Great Viking and wonderful young at heart man.  Best of blessings and be well, Peggy

08/05/23 08:35 PM #1790    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

Sue, hi, I hear you are attending Relay For Life at Chabot.  Do you have a team or jsut walking in support and memory of your husband?  I had planned to join Chabot's team and go.  I used to go from Fri setup to Sunday cleanup, but haven't for many years.

Let me know as I would love to come by and say hi 


08/06/23 10:47 AM #1791    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Hi Peggy,  I saw your post !!  We are a very small team this year.  We Are 5 Generations for a Cure ..  Please stop by and say Hi !!!

08/07/23 07:46 AM #1792    


Charlotte Williams (1969)

Hi Sue. Wondering how to learn more about the cancer walk. I'd be interested in participating if I can in honor of Drew and because I'm a grateful cancer survivor.
Charlotte Williams
Still not very good at website stuff so I hope you get this message. Lol

08/07/23 11:06 AM #1793    


Ralph Martin (1967)

I recently had a full body scan for skin cancer.There was one possible cancer cell so the Doc. cut out the area & sent it to the labs which came back neg.The cell was I.D. as infected with ink & not cancer. At our Golden Year ages I suggest that all classmates get checked by your Medical  provider if concerns with any unusual growth on body...lil Ralphie yes

08/07/23 01:21 PM #1794    


Charlotte Williams (1969)

I 100% agree with Ralph regarding getting checked for skin cancer. I had a tiny spot about the size of a dime that was diagnosed as life threatening melanoma and the surgeon had to take a 3 1/2 inch circle out of the back of my leg to remove what was not visible to me to save my life. I now get checked every year and am thankful that I'm still cancer free.

08/07/23 02:48 PM #1795    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

Sue, Ralphe, Charlotte,  YES ALL of us NEED to be aware of CANcer.   It can crop up in tiny places and be a big deal. I have friends that oh that cough has been buggin me, oh no I feel line, or my daughter crying she had a lump in her brest and didn't want, but knew she had to have the biospy!!!  It was NEG and mine was gone too, but some of us IGNORE different things as nothng.  My friend's husband's prostate cancer is more of a kidney failure than the cancer.  It is responding to chemo. Guys you can get BREAST CANCER TOO, and down there too.   Please may cancers are curable or as Charlottes, cut out.   Walking around with your family and friends is better than them greiving your loss too soon.         The Relay For Life Walk is a celebration of life for those Survivors and a Remerance for those passing.  Usually on a football track, for the support system around it for ease ans safety.  It is walking, running, skiping, even wheeling in a wheelchair around a track for 24 hours.  Some plan to walk the entire time and some people sponsor them, raising money for local services and a cure.  Most have team members that sign up to walk at different times, thus always having someone on the track.  During the evening we have lit lights in bags around the track with names and memories, that usually burn thru the night.  As we walk during this lap we are quiet and thoughtful.   Some teams sell jewelry, or popcorn, ice cream or drinks to raise money, most invite you to sit and visit and share your story.   We have done movie, cartoon, themes, PJ parties or never ending poker parties all for fun.    I am not a Captain of a team, as Sue, nor am I on the American Cancer Society Committee overseeing the registarion and details, but I will be there to see Sue and support the Chabot Staff helping out.     Everyone can support, pray, came and have fun, and learn about that question you are afraid to ask.   It is a wonderful day. <3<3<3


08/07/23 08:22 PM #1796    


Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)

Ralph Martin - I'm glad your skin cancer scan was negative!  PTL.  My husband is 100% disabled Veteran - served 28 total active duty years including U.S. Navy Viet Nam tours 1964-1967 aboard the USS Hancock aircraft carrier before transferring over ro USAF.  It wasn't until years later he began getting skin cancers. He's had over 300 total removed- yes 300 - both basal cell carcinoma and squamous. Thanks for warning folks to be checked by the doctor or dermatologist. If detected early removal can be fairly simple, unlike having Moh's surgery etc  like my husband has has. He goes monthly to the dermatologist. The oncologist has been involved  due to lung cancer & removal of lung lobe - (certainly not from a skin cancer though).
Just an additional note to VietNam Veterans who served USN - the VA does recognize agent orange "blue water ailments" to Veterans. Time consuming & research to prove but can be done. Good Luck. God Bless.




08/08/23 11:56 AM #1797    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)



The times will be from 10am      to   10pm        



So Sorry for the wrong info...                     We used to go 24 hours, but no longer.


Please support Sue  Nunes       5 Generations for a Cure team         All proceeds go to American Cancer  Society.




Again, sorry for wrong info.  but they were GREAT memories and times.


Peggy G (68)

08/09/23 10:23 AM #1798    


Ralph Martin (1967)

Thank you classmates Phylis,Peggy & Charlotte for input of the importance of getting a full body scan with your Medical provider as well as info on P.H.S. particapation with the American Cancer Society on Aug, 26th at Chabot College.Also Peggy I appreicate mentioning my Surgery at your Church for a safe recovery.  I am out on the sidelines on this important subject  and again TY ya all angelyes

08/09/23 04:25 PM #1799    

Sharon Askins (Cook) (1968)

I read all your posts about cancer. I just wanted you all to know I have been fighting stage 4 lung cancer a little over a year. I have been put on a maintenance drug kaytruda since Dec. So far so 👍 I can't be cured but I still have a good quality of life

08/09/23 08:21 PM #1800    


Ralph Martin (1967)

08/09/23 08:28 PM #1801    


Ralph Martin (1967)

today is our 55th wedding Anniversary..sorry about posting sidways...Sharon...Thank you for sharing your story with your battle..Stay strong & glad you are having a Good Quality of life 

08/10/23 08:32 AM #1802    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

Ralhp How wonderful for you two, Great pictures can always be great even sideways  Happy days ahead

Sharon, I am so sorry you are going through this and I am so glad there is something being done and able to help your quality of life.  I will add this joy to my prayers.  I still check for the lumps and bumps or funny colored things.  Sunscreen, hats with brims and sunglasses do a lot of protecting especially with all the new junk in the air.  Remember all these fires are not just clean air with smoke, everything is burning and toxic so be safe, please.

Be safe, Be well, know that there is a God and Vikings that love all of us.  May joy be with you all.


08/12/23 11:12 AM #1803    

Pamela Norvell (1964)

Fellow Vikings:  One of our own has been directly affected by the fires on Maui.  Sandy (Walsh class of 64) Stapleton's son, Chad lost his charter boat in the fires.  His livelihood came from his business, Ocean Riders.  A  "Go Fund Me" page has been set up titled, "Rebuild Maui's Ocean Riders".  Please go to this page and donate to our classmates son.  Sandy lives in Maui and reports she and her family are safe, but her son is devastated at the loss of his business that takes care of his family.  Again, please help out a fellow Viking.  Thanks, Pam Norvell, Class of 64.

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