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Alan Zuniga - Class Of 1970

Alan Zuniga

Alan was killed in a vehicular accident during his junior year at Pacific. Alan died on 10-20-1968.

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12/30/13 01:42 PM #1    

Rebecca Moore (1970)

I remember Alan very well. We were in typing class together. He would walk by my desk while I was typing; it always seemed like I was taking a timed test. He would flip my book closed. We just had a flirty relationship in class. I remember the accident very well. So tragic. The world lost someone special that day.

11/17/17 09:50 AM #2    

Tom Brody (1969)

I remember the very sad incident of Mr. Zuniga's accident.  Please correct me if I am not describing this correctly.   One of the Pacific High School teachers owned a cabin up in Mendocino.  It could have been Mr. Gustafson or Mr. Pappas.  Mr. Shayler, the physics teacher and resident hippie, decided to organize a retreat.   One of the goals of the retreat was to engage students in sensitivity sessions to improve their mutual trust.  One of the sensitivity sessions was to blindfold a student, and have him stand up, and then for him to allow himself to fall backwards and be caught by other students.  About twenty Pacific High students attended the retreat.  During our drive up Route One, we passed a stranded truck in part of Route One that was shaded by the forest.  We stopped because Mr. Shayler wanted to offer assistance to the truck driver.  When the weekend was over, we drove back to San Leandro.  The drive back was also characterized by a memorable incident.  But it was a very, very sad incident.  When we pulled into the parking lot at Pacific, it turned out that one of the students attending the retreat had lost her brother.  I believe that the student attending the retreat was Pat Zuniga.  She is from my same class (Class of 1969).   A couple of students went up to meet her in the parking lot to break the news to her, about her brother.   Although I was not an acquaintance of Mr. Zuniga, I would like to add my memory about this sad loss. 

11/17/17 08:04 PM #3    

Yvette Viguet (Buhler Rice) (1970)

As I remember the incident.....Alan and a girl that was a cheerleader were riding on Alans mororcycle. There was an accident....Alan died...the girl was hurt...but recovered....I believe she had been Jon Gledhills girlfriend.

It was the first time I ever knew someone my age that I knew had passed away.

There were so many people at his funeral....we filed past the casket. So sad.

11/18/17 12:09 PM #4    

Christine Michaelson (Lindstrom) (1970)

So many years ago, and I still have such deep feelings of loss for Alan as he was a good friend of mine.  He was also the first friend I knew well that passed away; it was so traumatic for me that I’ve never forgotten his funeral as it was an open casket.  To this day I still choose not to view someone that has passed away at a funeral, I want to remember them alive.  He was such a fun guy, I loved his silly laugh.  I often imagined that I heard his laugh in the hallways of Pacific High after he was gone.  I believe that anyone who knew him well has never forgotten him.  I wonder what he would’ve done in his life.  I still have the beautiful sweater he gave me for my 15th birthday ❤️

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