Maria Couto Lopes

Profile Updated: May 20, 2014
Class Year: 1979
Residing In: Danville, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Fernando Lopes
Children: Daniel, born 1984
David, born1987
Filip, born - 1989
Andre', born 2004

Krista, More…born 2007
Noah, born 2009
Reese, born 2014

Been very fortunate to be married to a terrific man and provider since 1981. I take care of his paperwork, bookkeeping, and client contact for his Landscaping business.

After 14 years of living in San Leandro after being married. We decided to move to what we considered a better school district for our boys. We've been in Danville now, since 1995, and really enjoy our neighbors/friends and family here.

We've been to Portugal to visit our family serveral times, both my family and my husband's alike.

We've traveled to many towns and cities in California, and Nevada while my boys traveled on traveling soccer teams.

After 14 years from my third son being born, we had a suprise, that I was not expecting, but am very fortunate to have in our lives, our youngest son. It's totally been amazing having this son now, and has really kept me active and young and on the go...he totally is a mama's boy and I'm loving every minute.

My parents still live in San Leandro, right by Loard's ice cream parlor, that was right by Pacific High.

School Story:

I had the best time in high school, even though my parents were very strict and was not able to attend all the funtions and do all I would of liked to do... my fondest memories were just jiggling all the time. Eating the fudgies were the best lunch! Who can make those yummy fudgies!? I want some!

I loved being in graphic design class and taking pictures with friends on the school campus! I loved that class and everyone in it!

Taking French and talking to my friends in French so no one knew what we were saying was another high light... Wish I could still speak French as well as back then! Now I have to just stick to Portuguese!

My senior year was the best, because I actually did more stuff and remember dressing up for spirit week! That was the funnest week!

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Maria Couto Lopes has a birthday today.
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Maria Couto Lopes has a birthday today.
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Maria Couto Lopes has a birthday today.
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Maria Couto Lopes has a birthday today.
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Maria Couto Lopes has a birthday today.
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