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07/27/17 11:36 AM #766    


Jacqueline Johnson/Lawrence (DeCamp) (1968)

Sue and Tim:  Joyce Long and I have talked about this also. WE do know that Mike Munoz and I believe Jane (lynna) Hand have organized reunions before. I'm in Washington and Joyce in Red Bluff, CA. We were to have a 65th birthday get together but nothing came of it. Neither of us know where one would start in organizing one.Please keep Joyce and myself posted on anything you may here or need. I know life has be great for Tim and I hope the same for you Sue.  Oh my I guess I should have looked above you. I just read Steve's reply. That is wonderful Steve. If there is anything I can do to help from here please let me know.  Jackie





08/02/17 10:08 AM #767    


Steven Larsen (1968)




To All in the great class of 68

The ball is rolling for our 50th.  A first meeting is Aug3rd. 12noon Harry's HofBrau in San Leandro .  Come and participate if you can.  Let me know if you can help.  A great deal of ground work needs to be done.  If you can only even help from home doing research on the computer would be a great assistance.  

I look forward to seeing you all soon.





08/08/17 10:44 AM #768    


Jacqueline Johnson/Lawrence (DeCamp) (1968)


Would be happy to assist from here in Washington.



08/12/17 12:05 PM #769    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Hi Class of 1968, Yes, it's time to start planning  your 50th Class Reunion!  Steve Larsen has asked me to email the entire class because he needs your help to make this reunion a huge success. 

There will be a Reunion Meeting on September 12th at noon at Harrys Hofbrau in San Leandro,  The address is 14900 E. 14th Street. Please come join us. 

If you can't make the meeting but would like to help, please contact Steve Larsen, Mike Munoz or Sue Sarver Parrot through the site.

Sue Ferreira Nunes

Site Administrator

10/03/17 10:56 AM #770    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Hi Class of 68 .. We are having our next meeting at Harry's Hof Brau on October 19th at 1pm.  We are putting together a "find us" committee as to help track down our classmates.  If you can help please let us know. If you live far away, you can still help us find classmates. Come to our meeting and help us plan the big event.

Our committee so far consists of Sue Parrott (Sarver), Jan Marshall (Lambert), Steve Larsen, Mike Munoz and Bob Young.  We would love to hear from more.  

My email is, and my cell number 707 696 6599.  

Thank you in Advance


Steve Larsen

10/31/17 02:45 PM #771    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)



       Happy Halloween Everyone...

11/01/17 10:27 AM #772    

Sandra Moniz (1969)

Hi Sue, thank-you same to you, Sue are you and Sue Nass planning anything in the near furture for an up-coming reunion, or just any occasion, it doesn't have to be a reunion? I really enjoyed our reunion we had on the ship and was looking forward to another one in the near future if possible. Please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it. Have a nice day!

thank-you Sandy Moniz.........class of 1969

11/01/17 10:29 AM #773    

Sandra Moniz (1969)

Hi Sue, thank-you same to you, Sue are you and Sue Nass planning anything in the near furture for an up-coming reunion, or just any occasion, it doesn't have to be a reunion? I really enjoyed our reunion we had on the ship and was looking forward to another one in the near future if possible. Please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it. Have a nice day!

thank-you Sandy Moniz.........class of 1969

11/02/17 06:14 PM #774    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Hi Sandra, Theres nothing planned right now for a reunion cruise but keep checking back and maybe sometime in the future Sue Naas and I will have some plans.  I'm ready for another cruise.. Sue

11/03/17 07:34 AM #775    

Sandra Moniz (1969)

Hi Sue, yes i am ready for another cruise myself, had such a wonderful time on the reunion cruise. Thank-you for responding to my message, and hopefully a cruise wlll be in the making in the near future. Have a great day


11/04/17 06:46 PM #776    

Clifford Nannini (1967)

Clifford Nannini (1967)

Those who saw Kurt Cooper at our class reunion may remember that he looked fine. We left early because he was in a great deal of pain that he thought was just a backache from working around the yard. After a few weeks of doctor appoints and unsuccessful "treatment", he was diagonised with stage four bone cancer, which is very aggressive and painful.

One round of chemo was all it took to determine that treatment was not viable.Kurt remained at home, with pain meds administered by his wife Sandy every two hours (day and night), their son Cliff, and me giving them breaks. This came to an end four long months later, when he was admitted to the hospital for a scan that showed the cancer had spread everywhere. He passed away the next day, October 21.

There was a funeral ceremony for immediate family the week of Kurt's passing. There will be a Celebration of Life ceremony for friends in early December.

Kurt was my closest friend for over 50 years and he will be greatly missed. Highlights of his full life will be provided at a later date, as his son and wife want to contribute.

