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03/30/21 08:59 AM #1418    


Lorri Carey (Duarte) (1978)

Hi Chris,

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. I pray you and your family will find peace and comfort during this sad time.


03/30/21 09:28 AM #1419    


Pamela Goodhart (Epstein) (1978)

Oh Chris, my deepest sympathy for you and your family as you grieve the passing of your brother Eric. Praying for peace and comfort during this difficult time.



03/30/21 07:02 PM #1420    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

Chris, I am so sorry for your loss.  I have just found some pictures of Locust St.  Two of little blond boys appear to be "fixing" a car, in front of my house 14354 Locust.  You first lived accross the street from me and then then Rielly Family bought your house and you moved 2 houses down from me.  The Jardine Family lived between us.  Your family was really involved in mine.  The 4 family, adults got together a lot for "theme" parties and Johnny Goodman and his wife Blance lived 2? blocks from us were a tight group.  Funny how it never turned to parties involving the kids.  Your mom took care of me after school, because my mom worked and later I took care of you guys.  I can say I always felt so safe and good with your family.  I'm now feeling the loss of not  having our families closer.  Peggy Wood   

04/11/21 08:19 PM #1421    


Tom Brody (1969)

04/11/21 08:24 PM #1422    


Tom Brody (1969)

Dear fellow Vikings, this is a bit unusual.   I am a member of several Facebook groups, including Paul Revere and the Raiders FB group, Devo FB group, Anza Borrego Desert FB group, Madison Wisconsin FB group (I lived there for 4 years), Death Valley photographers FB group, and Joshua Tree National Park FB group.   Some of the FB group administrators are tough, and they delete photographs that are slightly off-topic.   However, just for self-amusement, I posted a photo of my rock'n'roll band on the Paul Revere and the Raiders FB group page, and added a paragraph listing the songs that we did by Paul Revere and the Raiders.  Also, I explained that Drew Johnese was our leader.   Strangely enough, the group administrator allowed my remarks and allowed the photograph, and the photo attracted 14 LIKES in one day.  

04/12/21 07:56 AM #1423    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)



Micky Myers was in the band too wasn't he?  He's in Castro Valley last I texted him on Facebook.  I had talked to Drew quite a long time ago when he worked for the Fremont Fire Dept., my son also worked there.  Then at our 50 yr reunion Randy dumped the info about Drew having died on me.  I hung out with them while in school, but don't remember if I ever saw you guys preform.  I hung out with Drew's cousin Mike Castleton, and Tony Fleharty's group the Remaining Few in Hayward.  Linda Babbino was my next door neighbor and that's how I met Drew.  A really sweet kid.  I remember going to Battle of the Bands helping move equipt. and taking pictures.  I'm going through boxes and boxes and I promise to post if I find pictures from any of them.  Peggy

04/13/21 05:18 PM #1424    


Ralph Martin (1967)

Happy 69th Birthday Sam---Have a great Day

04/14/21 07:51 AM #1425    


Pat Carvalho (1971)

Love you Sam Martin. Happy Birthday Days FOREVER 

04/14/21 09:00 AM #1426    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

What a BLESSING Sam,  Your special Day has been given to you again.   


Hope you have a great Viking Proud day of fun and maybe your favorite gake.


Happiness is wished for you,


Peggy Wood Guernsey 1968

04/14/21 09:12 AM #1427    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

Hey there, as I read Sam was having a BIRTHDAY I wanted to share a special time in my life too.

My Grandson Charles has been accepted to grad school.   He will be pursueing his masters in History to teach and couch football.  His goal is to come back to, one of our rivals, Tennyson High in Hayward.    Charles just also celebrated his 25th birthday.  This Grandma couldn't be prouder of anyone.  I believe Charles has the Viking Spirit in him and the compassion to explain the plays to Grandma when I miss something; ;-)  Kiss those kids, hug them well and get down on your knees and say thanks.  We are blessed and I do care about all of you.

I may not know you or see those I do often, but there is something so SPECIAL about all of you.  This forum brightens my day and sometimes my heart gets broken, but in the long run to know we are Vikings, we are here and we care about so much.   

Love to you all, Peggy


PS is Sam sharing his cake?

04/22/21 10:08 AM #1428    


Janet Morris (Campbell) (1969)

This morning I lost my sister & best friend.  Linda Morris Henderson, class of 1963, passed away after a battle with Parkinsons disease.  Thinking of her I'm reminded of growing up in Mulford Gardens on Aurora Drive & what a fun childhood we had.  Even though I am 6 years younger than her, she occasionally let me hang around her and her friends.  She was a very cool sister!  I will miss her dearly but glad she is no longer living with this life sucking disease.....










