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01/11/19 02:05 PM #862    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

If you grew up in Floresta Gardens, check out Floresta Gardens-San Leandro on Facebook.  It has brought back some great memories..  Sue

01/21/19 05:21 PM #863    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

Hi, Guys and Happy New Year, ok better late than never!!! And I don't think Vikings are ever late.


So thanks to Sue I finally got my email and password set up straight.


I wanted to say a couple of things to so many of you.  Thanks so much for who you all are.  Pacific was, probably the best time of my life when I look back, Mostly when I read postings, notes, facebook or anything.  You REALLY are a WONDEFUL bnch of human beings.  When I hear the junk that I hear about people I remember we didn't have hatred, well we didn't like those Pirates !! for good reason ;-), we cared about things and today it shows.  I don't remember that we had mean things around us, except Vietnam.

I say this because I went to my 50th year Class Reunion just a few months ago and it really was the best time of my life.  Everyone was talking to each other and spouses and friends.  We shared good laughes enjoyed good food and GREAT WINE, thanks to Mike M. It was so wonderful.  I couldn't have been so loved and cared about!!! WOW you guys blue me away.

Some of us girls from Madison Elem and Bonaire have had a few lunches together and sharing new good times.


Sadly I've gone to Mike Souza's (68) and Mark Taylor's (67) memorials.  They were sad that we miss them, but WONDERFUL CELEBRATIONS of thier lives.  Things I never knew and now love about them and us Vikings.  I see I'm out of space so for now, thank you my friends and family, Peggy Wood Guernsey 1/21/19

01/22/19 06:19 AM #864    

Charles Mancuso (Mancuso) (1962)

Peggy we never met. I graduated class of 62. This time growing up and going to schools in San Leandro especially Pacific High was a very special time and I continue to be proud of my classmates and the friendships I mage along the way. I agree with your take on high school life.

Well said, Chuck Mancuso

01/25/19 12:16 PM #865    


Sandy Angotti (1975)

Hi Sue,  please add John Ramirez (class of’70) to the “In Memory” page.  He passed away peacefully (1/24/18) surrounded by loved ones. 

Thank you,

Sandy Angotti ‘75


01/31/19 11:32 AM #866    


Sandy Angotti (1975)

02/14/19 10:26 AM #867    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Happy Valentines Day Everyone. Enjoy this special Day..

04/14/19 07:41 AM #868    


Ralph Martin (1967)

  Big Shout out to Sam Martin ..Happy Birthday Bro

04/15/19 08:01 AM #869    

Retha Montero (Martin) (1969)

Thanks for the SHOUT OUT BRO. It's been a long journey but we are there.

Love you

04/15/19 08:02 AM #870    

Retha Montero (Martin) (1969)

Thanks for the SHOUT OUT BRO. It's been a long journey but we are there.

Love you.( using Rethas page )

04/19/19 10:53 AM #871    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Just wanted to let everyone know  that  in the last two days we have had 5 new Alumni join us here at

 Lets all take a minute to Welcome them, I hope they enjoy roaming the halls of PHS Again.


Donna Johnson Drawdy 1976

Robert Mitchell 1979

Jeanette Noble McClellan 1972

John Gerbracht 1984

Teresa Abina Palacioz 1970

05/26/19 09:29 AM #872    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

06/14/19 08:19 PM #873    


Kenneth Albers (1965)

My mother passed away 3 weeks ago and we are planning a celebration of life for her in August.  We would like to have it catered, but since none of us kids live in SL anymore, we don't know who to contact.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

06/15/19 08:23 AM #874    


Paul Haller (1973)

Hey Ken,

We used La Piñata corner of Merced and Fairway. Great Mexican food.

06/15/19 10:08 AM #875    


Kenneth Albers (1965)

thanks Paul.

06/15/19 11:45 AM #876    

Kathleen Pierce (Olivero) (1967)

The Englander on Parrott Street is another option if you do not want to go with Mexican Food.

Kathy Olivero

06/16/19 09:23 AM #877    


Kenneth Albers (1965)

Thanks Kathy.

06/25/19 02:49 PM #878    


Ralph Martin (1967)

Just wanted to move on to page 37

06/26/19 11:41 AM #879    


John Tapia (1967)

No Viewing for Greta Velazquez but will have Memorial Tomorrow June 27 at Santos & Robinson Mortuary 

160 Estudillo Ave San Leandro, Ca. 10:30 Am.

07/04/19 09:14 AM #880    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

07/07/19 08:59 AM #881    

Clifford Nannini (1967)

I just saw Ralph's photo albums that included the newspaper article describing Rick Gazarian's actions in Viet Nam. Thanks Ralph for posting this and thank you, thank you, thank you Rick for your heroic actions that night! I suppose there were many other harrowing nights when you acted with courage. Knowing you in school, your well deserved medal is no surprise. Again, many thanks for all you did.  


