In Memory

Cheri Montgomery Pagan - Class Of 1981

Deceased Classmate: Cheri Montgomery (Pagan) 1981
Date Of Birth: 1963
Date Deceased:2001
Age at Death:
Cause of Death: MS
Classmate City: San Leandro
Classmate State: CA
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No
Survived By: 3 kids

I'm sorry, don't have many details, as far as das, etc. Cheri was a sweetheart, always kind to me during some difficult times. We were pregnant at the same time, first child. She was so happy then. That was 1984. I saw her only a handful of times after that. We chatted on the phone several times shortly before she passed away, she wasn't bitter or angry. Her children, leaving them, and her mom, they were very close, that's what hurt her heart. And a cigarette, lol. She really wanted to smoke one.