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07/23/22 10:10 AM #1638    


Larry Coppa (1969)

I lived around the corner from you on Cypress and knew your brother.  Always rememgered him as a great athelete.  Very sorry for your loss.

07/23/22 12:10 PM #1639    


Carole Bain Pisio (Pisio) (1962)

Another Viking left us in July (14th). Larry Bain class of 65 passed away and will be missed . He was a great "little" brother. His pain is gone and he is in a better place but has left a gaping hole for his family.

Carole Bain Pisio

07/23/22 03:38 PM #1640    


Debbie Ludwigsen (Marchan) (1973)

Thank you, Larry. He played football & baseball for PHS & he enjoyed it all. In fact, as a kid he played baseball for the various sports leagues in town & made many friends there too. I believe you lived next door to the Epps family. Living in Bonaire was a great childhood especially during our years of the 50s through 70s. 

07/23/22 04:22 PM #1641    


Linda Munoz (Brooks) (1965)

Carole Bain Pisio, So sorry to hear about Larry. May he fly with the angels and rest in Peace.

Linda (Munoz) Brooks

07/26/22 07:37 AM #1642    


Maria Cordaway (Villagomez) (1965)

My condolences to Larry's family.....RIP 

07/27/22 04:06 PM #1643    


Debbie Ludwigsen (Marchan) (1973)

Thank you, Johan, for remembering my brother and the special reminders. Alumni from Madison is almost as special as PHS. 

07/28/22 06:41 AM #1644    


Pat Carvalho (1971)

The Madison Mustangs. That is such a great picture. That you Deddie 

07/30/22 08:44 AM #1645    


Daniel Paiva (1966)

July 30,2022
My little brother,Ricky Paiva was born 73 years ago, a Boomer,just like the rest of us. I'm celebrating Ricky today,if you shared some of our adventures, played on teams with us, enjoyed the 50's n 60's with us, you always saw us together. Danny and Ricky Pauva. Rick was my best friend, best team mate, loyal and faithful brother. He was an amazing man,father, grandfather. He always saw good in every one and everything. If you had the opportunity to see him play Hoops? One of Pacific's best players, at 5'10", he made First team all league at Forward!. I miss him every single day, we were an amazing team, Rick and I. Happy Birthday Trim #2. Your Big brother,Danny. Aka. Trim #1.

07/30/22 04:46 PM #1646    


Linda Munoz (Brooks) (1965)

Hi Peggy, this is Linda (Munoz) Brooks, Mike Munoz's sister. Mike and Les are fine, they moved to Carson City, Nv.  a couple of months ago. I will tell Mike you inquired.  They lived in a heavily wooded area and each fire season became more and more dangerous. Take Care, Linda

07/30/22 04:49 PM #1647    


Linda Munoz (Brooks) (1965)

So sorry Dan,  I didn't know Ricky passed.  May he RIP.

Hope you are doing well, Linda

07/31/22 08:02 AM #1648    

Harry Gualco (1964)

Harry GualcoDanny, sorry to hear about Ricky. You two were some of the most competitive guys I have ever met. We had some great days and those old Monroe, Madison, Cleveland, Wilson elementary are still some of the fondest memories of my life. I know he will be missed. Speaking for my brother Fred and myself Rest In Peace Ricky.





07/31/22 09:13 AM #1649    


Ralph Jimenez (1966)

Danny,  Hanging out at the old boys club, playing CYO baseball and basketball, great memories.  Ricky was always there getting in the middle of things with his big brother.  May he Rest In Peace.


07/31/22 09:51 AM #1650    


Richard Savino (1966)

Danny, you and Ricky had a special relationship that I know you are proud of. Happy to also know that he lived out his last years in a place he loved. Your loyalty and support of Ricky is what being a brother is all about. RIP

08/01/22 08:05 AM #1651    

Rick Monge (1964)

Danny, I am so sorry to hear about Ricky. Please accept the condolences from the Monge family. Stay strong.

08/01/22 10:40 AM #1652    

John Michael Benavidez (1968)

In the past year in half,we lost our first cousin Tim Benavidez class of 1964 along sad news David sanchas class 1966 former husband of Ann Benavidez.

08/02/22 09:01 AM #1653    

Manuel Bustos (1964)

I am saddened hear that my childhood neighbor n classmate Tim passed.condolences to family.Tim n I were neighbors.and teammates through school we were friends thru high school Lost touch after high school Many memories growing up I hold a special for Tim,,Our time as baseball teammates are special may he always Rest In Peace.Thank u for the special memories,,,

08/11/22 06:27 PM #1654    


Ralph Martin (1967)

On Wednesday Aug. 10 2022 Ralphy (class of 1967) and Gail (class of 1968) celebrated our 54th Wedding     Anniversary at  The Red Rock Casino..heart4th Wedding       Aniversary at Red Rock Casino in Summerlin Nv.

08/11/22 06:41 PM #1655    


Ralph Martin (1967)

08/11/22 08:35 PM #1656    


Linda Munoz (Brooks) (1965)

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great day!

Linda Munoz Brooks Class of 65

08/12/22 02:05 PM #1657    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Happy Anniversary

Gayle & Ralph  

Love you two !!!!

08/14/22 07:56 AM #1658    

Jon Lilley (1968)

Hey Sue "HAPPY JOY, JOY JOY" love from Jon Lilley

08/14/22 11:25 AM #1659    


Ralph Martin (1967)

Thank You Sue for reaching out to "GAIL" & the way...Have you determined the identification of the individual who set the table ablaze at one of our reunions?  I'm still looking into the matterangel

08/15/22 11:10 AM #1660    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Ralph, I'm glad your still working on solving the mystery... Buttttt  maybe you should look closer to home !!!!

08/17/22 08:31 PM #1661    

Gregory (George) Crispin (1967)

I don't know who or what I am responding to, or what about.🤪 I am George Crispin, class of 1967, a Tech Ed jokester and classmate and friend of Don Nunes and his wife, who thankfully (and probably almost thanklessly, runs this website❤️👍. But, I have to admit she has lots of fans. Ralph, I remember Owen's Illinois Glass Company, you showing me a new use for match boxes, explaining what a "lid" was plus your wife just happened to be the daughter of my mother's sewing friend🤪>p>




08/18/22 09:25 AM #1662    


Ralph Martin (1967)

Welcome back George.Have not spoken with you since the 50th Reunion (2017) remarks regarding an issue which happened at a Reunion prior to our 50th..what happened at this Formal setting is paper Flyers were place at each table with random images taken from our yearbook along with burning I reached one of the paper flyers on our table and began viewing images the food servers brought salads to the table and I focused on the salad returning the papers Flyers to middle of table unkown to myself a candle was nearby resulting on our table bursting into small flames...the table was instantly surrounded by the food servers putting the small fire out ...since then I was teased and was informed I would be searched for matches before  allowed into a reunion...and thus my recent post was "tongue-n-cheek' humor amongst those which were at this reunion..I will keep future posts free from misleading humor...Lil Ralphie Martinangel


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