Comments by Kurt's fellow Vikings can be submitted to the In Memory page.

11/11/17 12:48 PM #777    


Elverta Yoshida (Yamanaka) (1963)

RIP Jim.  💖

11/12/17 08:19 AM #778    


Lynn Reiter (Robarge) (1963)

I’m extremely sad to learn of Jim’s passing.  I’m fortunate I got to spend some time with him 2012 at 60’s reunion. I found him to be the same person i knew in high school a real great guy.


11/15/17 01:55 PM #779    


Jim Brown (1970)

After reading the issues surrounding the closure of PHS, I spoke to my father-in-law, Nathan Kleinstein, to see what he remembered. He is now 95 and is doing pretty good, walking daily and water exercising 3x/week.   He served on the school board for 12 years, from 1968-1980.  This is what he recalls:

1. Declining enrollment in the district resulted in discussion, research and a recommedation from school district administration. 

2. There was suffienceint room at one site for both schools, with the possible addition of a few portables.

3. The district would save personnel and maintenace costs by combining the two high schools into one.

4. The initial administrative recommendation was to close SLHS and move all high school students to PHS.

5. This was meet by heavy public discussion and outrage. One group wanted to keep SLHS open and gave the following reasons: a) SLHS was the original school in the district; b) it had room, with the additon of portables, to serve the new student body; c) it would provide a financial opportunity to update the school; d) the mayor and business development community wanted to close PHS since it was in the middle of businessa center and close proximity of a major freeway, which SLHS is not.

6. As a result of these dicussions, the district decided to recommend the closure of PHS instead.

7. Two major groups formed, one from PHS and the other from SLHS communities. They lobbied the strengths and weaknesses of each plan. No decision could be made so it went to arbitration and it was decided to close PHS.

8. He thinks that the PHS site was sold for $3.1 million with the fields and park going the the parks and recreation department.

9. Where did the money go? It was put into the general opporating budget, a category for general purposes. At that time, there were few restrictions placed on a general operating budget so the money, more than likely, paid for the site improvements at SLHS along with salary increases, program development and maintenance improvement.

Nathan then suggested to lease out PHS knowing that every 12-15 years communities go through both declining and increasing enrollments. He thought by leasing, when the population would grow larger than capacity, they could reopen PHS. Afterall, the cost of the land and remoding of the school would be much more fiscally responsive than to build a new school on very expensive land (as is the case with the current 9th grade structure - the Fred T Korematsu Center, built in 2004 at at a cost of $21 million, and I believe this is in addition to the land costs!)

I found this interesting coming from one who was an integral and decision making body of the district. I hope this helps.

11/15/17 02:50 PM #780    

Yvette Viguet (Buhler Rice) (1970)

thank you for a more clear story of the closing of PHS. It seems to be a NEVER ending story.


11/15/17 02:53 PM #781    


Joseph Bustos (1962)

which side of the tracks were the board lived is what determined the slhs selection


11/15/17 05:34 PM #782    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

i believe the last responce really weighed in very strongly. 

11/15/17 09:26 PM #783    


Jim Brown (1970)

Board of Trustees Areas

  • The District is divided into six trustee areas. Trustee areas are made as equal as possible in total population as declared by the most recent U.S. census. Boundaries of a trustee area shall, so far as practicable, follow precinct boundaries as delineated by the Board of Supervisors of Alameda County. Trustees are nominated from each trustee area. One trustee is nominated from the District at large. If nominated from a trustee area, the candidate must be a resident of the trustee area. Candidates for the office of member-at-large shall be nominated by a petitions signed by at least 20 registered voters circulated in the district at large. Candidates from the trustee areas shall be nominated by a petition circulated in their respective trustee area and signed by at least 20 registered voters.
    Here is the link to see a map with areas identified by # and color:

11/15/17 10:48 PM #784    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

jim thanks for the current information. i have lived in nevada for 27 years. so i really don't know anything about san leandro school system. i even try so stay away from california. my visits there are rare. this is home to me.

11/16/17 08:34 AM #785    

Joseph Freitas (1965)

Having retired from law enforcement San Leandro is not a place to live anymore

11/16/17 10:40 AM #786    


Gustavo G. Lopez Jr. (1980)

I'm with my good buddy Vinny, the fight doctor. I left San Leandro 36yrs ago, although the family home still remains in San Leandro, I very very rarely go to San Leandro. I layed my roots in East Richmond Heights and that is home to me. San Leandro is nowhere what it used to be. One thing that I still am and always will be is a Viking Por Vida!

