In Memory

Mike Rose - Class Of 1970

Mike died in Nixa Missouri on 12-26-15... Rest in Peace Mike

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07/05/16 03:44 PM #1    

Daniel Moirao (1970)

Wow.  This is always a surprise to me to hear the passing of a friend.  Mike and I were buddies in elementary school.  I am sadden to hear of his passing. May he rest in peace. 

07/06/16 08:28 AM #2    

Steve Bennett (1970)


I did not know Mike during our school years, but encountered him once via a random act of kindess he performed that i never forgot.


It happened December Christmas Eve, 1975. Paula, my new wife of 6 months, and I were traveling to my sister-in-laws for Xmas eve. Our beat-up 1963 Chevy Nova with bald tires got a flat on the Nimitz near the Southland exit. it was pouring down rain. When i went to change it with a spare bald tire there was no jack. Also, there were no cell phones, we had no car towing service and we were poor. I was sitting outside thinking of what to do next and this car drives up and this  guy gets out and says "need any help?" it was Mike. He had a  jack and fixed the tire for us. I thanked him profusely and I never heard about him since then unitl now.


 However, I never forgot his random act. When Xmas eve comes around or when passing that part of the freeway I  dwell upon his act and always made promises to myself to be a better person by emulating his example. Yet as a risk-averse person I only produced only paralysis and failure. At this point, to preserve his memory,  the best i can do is to attempt random acts to  teach my grandchildren, then tell them the story of MIke.


To you Mike: I don’t know if you found happiness, peach and blessings in your life, but as time went on beyond that night, I wanted to tell you that you made a difference in one family’s life that night, and for one person to be a better person because of your kindness.


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”  Mark Twain





07/06/16 10:41 AM #3    

Roxanne J. Ferguson (Cline) (1970)

Steve, thanks for sharing such a heart warming story about Mike.  I didn't know him beyond a nodding, passing in the halls way, but your story speaks volumes about the man that he was.  Thanks for sharing it.

Mike, rest in peace.


07/11/16 01:01 PM #4    

Barry Branco (1970)

I met Mike in the 6th grade and think it was in the 7th grade when a few guys started a band.  I went by Mike's house after school one day when they were there working on a few songs.  When I got there they were playing "Time Won't Let Me"  He was the lead singer and I was so impressed with not only his singing but his confidence and the band sounded great.  Everytime I hear that song I remember that day. Sorry but I don't remember the other membersof the band.  Mike, my brother Terry and I were drafted into the Army the same day Feb. 1 1971.  While we were in line to go to the airport to fly off to Ft. Lewis Washington a sergeant came over and pulled Mike out of the line right in front of me and told him he was going home for some type of medical issue.  I remember him turning to me and saying "sorry man I guess I'll see you around".  That was the last time I saw Mike.  I always liked him he seemed to have a nice way about him.  Barry

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