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Jeff D'Moski - Class Of 1981

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07/08/09 09:51 PM #1    

Tonie Teter (Quigley) (1976)

I remember Jeff. I dated his brother Jim for a couple of years. Jeff was a wild little guy, full of shit and vinegar. I remember the year that he spent months in a body cast because he jumped on the back of a moving car, fell off, and the car backed over him. Actually, didn't remember that he had passed. God Bless Jeff.

08/24/09 09:59 PM #2    

Kevin Angelo (1981)

The night Jeff passed, he was gonna "score" the beer for Ron Park, me, and him. We hadn't partied in awhile and we were just gonna hang out at the Marina Park and drink..
I was working at that wood lot over off of Lewelling that day,and when I came home, my Dad told what happened at the 7-11.
For years, the spot where Jeff bled to death had always somehow "came back". And to this day, if you know where to look.. it's still there!
I can still see little Annie Stephanski weeping at his funeral..
But while Jeffs' life was taken away from him, those of us that remember him, take and keep with us his zest for life. Those wild days of our youth (and the crazy shit we did then) that now..keep us young.
Over the years, no matter where I was, I have always raised a glass and remembered the friend Jeff was to me..
We will meet again my friend..and when we do, this time the beer is on me!

09/26/13 11:02 AM #3    

Leslie McCary (Stites) (1981)

I have to say the last time I saw Jeff was Jeff at his best. He was standing at the fencers the students parking lot jumping up and down, playing air guitar to Whip-It by Devo. It's a priceless moment on the afternoon of his death. I miss him Nd Kenny both. Both gone so early. 

12/20/14 08:44 AM #4    

Dave Evans (1981)

I lived right around the corner from Jeff. He was a real "character" to say the least. He was loaded with talent and potential. It was a shame to lose him so soon. The 2 memories that really stand out for me were: In the locker room after gym class I had just bought a soda and Jeff asked if he could have a drink. I gave him have the can and watched as he proceeded to drink the whole soda! Another day I was hanging with him at his house. All I remember is watching him down a full liter bottle of soda while "Carry On Wayward Son" blasted from his stereo system. Needless to say, I think of him every time I hear that song.

Carry On Wayward Son!


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