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Kathy Yeghoian - Class Of 1964

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06/30/08 10:36 AM #1    

Wuanita Forney (Evernham) (1964)

Class of 1964

03/10/09 07:47 PM #2    

Floyd Kirk (1963)

Dear Kathleen,

I liked you from the moment I saw you, you in the hallway walking to class, me walking to somewhere,(failed mem)I smiled at you and you smiled was a lovely moment to were taking Spanish as I...we would see each other at the change of class on the ground floor...I finally asked you for your number and you kindly responded.

We dated a few times but I soon found out that your mother Isabel did not like all.

(My V/O narration follows...)

Our last date was to the T&D Theatre in Oakland.(At that time it was a very plush indoor theater.) We watched "Lawrence of Arabia"...three hours of hot sun and sand...she never even asked for a single thing even though everyone else in the theater was dying of thirst...she knew I was poor. What a swell gal! We held hands and felt very close to each other. It was a warm and wonderful night...I really loved her...

Kathy and I stopped seeing each other when it became difficult to talk to her by telephone...her mom said no, she was not there...or later.

(Calendar pages flipping by...)

Sometime in 1968, we met at her school in San Jose, when she was a student. We chatted for some time and I left with a hug. I never saw her or talked to her again. I did think of her quite often, however.

(More calendar pages...)

In 1992, I was working on a foreclosure project, and perusing the Yellow Pages, I happened to see her last name in the directory...I called the number and asked a few questions about Kathy. It was her brother, and he did not want to tell me anything about her. I called back and pleaded with him after explaining all the minutiae of our relationship...he hung up.

I had to know what the hell.

I went online to the newspapers...

The San Jose Mercury had a story about Kathy...she had taken her own life in June 1987. It was on the last day of school where she taught...she loved her kids so much she waited until summer vacation. That was Kathy.

She had suffered from a chronic intestinal illness that was extremely painful for a number of years...

If there was anyone in the world with which I could trade living and dying, it would be Kathy. She was the best.

Love as Ever Kathy,

08/20/09 10:40 AM #3    

Harry Gualco (1964)

Kathy and I were classmates at James Monroe Elementary school. She was always a close friend. She was my first
ever date. The GAB dance at Pacific. We remained friends
during high school, but as with most high school friendships we lost touch. I was very saddened to hear about her death. She was so full of life. If her parents or family ever read this remember that she had an impact on many lives. I told my daughters and grand kids about my "first date" many times. She was a very special girl. I can still remember her constant smile from elementary through high school.

Harry Gualco

02/13/10 02:30 PM #4    

Frank Schoolmaster (1964)

Kathy sat in front of me in Mr. Horton's Algebra class at John Muir Jr. HS. That was 9th grade. Although we were acquaintances, she was moved to another seat in the class as I was a chronic talker and ne'er-do-well in the room. I'd see Kathy around the campus of PHS, we'd say hello, but that was the extent of it. Heard nothing more from or about Kathy after graduation, but at some point someone who knew her told me she had passed away. No other details than that were provided. This is the first I've heard the tragic details of Kathy's passing. One day as I was leaving the school where I taught, I saw a contractor's truck with the name Yeghoian & Sons painted on the door. It brought back memories of Kathy and I wondered once again what had become of her. God Bless you Kathy. May you now have the peace you've longed for...

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