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12/17/16 07:01 PM #719    


Sharon Whalen (Talsma (Previously Johnson)) (1967)

So sorry to hear of Larry's passing.  He was always posting on this site and I gather that his life was not always so great especially with his experiences in Vietnam.  My heart breaks for his family and I will keep them in prayers.  Thank you so much for your service to our country.

12/18/16 12:22 PM #720    


Susan Silva (Freitas) (1964)

I was so sorry to hear of Larry's passing.  RIP Larry.

12/24/16 09:45 AM #721    


Lynda Lowe (Serrano) (1966)

Merry Christmas to all my fellow alumni and my wishes for a Happy New Year for everyone!


12/24/16 09:48 AM #722    


Ronald Jones (1967)



Vince...I hope you are feeling well this Christmas eve.  I have followed many posts on this site, but none more shocking than the loss of Larry Campos.  He and you both took time to encourage me at a time when I was very ill.  I still have Leukemia & lung issues, but God has done a wonderful work.  I am now able to do much more, and no longer need Oxygen.  Although I have to hire out some routine tasks, I can do most of the yard work, and light maintenance.  Thanks for your encouragement, and prayers.

I have prayed for the Campos family, after this sudden loss.  He seemed like such a caring, kind person.  I know you two were frequently encouraging each other.  I know Larry will be missed by many.  

May the Lord strengthen you and your wife, as you go through the difficult journey of treatment, this new year, and may there be a great outcome.  Know that He will be with you folks, every step of the way.  We are praying.


12/24/16 12:25 PM #723    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

ron i am very happy you are doing so well compared to before. it must be great not to need oxygen now. most of us now days have to hire out for some chores. i am still running around with my oxygen. the good lord has kept me around and i am greatful for that.

yes the loss of larry was very much a shock. i have also prayed for his family. i miss my buddy. he was a real trooper pushing forward as long as he could. he was very ill for so long. he encouraged a lot of people that were struggling along and depressed. he encouraged my wife and i during this difficult time. now we will have to finish with him gone. 

12/24/16 12:26 PM #724    


Judy Spears (Delzer) (1965)

Love and prayers especially for the unwell, discouraged, greaving and lonely during this season that is a challenge for so many. May the Lord comfort you and give you hope and strength. Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year filled with forgiveness, peace and love to all.

12/25/16 06:56 AM #725    


Joseph Ferreira (1966)

Merry Christmas Vikings.

12/31/16 03:00 PM #726    


David M. Bunday (1965)

Happy New Year!!🎉🎉🎉🎉my God Bless all of my Viking Classmates! My God Bless all of you,be safe. Dave Bunday class of 1965'

01/03/17 01:03 PM #727    


Joseph Bustos (1962)

to all baseball players from early yrs at pacific james johnston passed away om dec 26,2016 in chico,ca

01/04/17 07:50 AM #728    


Denis Keeton (1963)

Great coach and person, RIP.

01/04/17 08:56 AM #729    


RoseMary O'Malley (1970)

Here is a link to Coach Johnston's obituary.  He loved baseball and teaching!

01/04/17 09:39 AM #730    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

James JJ Johnson's funeral services will be at The Church of the Assumption on Jan. 5 at 10:30 a.m. in San Leandro, 1100 Fulton Avenue. Hopefully, some of you can make it and show your support for fallen coach and Viking.

01/04/17 10:35 AM #731    


Dean Martinetti (1978)

Sorry to hear about Mr. Johnston.  I remember him well from when I was attending Garfield during the time my fellow Vikings were most likely playing for him.  Loved talking St. Louis Cards and was a very special man and coach.  Will be missed by many.

01/04/17 12:17 PM #732    


Alan Dunn (1964)

Rest in Peace Coach.  While not a baseball player I remember him helping coach track 

01/05/17 04:32 PM #733    


Alan Dunn (1964)

The funeral servfice was very respectful and honored coach and his life.  The service was an hour long and people were invited to go to the cementary which is in San Pablo if they wished to attend the burial service.

01/06/17 08:44 AM #734    


Dean Martinetti (1978)

Thanks Alan for the post.  Yes, it was a special service for a special man.  Always good to pay respects to others who played a role in your life one way or another.  Thanks Sue for posting the details.  Hope to see my fellow Vikings at the All Class Picnic later in July.  Happy New Year!

