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07/08/20 08:15 PM #1015    


Ralph Martin (1967)

James Brown & The Flames (his brass section at that time),,,1965 at the Oaland Arena by Lake Merritt which is long gone as the amt. of  audience was limited due to size ....angel

07/09/20 03:01 AM #1016    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

it was the oakland auditorum Ralphie. they had a concert side and the other half was roller derby, wrestling. when they lost the parking across the street it killed it. it had some limited parking around the building. my older brother saw james brown there.

07/09/20 03:48 AM #1017    


John Statler (1966)

1965 or 66, can't remember, went to the Filmore Auditorium. Don't remember the bands but it was awsome. I went with the Don and Doug Wilson if I remember correctly. Went back by myself a couple of weeks later and people passed around a rolled cigarette ... it was a highly unusual concert to say the least. A few months later I was there and someone said there was coolaide upstairs -- didn't know what it was then but do now and I'm glad I skipped it. Became a flower child and am still that way today. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

07/09/20 06:45 AM #1018    


Ralph Martin (1967)

Thanks for info I also recall the westling matches,,,at that time "Flying Pepper Gomez" was the star of Wrestling...cheeky

07/09/20 08:41 AM #1019    


Tom Brody (1969)

This to answer the question, "What was the first concert you went to?" (Comment No. 1011, posted July 8, 2020).   I assume this question refers to our years at Pacific.   My answer would have to be CREAM at the Fillmore Auditorium.   The opening act was Gary Burton Quartet, and their set was from their album, DUSTER.  DUSTER is still one of my ten favorite jazz albums.   What I recall from this act, was that Mr. Burton seemed to announce one the compositions as, "GENERAL MOTORS."  But later on, after I bought the album, I learned that it was really, "GENERAL MOJO."  From CREAM, the only thing that I remember was the earth-shaking opening notes of the bass guitar, which occurred during their first song, "SPOONFUL."   According to photos of the concert poster, available on line, this concert occurred on each of the days, Aug. 29-Sept.3, 1967.  The poster says that Electric Flag also played each night.  But Electric Flag did not perform, at least not on the night I attended, and they were replaced by FLAMING GROOVIES, and they played a song, "It's Not Unusual," made famous by the recording by Tom Jones.   I saw CREAM again, and this was at Oakland Coliseum on October 4, 1968, and the opening act was, It's A Beautiful Day. 

07/09/20 12:10 PM #1020    


CarolLynne Biddle (Cole) (1971)

1970...Creedence Clearwater at the Oakland Coliseum I think was the 1st...with Donna Knab Lawrence....too many years ago to remember! We went to the top of seats...looked down on everyone...pulled out the bodda bag with wine...lit up and enjoyed the show. They had huge balls that we watched at it made its rounds with everyone hitting it across the stadium...those were the days! Frenchys for lots of bands...Power of Tower was one of my time Tiny Tim was there...horrible show...couldn't dance...he was pretty strange for the


07/09/20 12:10 PM #1021    


Bill Statler (1969)

Cool to see a response from my big brother!

On first concert: it was at the Fillmore Auditorium with Mike and Pat Gardner in 1968 to see Jefferson Airplane.  Pretty awesome for a first show and totally in sync with the times. :)

PS: Tom Brady - I'm in awe that you saw Cream live - twice! The quintessential "super group" rock band . Disraeli Gears one of the best rock albums ever.

- Bill


07/09/20 12:58 PM #1022    


Bruce Nunley (1965)

The first concert that I went to was the start of over a thousand concerts that I have attended over the years and I continue unto this day to attend ten to fifteen concerts a year (yes, I am a concert addict and I need help). Thanks to fellow classmates Peggy Paciotti and Robin Santos who would have a few of us over to their house to hear them play folk songs was when I was introduced to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. The first and second concerts that I went to was Joan Baez in 1964 and 1965 at the Civic Auditorium (which is now the Bill Graham Auditorium) in San Francisco. The third concert that I went to was Cat Stevens at the Oakland Arena. In 1981 was when I became a full on concert addict for whom I have to blame the group Air Supply who were very popular back then. They were performing at the Concord Pavilion as part of a five concert series (the other four concerts in the series were Donna Summer, Little River Band, Chicago and Hall & Oats). What particularly made me an addict was that I was fortunate to have front row seats for all those concerts and when I renewed my subscription for the next twelve seasons I had those same front row seats (if you have ever had the fortune to be seated in the front row for a concert you know what a rush it is). Some of those thousand plus concerts that I have attended over the years have a vast range from Andrea Bocelli,Barbara Streisand,Yanni, Benise; to U2, Bruce Springstein,The Who, Roger Waters, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart; to Linda Ronstadt, Pink, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry; to Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Emmylou Harris, Dwight Yoakam, Tim McGraw with Faith Hill; a little bit of Jazz with Keiko Matsui; and a little bit of Gothic Rock with Evanescence. 

