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08/11/21 01:39 PM #1485    

Manuel Bustos (1964)

In 1961,the baseball team was reported to have the best baseball record at Pacific! Was told that being there were no seniors on the team,it assumed that next year they could be contending for the championship!,

08/23/21 01:50 AM #1486    

Beverly Hart (1982)

Services planned for Bill Hart class of 1977.Services held at Callahan Mortuary 3833 East Ave Livermore Saturday Sept 11th at 1pm (masks are required

08/23/21 02:04 AM #1487    

Beverly Hart (1982)

Marla I have found memories of your family especially on Halloween my mom would make Bill and craig Catone take me trick or treating and your mom & dad always gave the neighborhood kids the full size candy bars after walking down your driveway your dad saw Bill & Craig take my pillow case full of candy then he came out your front door scared the crap out of the both of them took both of there bags dumped all theirs in mine then proceeded to walk me back home while stopping for more candy along the way miss those times in Bonaire

08/25/21 06:19 PM #1488    


Linda Almand (Arnett) (1967)

For any of you who went to Garfield Grammar School and knew Mrs. Alma Reardon I wanted to share with you that  her daughter called me this morning to let me know this special woman just passed away.  She was sick for less than 24 hours and would have been 96 in October. She remained spunky and the delight of her family and everyone around her. Mrs. Reardon  taught at Garfield her whole teaching career and even substituted there after her retirement. I was blessed to have her for both 4th and 5th grade and I've cherished the  memories made those two years my entire life. She was the stricktest teacher I had , the one I learned the most from., and my favorite teacher of all time. Teaching was her passion and she never forgot any of her students. We remained in touch through the years and had several joyful phone conversations each year. There will not be a memorial service, but for any of you who would like to let her children, Mike and Patty , know what a special woman their Mom was to you, you can send a note to me and I will forward it to them. I am grateful to have had her a part of my childhood and will never forget her.                                                                                   Linda (Almand) Arnett  35162 Ravencrest Court, Yucaipa, CA. 92399

08/26/21 10:04 AM #1489    


Charlotte Williams (1969)

Mrs. Reardon was my fifth grade teacher. She was a great teacher. As a volunteer for San Leandro, even though I lived in Livermore, I would see her at volunteer lunches and such. If there's a memorial or service I would like to attend. How do I reach her daughter?

08/26/21 12:01 PM #1490    


Bill Statler (1969)

Linda - Thanks for sharing this information. Like Charlotte, I also had Mrs. Reardon for 5th grade at Garfield.. Yes, she was strict ... but she also (probably for that reason!) was an outstanding teacher. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

- Bill


08/27/21 08:29 AM #1491    

Barbara Tarski (Oden) (1967)

Hi linda, thanks for posting such a wonderful recap on our amazing Mrs. Reardon!!  We were in her class together for both 4th& 5th grade.  Yes, she was the most strict teacher I ever had throughout all my school years.  In fact I was such a problem kid that my mom & her became good friends & even started exchanging food receipes!!  I remember one event in the 4th grade where she kept me after school to write an apology letter.  Of course I refused.  She made it clear I was not leaving until I did.  After an hour she again told me to start writing the letter.  I looked at her & said "u have to get home to feed ur family & I can stay later than u".  I had always assumed she kept me for the 5th grade cause I was such a challenge it took her 2 years to tone down my misbehaving!!  I had the highest respect & admiration for her.  In fact she was invited to my college graduation party where I graduated magna cum laude.  I believe she played a pivotal part in shaping my love for learning & school.  Again, Bless u for sharing ur experience with our beloved Mrs. Rearson & she will be missed.  Hugs, Barbara Oden (Tarski).   BTY, this is my 1st time to post, hope it works!!

08/27/21 01:49 PM #1492    


Michael Wilske (1966)

I was in the Bay Area this last week and had cause to speak with Ed Urquides who is a retired principal from San Leandro High and brother of our Viking classmate Frank Urqiudes class of 66. He sadly informed me off Franks passing late on August 14 or early the 15th. He had broken a foot pretty badly and contracted an infection that he could not recover from. He retired as a teacher from the Tuscon, Arizona area and moved up to Pinetop, Arizona where he enjoyed hunting and fishing. He is survived by a son and daughter and his older brother Ed. Rest in peace my good friend.

08/29/21 08:30 AM #1493    


Clifford Nannini (1967)

Barbara, thanks to your tribute to Mrs. Reardon and congratulations on your success in college.

Regarding the battle of wills-who won?  Did you write that letter of apology in time for Mrs. Reardon to get home to feed her family?


09/13/21 03:11 PM #1494    


Ronald Cueba (1966)

Very sad to hear of Jody’s passing. He was a good teammate and friend. He was the quarterback on Pacific’s first winning varsity football season, and he played on Coach Brown’s basketball team that won 17 games in a row. He graduated from Cal-State Hayward and became a sherif in Alameda County. He later joined the San Leandro police force where he became the chief. When he was in Vietnam he took the time to look up my brother in DaNang  He was always a class act. My condolences to Sharon and his family

09/13/21 05:52 PM #1495    


Linda Munoz (Brooks) (1965)

So very sorry, Joe was a very kind person. RIP Joe, Sharon and family, my condolences.

