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Dave Mendez - Class Of 1977

Dave Mendez

Dave passed away on Tuesday August 30th 2011

as per Carrie Welsh Stockwell on facebook

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David Camper (1975)

That's sad to hear about Dave..reminds us all of our own mortality. The thing I remember most about Dave is that he played varisty football as a sophmore, which I thought was odd at the time. Being a three year school, sophmore year was the first year of football for most guys..and here was Mendez starting varsity..don't know what experience he had before that..Pop Warner maybe? ..dunno..strange thing though, around the time Dave passed away, Jeff Snyder from my class emailed me a picture of us playing football in ' the pic were me, Jeff, Keith Bentley and a couple other Vikings but not Mendez, yet, for whatever reason, he came to mind and as I was looking at that pic, I started to think of him and the whole soph/varsity thing and his cocky attitude and sense of's a guy I hadn't given any thought to in almost 40 years and there I was, seeing him even though he wasn't in that pic. Ok, saved the pic on computer, didn't give it any more thought until a week later, Lynn Barnecut sent me a one line email that said..Dave Mendez passed away on Aug. 30th. What? I got goose bumps for a sec..why was I thinking of him as I looked at a pic from back in the day that he wasn't in right around the time he passed? Don't know..somebody told me he was saying goodbye..I didn't know Dave that well but I send his friends and family my heartfelt condolences

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