07/09/20 02:29 PM #1023    


Roxanne J. Ferguson (Cline) (1970)

My step father was a ticket seller - this is before Ticket Master, so I saw lots of concerts.  The Animals, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Little Richard, The Who, James Brown, Jimi Hendricks, The Temptations, Four Tops, Janis Joplin, Big Brother, Chad & Jeremy, The Supremes, Sonny & Cher, I can't remember them all.  My favorite memory was seeing the Beatles at Candlestick.  Because of step dad - we sat in the press box.  It was pretty far away and there wasn't much sound over the screaming.  They left the stadium in an armoured car.

07/09/20 04:06 PM #1024    


Butch Myers (1969)

Hey Ralph,

The Oakland Auditorium in Oakland you were talking about is called the Henry J Kaiser center. It is still there ! From what i read they are renovating it sinc 2019. Remember when they had the midget cars inside breathing all the fumes when the Boys Club would take us.


07/09/20 06:24 PM #1025    


Steve Pendley (1967)

In the.summer of 1970 The Who “The Rock Opra Tommy”. At Exeter University, Exeter, Devonshire, England at the end of my Mission. I really enjoyed “Top of the Pops” every Thursday on BBC 1 at 7:30 pm. Featuring all the top 10 Bands yes the original Music Vidios. I was there 104 weeks so that’s 1040 songs! I was there when the Beatles broke up (sad). I love Cream, Lulu, Cilla. Black, Mary Hopkins.....Those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end, we’d sing and dace forever and a day ! I love them all. Can’t name them all. Sat in the front row of Tommy right next to the loud speakers and they kept shooting the microphone out over the audience and quickly drawing it back to continue singing. We were deaf for days!



07/10/20 03:52 AM #1026    


Elverta Yoshida (Yamanaka) (1963)

Beach Boys at the Oakland autitorium 1964?

07/10/20 07:35 AM #1027    

Brad Amaral (1969)

Hey Ralph & Butch
Frank Belger & me went to see the Yardbirds in 1965 or 66 at the SL roll arena . At that time we where only 14 or 15 Franks mom dropped us off & pick us up. Yardbird where great, don't remember who was playing lead guitar 🎸 at that time , who ever is was Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck was laying it down way back then & to this day.


07/10/20 09:03 AM #1028    


Bruce Nunley (1965)

As I had mentioned in my previous post that I have attended over a thousand concerts so far and have been to most concert venues here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The most beautiful venues are the Paramount Theatre and the Fox Theatre in Oakland with their Art Deco decor and the most unique was the rotating stage at the Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos. The only times I have been at the Henry J Kaiser Center was for a 38 Special concert many years ago and when Pacific High School held their all classes reunion there. Just as I had purchased tickets in 1981 to a five concert series at the Concord Pavilion, when the Shoreline Amphitheater opened in 1986 in Mountain View I purchased tickets to three of their five concert series (I told you I was a concert junkie). Before the first season started, Shoreline Amphitheater held a behind the scene party for series subscribers where you got to go back stage and see the dressing rooms and accomodations for the performers. It was at that party that I got to meet the famous concert promoter Bill Graham. He was an interesting man to talk to and the last time that I saw him was at a Huey Lewis concert at Shoreline Amphitheater seven days prior to his tragic death in a helicopter crash. Speaking of being deaf for days, the loudest concerts that I have ever attended (I never was into heavy metal so I managed to save some of my hearing) was when I had a front row seat right in front a bank of speakers at a Depeche Mode concert at the Oakland Arena and any of the The Who concerts that I attended over the years (I always wear hearing earplugs for their concerts).

