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Richard Silveria - Class Of 1974

Richard Silveria

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Christian Hurst (1974)

I remember Richard going back to John Muir JHS.  Richard, from my point of view, was part of the 'Smart/Gifted' group as I recall.  I certainly wish I would have had his passion for learning back them.  In particular, I remember a time at John Muir when Richard displayed great moral courage and stood up for what was right.  You see, fellow classmates often shunned those they were intimidated by or were smarter than themselves.  Richard arose above such trivial matters.  On one occasion, Richard noticed a fellow classmate was not acting himself and Richard was genuinely concerned for the classmate's well being and reported the bahavior to our teacher.  Result was the classmate was high on something or other and was suspended from school.  I remember Richard bearing the ridicule of many because their friend was suspended.  I lacked the personal maturity and courage he displayed and I said nothing, but inside I truly admired his capacity to care for others and his courage to do what was right.  Richard and I did not hang out together; we did not run in the same circles (I certainly had not the maturity or intelligence to do so); and aside from being classmates we did not know one another.  I would be very surprised to learn he even knew who I was.  Yet, I am truly saddened to learn of his passing.  I pray his family and friends are at peace with his being in a better place.  May God bless and keep him. 

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