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Michael Jennings - Class Of 1972

Michael Jennings

Deceased Classmate: Michael Jennings (1972)
Date Deceased: 06-30-1999
Age at Death: 45
Cause of Death: heart attack
Classmate City: Castro Valley
Classmate State: CA
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: John Jennings

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09/23/10 01:29 PM #1    

John Pursley (1970)

 It is always sad to hear about the passing of a friend, especially when his brother Rick, another friend died 20 years prior. What I can say about Mike is he was a smooth character and was seldom rattled by anything. In other words, he pretty much kept his cool in all situations. Mike was one of the Pearson Avenue bunch along with the Conlin brothers from '70. 

We sure had some good times together, wish I could remember more of them. Any further comments would be self-incriminating. 

Mike never married or to my knowledge, had kids. That stuff would have cramped his persona. Too bad he died so young. I place partial blame on McDonalds, as that was one of his favorite places to eat (single guy thing). But he lived his life free of influence from others as he did what he wanted.

I miss you Brother.  

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