07/29/19 01:45 PM #882    


Thane Thomas (1977)

(Hardly a response as indicated by the button thingie; more a post, period- but then, coders of pages aren't known for their stellar command of anything but flashy signs saying "NEW!" or menus that amount to three cryptic ittle bars instead of actual language, are they? This is simply a...)


Nod and thanks to all those in the classes preceding ours ('77) who, one way or another, stepped up to serve our Greatest Nation to Ever Exist, in that s-storm on the other side of the Earth (technically up to 73, though I've met folks who were in the Highlands to after the 75 issue)

              Having given up on that seditionist farcebook thingie, the post goes here:

             Following on Cliff N.'s note, anyone should feel as impressed and honored as I to have known any Vikes who put themselves through that Hotpot of Phan (a fave word of theirs), "They fight not for the lust of conquest..." as FDR said, but that, just as per the Ike quote re:  Normandy, "the World could be free".

          I was lucky to watch real-time Hathcock get his Cup at Perry, get a homemade sandwich from a kindly Julian C. Smith for which I still owe the Corps, and crash the 91st Div. workouts at Cronkhite, but missed out on going as I had wanted to do (not up for using the GI Bill, just didn't go in, or would have gladly as the Folks had in their day)... but really respect any/all of those who did.

           That man to the left of this page, in his NSAM 263, had it right: help out but don't bleed our own great people for it.. Even LBJ didn't want it, mentioned privately, early in his term. I went years later to see personally the answer to that sign on your Hill 937, and, after working among the V. kieu here and the natives there, can answer a distinct "no". Our fine people proved nothing new, that we always do more for the World than it has done for us, while today one sees Americans on the streets while same kieu live it up with their concerts and VSOP, helping themselves after ours suffered to help them. There's a news piece online from the time; a Viet says a la tieng-Anh that "I hope that the Americans will do all they can..." I stayed vertical long enough to read each name on that Wall; each name of the Americans who did all they could. I quit keeping tally at 58,163 awhile ago.

The facts that for every My Lai Medina there were probably 10 Hugh Thompsons (and he's a local hero there, btw), or that today the nuocs can't wait to come here, still...

...proves that you were all on the right side, doing, as some older family whom ours lost, the best for those people, as true Americans always have done. I see that just now, the VA wises up to the Blue Water A. Orange thing, and that after waiting 'til 09 to get their heads out and start admitting to it anyway (per the VFW blurb, at least). The cats I met working on Stand Downs, living with it to now, did all they could, way more than what they got back. Those of you with us today did the same, and I'll speak as one who absorbed as much as he could ex post facto of your heroism.

You're great people in my book. Thanks Again.


08/27/19 08:05 AM #883    


John Tapia (1967)


09/18/19 10:02 AM #884    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

A Fellow Viking, Jackie Newman DeCesari (Class of 1974) is having some family medical difficulties and I hope I can count on our fellow Alumni for help.   

Jackie’s son Tony has been sick for a few months and all the Doctors, Emergency visits and Hospital stays plus way too many test, MRI Scans etc,  They now know that he has a very rare brain tumor.  The doctors have told her that they have NEVER seen this kind of brain tumor and are waiting for a Surgeon from Stanford to join the team to go over all his MRI’s.  This week they will be finalizing surgery.

All the hours back and forth to the Hospital is hard on every one, when asked what we could do, Jackie mentioned that it would be nice to have some gift cards for some of the food places in the area such as  Pete’s coffee, Subway, McDonald’s, Maybe a Gas Cards etc. If you would like to help Jackie and her family please send any thing you would think would help to me and I will mail them to Jackie & her son Tony.  

If you can’t help, please pray for her son and if possible how about a get well card to brighten his day.


Thank you all in advance

Sue Ferreira Nunes

1142 Windsong Drive

Tracy CA 95377

09/19/19 08:26 AM #885    


Marla Fry (Evans) (1974)


How do we get your address to send cards to you.

Marla Evans

09/19/19 11:54 AM #886    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

I'm Sorry.  I should have put in my address

Sue Nunes

1142 Windsong Dr

Tracy CA 95377

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