01/07/17 08:56 AM #735    


Jan Polk (Krill) (1971)

Based on all of the posts in this forum, clearly I walked the halls with the most awesome people ever!


01/08/17 07:59 AM #736    

Richard Westphal (1966)

God speed Larry.



01/21/17 08:31 PM #737    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

A Celebration of Life for Kim Larsen Class of 1973 (Sister of Leslie Larsen CLass of 67)

Come join us to Celebrate the Wonderful Life of
Kimberly Jo Ann Goodwin
also known as: Ms Goodwin, Ms Nichols

We will come together at 12:30 pm
on February 19th
to share great stories and good times
of our precious friend Kimmy Jo

We were fortunate to secure the place that was so dear to Kim, where she spent so many years enhancing the futures of others where she advocated�
Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it

Solano Middle School
1025 Corcoran Av
Vallejo CA 94589

Your presence is all that is necessary
however a favorite charity will be there
Humane Society of the North Bay
accepting donations in Kim’s name
(No Flowers Please)

We will be serving Coffee and Water
If you wish, bring a dessert to share

We look forward to seeing everyone

You are encouraged to share this post with all

02/20/17 02:22 PM #738    


Maria Cordaway (Villagomez) (1965)

Classmates.....1965....Thank you to all those that came to our get together on Saturday..a few nice surprises..met some new faces which is always nice...even had Mr. Feick and his wife..he was my history teacher at Pacific..We're having another one June 24th...Harry's Hofbrau San Leandro...I believe there will be a picnic this year but that doesn't mean you can't come to both...I have to tell you that is is a lot of fun...I will be posting more messages on this forum and probably on the What's New forum...We also post group pictures to see who was there..if you're curious of who everyone is, I will list them...again, hope to see you in June...remember all classes are welcome...

02/21/17 07:58 AM #739    


Judy Spears (Delzer) (1965)

I am sorry I was unable to attend as I had planned. I had car problems the day before and am waiting to get repairs done as I write this. Hopefully I can get there for the next one in June. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the gatherings. God Bless!

03/15/17 12:01 PM #740    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Hi Class of 67.  Just a reminder.... The first deadline to get your money in for the 50th Class Reunion is April 1st.  After that its $100 per person till May 15th..

03/23/17 07:37 AM #741    

Janet Hartsfield (Wilson) (1967)


My husband and I are planning to come. I'm making the hotel reservation today, but we're not home: I'll send the check for the reunion when we get home tomorrow.  Thanks! We're really looking forward to this.

Janet Hartsfield Wilson

04/02/17 04:16 PM #742    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Class of 1967 50th Reunion....

Updated 5-1-17

Everyones Asking  whos going...  This list is only the Alumni it does not include Guest

Dan Heiser   

 Linda Almand

Sue Ferreira

 Don  Nunes

Karla Alsgood

Gorge Crispin  

Ken Fuller    

Sharon Whalen

Ralph Martin   

Gail Childers

William Corry 

John Ross   

Ricky Gazarian

Margie Morbeto 

Nancy Boudreau

Sonja Galliani

Al Teixeria  

Sharon Millhouse

Larry Zietz  

Leslie Larsen

Johnnie Medeiros   

Dominic Chiovare  

Christine Bettencourt

 Carol Truex

Barbara Tarski

Dan Oden  

Rick Paiva   

Michael Henderson   

George Fred Libert

Gloria   Evan

Nico Futterer  

Tony Futterer

 Karen Orr

 Pat  Sharpe

 Joyce Long

Joe Sandoval 

Daniel Johnese  

Rick Schweitzer

Richard Estrada  

Hilary Mendonca   

Sandy Schott

Donna  Snow

George Fernandes 

Jun Kishi  

 Esther Benitez

Janet Hartsfield

Cliff Nannini   

John Tapia   

Martha Velasquez

Ross  Hupp

 Lynn Crissman

Carol Carden

Janice Caldeira

Bob Goodhart   

 Janis Cobb

Kurt Cooper

Ken Fujimoto  

Joseph Sandoval

Ray Filteau

Greta Grego

Ann Grego

Leo Halverson

James Murphy

Gary Ames

Kathleen Hartnel

Robert Brainard

Carol Libbrecht 

05/03/17 09:39 PM #743    

David Gazarian (1967)

wanted to know why my name is not on the list as i did graduate in 67. Margie Morbeto Gazarian..


Sorry Margie.. I forgot you !!  Sue

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