Linda Munoz Brooks

09/13/21 06:20 PM #1496    


Robert Kraus (1966)

So sorry to hear of Jody's passing.  We became friends over two summers in Mr. Kvam's summer school typing classes while at John Muir.  He will always be remembered as one of the finest Vikings.  Rest in piece my friend.

09/14/21 08:44 AM #1497    


Chris Gillock (1972)

I wanted to leave the news on this forum that my brother, John Gillock (Class of 1964) died on August 31, 2021. He was the best brother I could have hoped for, a great father & husband, a master teacher and a friend to so many people. He stayed close to many of his classmates at PHS.  His memorial is pending, but will be in Portland OR. 

09/14/21 09:31 AM #1498    


Terry Kummell (1964)

I was stunned to hear of John Gillock's passing this morning.  I have so many memories of John.  Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, not to mention all the classes we shared.  Mrs. Halverson's sixth grade class at James Madison, several classes at John Muir Middle school and of course Pacific HS.  He was always active is class government in some form or other.  At John Muir I seem to remember that John was the Judge in the 'Night of January 16th' play.  He was the stern judical figure to my rather thugish Larry Reagan.  More recently, John and Diane Carris (Denego) were the prime movers to our 50th reunion outing.  I was able to catch up a bit with him which I enjoyed quite a bit.

Chris, I know that my sadness is nothing compared to what you and your family are feeling at this time.  Please pass my heart felt condolences along to John's wife and family.

To my fellow Vikings, know that we have lost one of our best.

09/14/21 06:07 PM #1499    


Linda Munoz (Brooks) (1965)

Sorry for your loss, may he rest in peace.

Linda Munoz Brooks

09/15/21 01:07 PM #1500    

Bill Rankin (1964)

John was both the nicest person in our class and also the smartest!

09/15/21 01:07 PM #1501    

Bill Rankin (1964)

John was both the nicest person in our class and also the smartest!

09/15/21 04:47 PM #1502    


Wanda Petersen (Lanouette) (1964)

Thank you, Chris, for posting this about John. I was just thinking about him the other day. Like Terry, I too was stunned.  Also, everything Terry said about John is so true.  Besides, being very smart, he was very caring.  He was voted Class President every year for our three years at Pacific High School, which shows how special EVERYONE knew he was.  I still have a wonderful, uplifting letter that he wrote to me in high school. We have lost two very, very special classmates recently: first Diane Denego Cariss & now John Gillock. We are so grateful that Diane spearheaded the 50th Reunion.  I was able to have such a good visit with John. Condolences to you, Susan, and your children and to you, Chris, and your family.  

09/16/21 11:28 AM #1503    


Kathy Vargas (White) (1964)

John was a terrific person and very respected.  Although I was not in his immediate circle of friends, he always treated everyone as if we were all personal friends.  I'm afraid lately the saying, "only the good die young" has proven very true.  My sincerest condolences to his family, may he RIP and God has taken another good one home.

09/18/21 05:26 PM #1504    


Chris Gillock (1972)

Here's something I wrote about my brother John Gillock's passing earlier this month:

09/19/21 02:51 AM #1505    


Steve Bennett (1970)

Chris, thank you for sharing. Your piece constitues a very touching and lasting tribute to a brother that loved you into being. It is an inspiration for all of us to do the same for those we love unconditionally in the time given to us.



09/19/21 09:35 AM #1506    


Kenneth Albers (1965)

Chris, thank you for the link to your story about John.  I met John when we were on the swim team together.  He, like myself, was hardly a champion swimmer, but that didn't bother him.  He just enjoyed it.  Although a year behind him, I sat next to him in one of Mr. Duncan's chemistry or physics classes. (I forget which)  John was a wonderful friend.  I did not see him after he graduated, so I appeciated his life story.  Sorry for your, and all the Viking's, lose.

09/20/21 12:05 PM #1507    


Donald Large (1964)

John was the kind of student we all should have been. He was active in many things and got the most out of school. He was a teachers dream student and friendly to most everyone

10/08/21 11:12 PM #1508    

Denise Andrade (1973)

It is with great saddness to announce that fellow Viking:  THERESA (SYLVIA) OLIVAS, class of 1974, has passed away. Those of you who knew Theresa, I'm sure, remember her as a sweet, loving, caring, easy going girl with a great sense of humor and great compassion for everyone. She is survived by her three sons, Jarod, Justin and Aaron, as well numerous grand-children, a half sister Dina, nephew David, and her loving significant other, Ron. She will be missed by her church family and NUMEROUS friends. Theresa was the sole survivor of her immediate family, being preceeded in death by her parents, an older sister Nancy (class of '69)  and brother, Frank. She has passed far too soon, but will remain in the hearts of ALL who knew her, forever.                           Rest In Peace, Sweet Theresa   broken heart                                                                 

10/09/21 07:26 AM #1509    


Marla Fry (Evans) (1974)

  1. oh my,  I am so sad to here about the loss of my class mate Theresa,  I have so many memories of us being together at her house.  Many sleep overs,  she was such a dear friend in school.  Of couse lost contact after we moved on in life.  To her family,  She was such a wonderful person.  My prays and thoughts go out to you and she in an angel watching over you now.  Marla Fry.

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