07/10/20 11:35 AM #1029    

Brad Amaral (1969)

Ralph I was to meet Donny Groom , he was the owner of the sneaky tiki on e14th st at GGF , the morning line on Brads Blizts was 3 to 1, at post time it was 15 to 1 , I had the exacta 15 times it paid $680 I had $200 to win $100 to place . Made a big score on that horse . 
I was pissed 😡 because I made my bets through a bookie the bookie on exactas paid up to $500 , so I felt like I was robbed 15 times for a $180 . Donny went to bay meadows not GGF , I took off work at noon went to GGF with only a payroll check only had about $ 60 cash . When it went up to 15 to 1 I was going to slam it hard again but couldn't do it , still won $7,500 on exactas, $3,200 to win $600 to place.
I name my 25' skipjack after that horse, my wife & I made a nice down payment on the boat . 



07/10/20 07:12 PM #1030    

Darlene Cisneros (1971)

Golden Gate park 1965 Janis Joplin the Grateful Dead Jefferson Airplane.
1968 Fillmore West Jimi Hendrix.
1968 Fillmore Santana

07/11/20 08:48 AM #1031    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Answer # 9.. Went to the Oakland Auditorium to see the Beach Boys with two of my Best Friends..

07/11/20 10:19 AM #1032    


John Tapia (1967)
Great book on Bay Area Garage Bands and bands of the 60's if you can get copy. If you can't get it online try calling Minit print in San Leandro he did the book. I have all 3 editions.

07/11/20 01:57 PM #1033    


Bruce Williams (1963)

As an aswer to #9 I'm think my first "concert" was a USO show wjth Bob Hope and all the other entertainers. That was in Viet Nam. Fun show! The year, 1968 or '69. It was tough to keep track. 

07/11/20 03:35 PM #1034    

Brad Amaral (1969)

Chris & Bill how u guys doing , Chris I heard u had some series stuff going on with your health. Hope your doing better my man. I miss those days with are boys , we had some good times & also we had some great teams. A couple of those kids are no longer with us Chris & Bill. My boy is a prospect with the Hells Angels , u know what he's been clean for the last 6 years so that's good with me , I know a bunch of the menbers things are why different now than from the 60 & 70 . So he'll be fine. Hope your boy is all good . Good hearing from u , if u still are in Castro Valley give a call . 774-6129 or come by , your all was welcome.


07/12/20 01:03 PM #1035    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

My biggestest and probably the first was The Beatles at the Cow Palace.  Karen Denham went with me, my parents drove and wait at the bar across the street.  My mom was in such a panic about the whole thing.  We sat for a few minutes then stood for the rest.  We were on our chairs and the realized the first two rows of chairs were gone.  We passed on Candle Stick Park "no we'd be too far away!!.  But Karen(married )  Larry Fenicle (66) went to see Paul McCarthney and Wings there later.  Didn't ask me and I was mad hahahaha They are my best buds today, love them to the moon and beyond.


Steve Pendley, wow nice to see you.  I had always wondered what had happened to you.  I knew you had a Mission to do, remember the group talking before school in the caferteria?  I knew a little about the trip and asked you a lot of questions.  Some of my family came west with Brigham Young and Joseph Smith.  I'm directly related to both.  So I listened to a lot you said.  Sounds like you got a great mission spot!



07/12/20 04:58 PM #1036    


Diana Carlton (Smith) (1974)

Hey Guy and Doll Vikings,  I want to know HOW MUCH did you pay for your concert tickets. I remember paying like $7-$15 back in the every eary 70's.

07/12/20 05:34 PM #1037    


Steve Pendley (1967)

Thanks Peggy, I remember those before the first bell talks too. I had 2 great years teaching lost souls to come unto Christ with good succes.

I am related to Joseph Smith Jr and my wife Judi Atkins is related to Brigham Young



07/12/20 06:51 PM #1038    

Kathy Biddle (Mayhood) (1967)

Question #9
I went to the Oakland Auditorium to see The Beach Boys! 

07/12/20 10:14 PM #1039    

Jim Watson (1964)

Just about any music gets me going! A favorite band here in the NY Catskills is "Upstate"—terrific. I'm living in a small, mostly finished log home walking distance to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. It's the original site of the Woodstock Festival 51 years ago. I stumbled through here during that summer looking for work (New Jersey State Troopers stole every dime my buddy and I had saved to get to Alaska). There is soooo much music here now. Over $71,000,000 was spent around 12 years ago on the building of Bethel Woods and it shows! I sure hope the reunion comes together in 2021—thanks to all for those efforts to make it happen.

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