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Rich Countiss - Class Of 1969

Rich Countiss

Deceased Classmate: Richard Countiss, 1969
Date Of Birth:
Date Deceased: July-4-2014
Age at Death:
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Classmate City:
Classmate State: CA
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By:

He was Executive Director of Research Operations for J. D. Power and Associates 

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05/29/15 06:30 AM #1    

Juanita Burns (Tyree) (1969)

I am sorry to learn such sad news. Rich was a strong student. I can only imagine that he was a powerful career man. My heart goes out to his family. God Bless you all.

05/29/15 08:09 AM #2    

Tom Brody (1969)

How sad to read this.  I admired Rich Countiss during my days at John Muir Junior High School, because of his skill in drawing cartoons.  At the time, Mr. Countiss emulated the drawing style of Don Martin, famed cartoonist for Mad Magazine.   I have lost a couple of other close friends recently, and am not sure how best to come to terms with their "final journey." 

05/30/15 11:03 AM #3    

Juanita Burns (Tyree) (1969)

If I may is a journey. ..every day is a gift.
I don't know if you have a Christian background but it gives great comfort in knowing that .."when a Christian dies, he has just begun to live". He will live in heaven for eternity...a peaceful and joyful reunion for all who believe. Every person who enters our lives brings something to us. The greatest gift is love. I pray for peace to all who mourn, it binds us in spirit.

06/04/15 12:42 AM #4    

Tom Brody (1969)

Hi Juanita,

My background in religion is only generic.  For example, in college I took a 1-semester course about the meaning of faith.  It was taught by a theologian from one of the seminaries in Berkeley.   If you can recommend some part of the Bible, or from some other book, about the topic of the "final journey" or about other transitional journeys that occur in life, then I will read it.

Best regards, Tom

06/04/15 05:16 AM #5    

Juanita Burns (Tyree) (1969)
Tom, I am boarding a plane just now but I will be glad to do that. My honor. Many very comforting scriotures/ promises of what is to come.
I will write soon. Try my email ..I can type faster than on my cell phone.
Blessings friend,

06/05/15 05:54 AM #6    

Juanita Burns (Tyree) (1969)

Tom...this area only allows a few words so i hope you will send me your email because i have alot to share with you. First, God gave us "free will". I want to expand on that but know that "... although bad things happen to good is not God's desire.

06/05/15 06:00 AM #7    

Juanita Burns (Tyree) (1969)

Tom..the post won't let me write much before it cut me off..please send email address.

06/05/15 06:04 AM #8    

Juanita Burns (Tyree) (1969)

The "chapters" in the Bible are actually each considered books. They are written by various witnesses you read and study them ..prove and support that Jesus Christ is indeed alive, real and in our lives. I hope my words are soft and not preaching. I have much to share and pray with you.

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