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06/10/21 07:14 AM #1450    


Joseph Bustos (1962)



06/10/21 08:54 AM #1451    


Shirley Calvin (McCarthy) (1962)


So sory to hear of Bill White's passing.  Condolensces to the family. 

06/10/21 09:22 AM #1452    

Anna Baptista (B-Ippolito) (1978)

Condolences to his family and friends.

06/10/21 10:55 AM #1453    

Manuel Bustos (1964)

Condolences to Kathy regarding passing of Bill.Take care fellow classmate

07/05/21 10:53 AM #1454    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)



To Sue you are doing a fantastic job maintaining, up dating and adding great pictures,  


    THANK YOU  THANK YOU THANK YOU  the love shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




This young lady is confused.    


I do love seeing all the different class having reunions, but I noted one was th Fri before the picnic  and then found the cancel noticed.


Hope all are having a great summer.

MIKE M>    How are your grapes doing with the heat?         Love to all, Pegggy

07/05/21 11:58 AM #1455    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Peggy, The All Class Reunion has been cancelled.  Hopefully it will be rescheduled for 2022 !!!

Thank you for the kind words.. I really appreciate it..  


07/06/21 10:26 AM #1456    


Pat Carvalho (1971)

Lou Profumo died in his sleep early in the morning of 7-5-21

07/07/21 08:52 AM #1457    

Anna Baptista (B-Ippolito) (1978)

Condolences to his family and friends. 

07/08/21 09:01 AM #1458    


Chris Christophersen (1978)

Truly sorry to hear about Lou's passing  good thoughts go out to his family and friends.

07/08/21 02:18 PM #1459    


George Baker (1962)

THIS IS PHYLLIS BAKER LIVELY (class of 1966) typing this message for my brother....My brother GEORGE BAKER (Class of 1962) is here in Texas visiting us over 4th of July 2021.  Enjoying our time togetger.  It has rained alot though.  Always welcome visitors and rain but not necessarily at the same time.  He'll be headed back soon to his Rocking G Ranch in Colorado.  We worked on his pacific high vikings profile so you can go check it out.  The best way to make contact with him is by an address he posted on his profile. He is one of the few who currently does not have internet therefore the old fashion communication is best at this time - a handwritten note via USPS.  You can sentd me, his sister Phyllis Lively a message with your contact info for me to pass along to him.  George would enjoy hearing from his friends and classmates. Thanks. Have a great day felliow Vikings!   

07/17/21 08:25 PM #1460    

Charles Bock (1966)

Coach Elvin Brown.  Coach Brown was the head boys varsity basketball coach from the schools opening season, 1960-1961 (competed with only 10th and 11th graders-no 12th graders that year) until I believe his last season at PHS-1969-1970.  His teams struggled the first few seasons and then competed very well through the  rest of the 60's decade.  Pacific competed in the extremely tough Alameda County Athletic League-one of the toughest leagues in the Bay Area all through the 60's. Coach Brown coached against schools with  2-3 times as many students, schools with grades 9-12 ( Pacific during the 60's was 10-12)  and inner city schools such as Richmond and Berkeley.  He coached many outstanding athletes/ basketball players: Frank Silva, Darryl Youngblood, Ron Peterson, Fred Cariss, Wayne Childree, Ralph Cook, Mitch Bazell, Rich Galbraith, Ricky Paiva, Dan Heiser, Mike Denego, Dave Walker & others.  Coach Brown was a "players coach"- he coached for all the right reasons.  Most important to him were his players and the game of basketball.  He excelled at teaching fundamentals and most importantly, how to compete.  I frequently run into or talk to fellow players that played for Coach Brown and we all admired and respected him.  After he left Pacific, he moved to West Valley College in Saratoga, CA and coached men's basketball and later became the Athletic Director. Many of his assistants at West Valley went on to coach at Stanford and other D-1 colleges & universities. He died sometime in the mid 90's-died from an infection after open heart surgery.  He left behind his wife Pat and I believe 5 children. Through my teens, next to my father, he was one of the strongest male role models in my life. Coach, you are loved by many.

07/18/21 01:04 PM #1461    


Michael Wilske (1966)

Thanks Scooter for the posting about El Brown. You are so right when you say he was a role model for us all. I still remember going to his house in Saratoga as a mini reunion of that incredible team of 1966. Viewing old game films and Pat making lunch. I believe Danny Santos was there also.

Hope this note finds you in good health.

07/19/21 08:03 AM #1462    


Pat Carvalho (1971)

Scooter and Mike. For us youngsters that were in elementary school at the time we remember going to those games at Pacific. Reading about all of you and Coach Brown in the San Leandro Morning News. Win Currier was the sports writer for the paper at the time I believe. If you could please give us more information on that team, its overall record, great players you played against and how you finished the season. What great memories you all must have being on the best sports team the Vikings ever produced. At one point I believe you were 17 and 0 and ranked # 1 in the Bay Area. Any info you could post would be greatly appreciated. Thank all of you for those exciting times. Pacific High School's Gym was really rocking back then. 

07/19/21 11:23 AM #1463    


Sid Castro (1965)

Thanks Scooter for bringing back good memories of Pacific and its outstanding, dedicated coaches.  Though I never played basketball for El Brown, it brought to mind Tom Gunnari, Jim Johnston, and Carl Fyke, all great men. who coached football and baseball at that time.  They made it an honor to represent the kelly green and gold colors of Pacific High.

I graduated in 1965 but still  remember all those glorious wins with Rich Galbraith, Mitch Bazelle, Mike Wilskie,  and that fine 1966 team.  Great job reviving those wonderful years, Scooter!   

