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Divo Gino Dianda - Class Of 1968

Divo Gino Dianda

Born: 9-20-1950 

Died:  7-11-85

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07/12/10 01:30 PM #1    

Timothy Eovino (1968)

You are one of the few people I remember.  You were always a freind.  I hope your life turned out like you wanted.  Mine did.

01/20/11 01:42 PM #2    

Richard Lohman (1968)

Lost track of you after the mid 70's. Always hoped to meet up again. Now I find this site and discover you are gone along with others I was close to then. Lots of good memories of that wild Chevy II and evenings over at your house helping you work on it.

02/02/11 07:36 PM #3    

Barry Brookens (1968)

Divo was a very good friend of mine.  Our friendship goes back to elementary school, through John Muir Junior High and Pacific High School.  Then after high school we also worked at some of the same companies, and sometimes rode to work together. 


Divo had a fabulous sense of humor.  We had a great time back then.  He would make me laugh to the brink of tears sometimes.  We used to adventure around the Bay Area, excited to see the sights, and having fun meeting lots of interesting people.  Divo was also extremely talented.  I’ve always described him as a mechanical genius.  He built up one of the fastest Hot Rods in San Leandro at the time, an extremely fast car.  I’m sure he could have been involved in professional auto racing, or have been a mechanical engineer.  He also did some gymnastics in school and was real good at it.  We used to talk about everything under the sun, and everything on the other side of the sun, too.  Divo was very interested in astronomy as well.  Maybe going to college for Astrophysics might have been for him.


As time went on, Divo married, had two children and moved to the South Bay Area. Needless to say, we didn’t hang out much after that, but I was able to have a very nice visit with him and his wife one New Year’s Eve shortly before he passed away.


Divo was married to the nicest wife anyone could ever wish for and had two small beautiful children when he passed away.  When I found out that Divo passed away, I was extremely shocked, upset and sad.


Now that I am 60 years old, and Divo would have also been 60 years old, I understand much more about the impact of losing Divo, and about the lives that would have been so enriched by knowing him.  I sometimes think of him and wonder what would my old friend have looked like now, with a little gray hair, some of life’s character lines in his smile and eyes, and filled out a bit from all of the wonderful Italian food that his family cooked so well.  Divo will always be in my heart.


So I am dedicating a song to Divo.  I’ve thought about the favorite music that we listened to back then, and the music that Divo told me he liked best when I last saw him, but I have chosen something different.  A music masterpiece that is timeless is what I dedicate to my old friend.   


01/31/12 11:51 PM #4    

Barry Brookens (1968)


Divo and one of his daughers, in the mid 70's.

02/02/12 12:41 PM #5    

Barry Brookens (1968)

Divo in Jr. High School

Divo, in about 14 years old, John Muir, Jr. High.

07/18/16 07:28 AM #6    

Barry Brookens (1968)

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