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•   Sheila Balzer (Pacheco) (1966)  12/10
•   Robert Haines (1974)  12/10
•   Leo Torres (1963)  12/7
•   Tom Brody (1969)  12/5
•   George Fernandes (1965)  12/1
•   Maria Cordaway (Villagomez) (1965)  11/30
•   Leo Halverson (1967)  11/29
•   Tim Courreges (1979)  11/29
•   Bob Aiello (1975)  11/26
•   Cory Escue (1982)  11/25
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Pacific High School
Classes of 1962 - 1986



Class of 1967 will be celebrating their 50th Reunion on

June 17,2017 !!  

This is the date we graduated.  

Please check the the 1967 Reunion Tab on the left for updates. 



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Here's How to Log in.  


Click on Alumni Profile, then click on the year you graduated, find your name and fill out your profile. Once you have a password, you can log in and browse the site.  If you dont find your name, please email me and include your full name and the year you graduated and I will add you to the list.






Pacific High School Rules....


My Little Town, San Leandro, the way I remember it....


I have listened to the words to American Pie for many years
and I thought I had a pretty good understanding about what was 
was being sung.  However, when the words are put  together with
pictures and film clips the song takes on a new meaning. This goes
fast and it's a lot to absorb, maybe full screen..

It took a lot of thought to produce this.



Check out Take Me Back to the Sixties !!!!





I have added the Graduation Picture to everyones profile....  Please check to make sure that I have the right picture with your name.  If your picture was not in the year book, I would be glad to add it if you could send it to me or you can click on your profile and upload it yourself.  If you find an error, please let me know.. I have some of the yearbooks but that doesnt mean they were in there correctly... Also, some of the pictures have been written on, if you have a graduation pic you would like me to change for the one on your profile, just send it to me..





I hope everyone enjoys the site..

Its been a labor of love...

The most rewarding part for me is when an Alumni writes to me and

tells me they have been able to reconnect with someone that they

have been looking for..... It makes it worth all the time and effort..

Enjoy...  Sue Ferreira Nunes

Site Administrator





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Dear classmates and friends,

As you know from Drew's brother's post Drew passed away last Thursday. Drew and I had a wonderful life together. We have been living together for a long time.
We traveled the world together the last seven years. This year we went to San Diego, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai. He was the perfect tour guide; always knowing which Metro line to catch to go wherever. His abilities in the area mimicked other things he did in his life. He never ceased to amaze me. My son said to me one day "Mom, is there anything Drew doesn't know how to do?"
Drew treated me like an absolute princess and I will never forget the love he poured over me. He was the most intelligent man I have ever known. I miss him terribly but I know he will never be forgotten. He touched the lives of many people and was always helping someone with something, never expecting anything in return. My adorable man is now at peace and hopefully watching over my golf game. He taught me to golf. Every Sunday we met with friends to play golf. It was a wonderful life!
Charlotte P Williams


Linda Ferreira (1974)  12/11
Nico Futterer (1967)  12/12
Stephen Arruda (1977)  12/13
Andy McGuire (1963)  12/13
Robert Tuley (1983)  12/13
Gerry Judd (1971)  12/14
Gina Atencio (1977)  12/15
Tom Congrave (1977)  12/15
Randy Roderick (1972)  12/15
Kolin Morlatt (1974)  12/16
Milton Blete (1971)  12/17
Tom Burkett (1964)  12/17
Robert Flores (1970)  12/17
Mick Myers (1969)  12/18

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