07/19/21 02:03 PM #1464    


Tony Blanco (1971)

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Chenier (Berkeley High, Cal, Washington Bullets) at Washington National (Reagan) Airport in 1976.  Neither of us was in a hurry so we had time for a very nice conversation.  I told him that I'd seen him in the Tournament of Champions while he was at Berkeley High as well as I had also enjoyed watching him when he was at Cal.  I told him that I saw when he played at Pacific and he remembered playing them.  He spoke quite highly of Coach Brown (mentioned him by name) and said that Pacific always had tough teams.

07/20/21 07:36 AM #1465    


Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)

Good Morning from TEXAS to all  Viking Classmates.  As I periodically browse this cool site I am not only happy to read your fun and interesting comments but, too, I am truly saddened to see the loss of yet another fellow Pacific High School Viking Classmate.  For those of you that were closest to the dearly departed please accept my deepest consolences; I pray that the happy memories comfort you and help to heal your broken heart.
God be with you during those sad times.  


07/20/21 07:51 AM #1466    


Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)

07/20/21 07:55 AM #1467    


Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)

My husband Jerry, my 2 sons and daughter are the computer experts - I am not. But I always have been a little sideways so my posted picture depicts that quirk. LOL.  Happy Day Ya'll. 

07/20/21 10:46 AM #1468    


James Mackenzie

   The mention of Phil Chernier brought back the memory of the most exciting basketball game I have ever witnessed.  The game was Pacific vs. Berkeley High played on Berkeley's home court in 1968 and the Vikings  utilizing Coach El Brown's patterned offense scored a spine tingling upset by the score of 66--65 over the heavily favored Hornets and the mighty Chenier.  

07/20/21 12:13 PM #1469    


Michael Wilske (1966)

Pat and Sid thanks for the nice message about that 1966 team. It was an exciting time and we did win quite a few games (18 I think) before losing. Scooter was the center and was 6 foot 2 inches tall. He can correct me if that measurement is wrong. Mitch and Gal were our cornerstones on offense and a guy not yet mentioned here was the defensive mainstay. That would be Dan Paiva. I think our record that year was 23-8 but unfortunately did not make the Tournament of Champions. We played in the ACAL with a graduating class of about 450 and played against Berkeley, Richmond, El Cerrito and others with senior classes of 1000 or more. 

Tony you talk of Phil Chenier and I'll tell a quick story about him. As you mentioned he did make it to the NBA, When Berkeley came to Pacific the pregame speech from El Brown was "Danny if you hold Phil to 30 points we"ll win". That is exactly what he did and we won by 2.

I've seen many of the guys at class reunions and it is always great to reminsice. I'm sure Scooter, Gal, and Danny have some other great stories about that magical season. Please share them before we can't remember or tell them.  

07/26/21 06:20 PM #1470    


Roy DeLand (1962)

Home in Arizona recovering from a right hip replacement when I decided to check in on my fellow Vikings! Really enjoyed the comments about Coach Brown and the beginning of Viking basketball. In 61-62 I played football and baseball but was too short and slow for basketball and C.Brown ask me to be "student trainer" for the team. 

Here is my recollection of the greatest game in PHS Viking history! Other comments mentioned we played in ACAL and only had juniors in 1961. Someone will have to fact check the year but I think it was 61. Our first home game against SLHS ever! The bleachers were full and the band was rocking! Because we were a new school our gym was really nice AND the cheerleaders had put up "FIGHT VIKINGS' signs. Because our student body was so small and probably only two of our players would have made the SLHS team we were hugh underdogs!  Fast forward to with 10 seconds to go in the game we have the ball and are down 1 pt. Couple of passes AND with 1 second on the clock the refs call a foul on SLHS. The fouled Viking was Stan Brolin. I see Stan is not active on the site SO I hope this post recalls some memories of him. Now Stan was a 5'10 guard AND I don't think he was a starter. He was a very quiet guy always well dressed and great hair! Stan steps to the foul line and calmly sinks the first free-throw. SLHS calls time out to ice Stan. In our huddle Coach Brown reminds everyone to 'get he rebound and put it right back up"!  

The refs blow the whistle and everyone returns to the court. They hand Stan the ball. You could hear a pin drop! Stan bounces the ball a couple times, stares down the rim and shoots! SWISH, NOTHING BUT NET"! VIKINGS WIN!  The kids from across the tracks BEAT SLHS! The students mobbed Stan and I remember, he was almost embarrassed he had won the game. I think the finale score was 49-48!  One finale note, one of my jobs was to call in our score and stats to the SL newspaper. When I called in I was so excited I forgot to do the stats and told the sports desk "WE WON WE WON"! After I calmed down they told me they had reporters at the game!

Anybody else remember this game?


07/27/21 05:34 AM #1471    


Shirley Calvin (McCarthy) (1962)

Roy DeLand, glad you are recovering well from the hip replacement.  Loved your recall of that basketball game with SLHS.  I was at that game and it was so exciting.  We were all so young but we had heart.

07/27/21 08:31 AM #1472    


Michael D Corbett (1962)

I was also at the game and your memory is very good. The only thing I can add is after this game Stan's nick name was Ice Water because he appeared so calm as he was shooting. A speedy recovery Mr. DeLand.

07/27/21 09:05 AM #1473    


Wanda Petersen (Lanouette) (1964)

Roy, thank you so much for that memory.  I, too, was at that game; I was a sophomore.  I do remember those breathtaking moments.  I grew up next door to Stan. You're right, he was always very quiet.  My parents & his parents sat together at that game. When the team picked him up, his mom said, "Oh! Don't hurt him!"  I, also, think there was a movement for him to be elected the next student body president:))  Hope you heal quickly  



07/27/21 11:04 AM #1474    


Roxanne J. Ferguson (Cline) (1970)

Roy - that game was before my time at Pacific, but your description was great, I remember so well the excitment of those high school games.  Thanks for bringing back such fun memories.  Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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