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Tom Truex - Class Of 1972

Tom Truex


 7 JULY 1954 - 3 JUNE 1972

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06/08/10 07:36 PM #1    

Jackie Newman (De Cesari) (1974)

Tom and I dated in school for a short time before his death in his senior year. I will always remember a great guy that loved sports and his family. RIP Mr.Truex.

05/17/11 01:23 PM #2    

Chris Gillock (1972)

Tom and I grew up on the same block in Bonaire.  he was a good-hearted guy.  I will always remember the day I heard he had drowned.  A terrible day.

05/21/14 02:09 PM #3    

Carol Truex (Young) (1967)

Thank you for remembering my dear brother.
Carol Truex Young 1967

05/21/14 06:01 PM #4    

Darrell Santos (1971)

Sad to see that he is gone.

05/22/14 07:20 AM #5    

Robert Folse (1972)

Tom and I grew up on Locust st, he was a great guy,  He went by TNT, I remember he put that on his skate board.  He was natural athlete, he was good at all sports.  We played street football and Tom could throw the football telephone pole to pole.  We played bumper pool in his garage for hours, while his dad would BBQ.  We played basketball in the driveway Tom was always a captain, we played BUTTS-UP Tom always won.  We had some great times on Locust st.   Tom was good friend, we lost him way too early.

05/22/14 12:57 PM #6    

Marla Fry (Evans) (1974)

Tom was in Oregon with the Pacific Singers we were singing in a competition and it was the saddes day of our lives when where heard what happened.  We were all in disbelief and it was the longest ride home.  I still can't believe it.  We also grew up in Bonaire.  He lived right around the corner from me.  He was a great guy.  I will see you again.

05/22/14 06:08 PM #7    

Carol Truex (Young) (1967)

I think of all of you as young kids but of course you're grown and I hope with all my heart you've had very wonderful lives. It is devastating to lose a friend especially so young, that memory will always stay with us. As broken hearted as my family was, we have gone on to have very happy lives. I've been married for 44 years have two grown children and four grandchildren.  We live very close to each other and know how very important each day is. I thank you all for sharing your own grief but most importantly for sharing your happy remembrances of our Tommy. 

05/25/14 12:04 AM #8    

Dawn Cooper (Wiebe) (1972)

After all these years I still think about the day we were told of the accident, I was so saddened by it. Over the years have prayed for the familiy.

06/10/14 01:57 PM #9    

Stuart Wenkheimer (1972)

TNT - Thomas Nelson Truex. Dynamite!

Dad's name Barney? Siblings Cliff, Carol, and Jim. Barney, the golf fanatic, and bar-b-que guru. Doused the briquets in a bucket of water when he was done, so he could re-use them.

Senior year: Wind sprints around the neighborhood, helping Tom train for football. Gasp! We snuck off to Santa Cruz in the middle of the night in my 1946 Ford Woody, after being told not to, for a day of wanna-be surfing. A price was paid upon our return.

Considered him my best friend. I had one, Tom had many. His death took days, if not weeks or months to sink in. The closed casket made saying goodbye especially difficult. I remember at a PHS reunion a decade or so ago, seeing the list and pictures of those that had passed; when Tom's name and picture came up I cried aloud until I almost convulsed. Still very hard to think about.

I believe his loss negatively affected my ability to form other meaningful relationships with men, for decades.

Loved that guy!

Stu Wenkheimer


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