11/17/17 08:58 AM #787    

Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)

Hi fellow Vikings - I’ll join the “club” of ‘San Leandro is no longer what it used to be’ -  the bay area and quite frankly California in general is not what it used to be but that’s a different story.  My reason for leaving CA in the first place was being married to a military service member (51 years now)... but was stationed in CA a couple times. Our last duty station was in SATX in the late 80’s and that’s where we retired and loved Texas so much we called it Home Sweet Texas Home... and still do. I frequently went back to CA to visit family but when my last parent, mom, passed away a half-doz years ago that was the end of that...

and the end of having any family....I guess my 2 X-sisters still live out there. I wouldn’t know nor do I care! I still have my brother, George... praise the Lord.  

But all that’s not the issue...  The destruction of Pacific High School has always disturbed me to the point of saddness & anger I guess. It made no sense whatsoever. I always thought it was ‘political’ but regardless the reason it still left an empty spot in my heart. The destruction of our beloved Pacific High School is in essence like a death....  and the spirit lives on too!!!  Once a Viking always a Viking.

I’ll like to add a public note of thanks here to Vinny... a special thank you Vinny for always taking the time to stop by and see and talk to my dad Victor Baker when you were in SL town.  That was special... I’ll always be grateful. my heartfelt thanks Vinny!!  

And to all PACIFIC HIGH SCHOOL VIKINGS:  your feet may go but your heart always stays at Pacific.

God Bless You always. 



11/18/17 05:39 AM #788    


Larry Overstreet (1966)

I also fell in love with Texas. The military brought me to El Paso twice and I just couldn't resist living here with the friendliest and most hospitable people you would meet. Play golf practically all year round and you can't beat the cost of living for retirement anywhere especially if you grew up in California. Loving it here in this incredable bordertown... El Paso, Texas, USA.

11/18/17 09:19 PM #789    


Renne Grace (1983)

To add to the information on the closure of PHS.  Prior to the push to close Pacific, the superintendent (at the time) was looking ahead to reduced student population.  He made a recommendation to he board that the Junior Highs be shuttered, San Leandro become the Junior High School, and Pacific become the High school. Pacific had room to expand to handle the student body if the student population trend changed. This caught everyone by surprise.  Being an attendee of John Muir, I attended the public meetings related to this.  We heard alot of angry eastside parents complain about having to cross town and drop their kids off in our crime and drug ridden school.  Even the proximity of industry and 880 were mentioned as reasons the eastside parents didn't want their kids coming to the PHS.  Eventually the school board punted and moved the 9th grade up to High School.  Following this,  the board got rid of that superintendent and began planning behind close doors.

When the push came to close Pacific:

1. Closing Pacific was the only plan.  At a board meeting, I specifically asked if closing SL, or the previous superintendent's plan were consdidered.  I got a resounding "NO" from the current superintendent and nods from the board members in attendance.

2. I received a negative answer if construction (seismic survivability) was part of the consideration in closing Pacific?  It seems the Hayward fault is very close to SLHS, but that didn't matter.

As part of the student body that tried to stop the closure I learned alot.

1.After pacific was closed, Redwood Christian inquired about renting the facility, but the SL school district wasn't interested.

2. The developer that built the strip mall there was a "friend" of a board member. Years later, he wanted the sports fields too for parking, but city required an equal size and capable facility be provided as a replacement.

3. The sports fields actually belonged to the city, and San Lorenzo school district rented them, so early on, San Leandro had to play their games at the "Pacific fields" at less desirable times.  Remember, no lights allowed at SLHS.  Once PHS was gone, no pressure on SLHS neighbors to allow lights and night games.

4. Pacific as it was commissioned was never finished.  It was missing one wing and indoor swimming pool. Bond money for the missing wing and indoor pool was spent on SLHS.


The closing of PHS was done, with steps taken to ensure that SLHS would never be threatened again. It took the school board many years, to pass a school bond because of PHS closing. When they did, many of those promises to the "westside" to get their support, were not kept.  The coup de grace for the westside was the building of that 9th grade school, right on East 14th (so much for the traffic arguement against Pacific).  Saddest Irony is that PHS was in the center of the city (by driving).

11/19/17 08:49 AM #790    

Alicia Fields Rudnicki (1969)

Thanks, Renne, for the clear picture of what happened to Pacific High. I was busy with my life out of state when the school board made its unfortunate and, it appears, underhanded choice to sell a school of relatively recent construction. Talk about throw-away culture! I never understood how or why the board would make such a bad choice financially for the school district. In my opinion based on many trips back home, San Leandro is a more interesting, more diverse place these days. But its school situation is much worse due to extreme crowding at San Leandro High. You reap what you sow.

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