04/22/21 01:33 PM #1429    


Donna Bohrer-Abbott (Mayfield) (1963)

Janet, so sorry for the loss of your sister.  Linda and I had a couple of classes together and did a couple of projects together and had a lot of fun.  Rest in peace Linda

04/22/21 01:55 PM #1430    


Kathy Almand (Wharton) (1969)

Jan, I'm so sorry to hear about Linda. She was always so sweet to us and later I remember going to her home and playing with Caroline. My heart is broken for you and your family. Keep your sweet memories of Linda close and cherish each one. I'm praying for you all and may God fill you all with his Peace and healing. πŸ™πŸ’”πŸ™>p>


04/23/21 02:53 AM #1431    


Elverta Yoshida (Yamanaka) (1963)

Sorry fir your loss Janet. Rest in Love Linda🌈❀️🌈

04/23/21 07:36 AM #1432    


Jacqueline Willis (Pucci) (1963)

So sorry to hear of Linda's passing.  Although we drifted apart after high school, I considered her a good friend. She was sweet and funny and we had lots of laughs.  She will be remembered fondly. RIP

04/23/21 09:01 AM #1433    


Kenneth Albers (1965)

I had a secret crush on Linda the last couple of years in grammer school, (Garfield).  Never was around her much after that, but she was always a sweet and pretty girl.  My condolenses to you and your brother Bob.

04/24/21 07:58 AM #1434    


Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)

Happy Birthday to Melanie Childs.  And may you be blessed with many more. 

04/25/21 08:30 AM #1435    


Pat Carvalho (1971)

The city of San Leandro formally recognized the lifetime contribution made by Lou Profumo to San Leandro youth sports , naming the field at San Leandro Ball Park , Lou Profumo Field. Please go to for more information. Love you and thank you Lou. 

04/26/21 07:41 AM #1436    


Bill Aimonetti (1974)

Pat Carvalho.  Thanks for the post about Lou Profumo.  He was a character.  He was the umpire for a number of our games.  I remember he would insist on being paid before he took the field.  If someone gave him grief over a call he made, his response was to pull his paycheck out of his pocket and wave it.  A strong message to hecklers.  Hilarious!

04/26/21 11:22 PM #1437    


Linda Almand (Arnett) (1967)

I was saddened to hear that Gwyn Chenoweth Knolls passed away recently. We became friends in kindergarten at Garfield and shared many wonderful childhood memories together. Being quite the little entrepreneurs we made perfume by the quart by adding her Mother's perfume to water and coloring it with crepe paper. We then made earrings out of colored telephone wire left on the ground by repairmen. With no customers for our creations we moved to adventures at the bay (before it became the Marina) and in our "Lucky Club" clubhouse which was the abandoned bird aviary in my backyard. I used to put our children to sleep at night with "Gwyn Chenoweth and I" stores, and will forever treasure the memories we made. May 14th, her birthday, will always be the day I pause and give thanks to God for the life of my precious friend. Linda (Almand) Arnett

05/10/21 02:58 PM #1438    

Greg Patterson (1971)

Just checking in to see if there is any information on the Class of '71 50th year reunion.  If there are any details, please provide the details.  Thanks 

05/12/21 12:51 PM #1439    


CarolLynne Biddle (Cole) (1971)


From Jane Caffey......thanks for the info for all!!

 A casual 50th reunion had been discussed for Friday, July 23, 2021, the night before the All-Class Reunion Picnic. With the picnic once again being postponed, no definite plans have been made. Class of ‘71 does have a Facebook page, PHS 71ers, which is probably the best way to stay updated. Michele Ferrantino has been trying to keep us organized

05/16/21 11:34 AM #1440    


Ralph Martin (1967)

This week is " National Police Officer" I  like to Thank All the Policemen & Police Women that have faithfully served American & communitys protecting citizens.We live in trouble times & as we struggle between Law & Order verses Mob Rule we must decide which side of that "thin Blue Line" we are on. I especially want to           thank those classmates that have served as Police protecting us.  God Bless the Police...Lil Ralphie. 

05/17/21 01:18 PM #1441    


Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)

Hello from Texas, Phyllis (Baker) Lively  class of '66.  
Just a quick note to ask schoolmates Pacific High CLASS OF 1962 or others who may have known my brother GEORGE BAKER (class of 1962)  and may want to reconnect with him to please respond to my message here or a private message.  He does not have a profile page set up on this site yet but will be in the process of that soon... (we're working on that together).  Currently he spends his time between the bay area (his San Lorenzo home) AND his gorgeous Ranch in Colorado. He's definitely in search of his old friends to catch up on years gone by and make new memories.  Meanwhile Please reach out to me for his contact information. 
thank You Fellow Vikings - have a blessed day. 

05/17/21 01:28 PM #1442    


Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)


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