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Vincent Adelman

Vincent Adelman

Mr. Adelman was an inspiration to me and many other Pacific High Alumni.  Rest in Peace Mr Adelman.. 


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11/27/13 05:02 PM #1    

CarolLynne Biddle (Cole) (1971)

Per my conversation with fellow Viking, David Adelman '74, his Dad, Vince Adelman passed away in 1999. I loved this man and my teacher...he was always there for me (and others I am sure)...he was a remarkable teacher and I often, till this day, use what he taught me about people, math, machines and life. His war stories made me laugh...his tricks to get us to learn were unheard example: we all came into class and he had a test on each desk. He said clearly, "write your name at the top of test, read the board, then continue". I wrote my name at the top, stopped to read the board which clearly said "if you listened to what I said, turn your paper over and draw me a picture...this is your test". I flipped my paper over and started drawing...he looked at me and smiled! The test was to listen to instructions. I did and got an A! Others struggled to do the test...I had the best day in school that day everytime I thought of this and laughed out loud. This was the kind of teacher he was...and you learned...not ony to respect him but to learn math. He was billiant! He also was my office machines teacher...I went on after school days to be a Head Printer for Dunn & Bradstreet due to his skill in teaching. I left that job and the rest is under the bridge. You will be sorely missed...but never forgotten! Rest in Peace to "The Best Teacher Ever".


CarolLynne Biddle (Cole)......Little Biddle to you!

11/28/13 11:18 PM #2    

Karen Kronenberger (Kendall) (1980)

I remember him standing in his doorway, telling all the kids to "stop swapping spit and get to class".  Always funny!  I still call kissing 'swapping spit'.  :-)

06/10/14 01:19 PM #3    

Mary Amaro (Adams) (1977)

Mr. Adelman was my typing teacher and until I starting reading some of the post, I had forgotten about the swapping spit comment.  I just loved him.  I loved him straight forward matter of fact style and he was always  He was one of my favorite teachers at a time when teachers could be teachers.  I will always remember him and the way he smelled:  A combination of gingerbread and tobacco. I hope he knows how much we appreciate him.  Sometimes, we grow wise too late in life.  RIP 

05/19/16 02:17 PM #4    

Connie Guerra (Silva-Skivers) (1980)

I remember all too well his comments about not swapping spit.  I got caught a few times myself.  ;). I loved him as a teacher. I grew up living only 3 houses from his.  He was one of the most laid back of all the teachers at Pacific.  May he R.I.P.


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