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10/29/20 08:51 AM #1200    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Question # 17  Since Halloween is this weekend...  Tell us about your Best or your Worse Halloween costume you wore to go out Trick or Treating  ???

10/29/20 03:46 PM #1201    


Joseph Ferreira (1966)

Christmas is my favorite upcoming holiday. And now that I am in Texas where they actually use the word Christmas, I'll enjoy it even more. And I have already finished my Christmas shopping.

I always liked the Frankenstein costume for Halloween.





11/07/20 07:33 PM #1202    


Tom Brody (1969)

This is to respond to Question #17 (Comment #1200) What was your best or worse Halloween costume you wore to go out Trick or Treating?   My best Halloween costume was from about 12 years ago.  I made a SEA ANEMONE costume.   I made a chicken wire shell that hung over my shoulders.  I cut an opening in the center so that I could wear the entire thing over my shoulders while trick or treating.  The chicken wire shell was about six feet long, and half of it was flung over my tummy, and the other half hung behind me, and over my back.  I shaped the front of the chicken wire shell was so that it would be round, like the stomach of a TELETUBBY.  Then, I attached about forty pieces of clear plastic flexible tubing through the interior surface of the chicken wire, and I put an electric wire through each piece of tubing and, on the interior end of the wire, I connected a battery and, on the exterior end of each wire, I put a tiny colored light bulb.  Each light bulb flashed automatically.  The wire went through each of the clear plastic tubes, for connecting the battery to the tiny colored light bulb.   Then, I covered the entire chicken wire with a thick layer of some sort of plastic putty, which hardened by the next day.  After the plastic putty hardened, I painted it fluorescent green with spray paint.   On Halloween, I wore the SEA ANEMONE custume, with all of the batteries connected so that the colored flashing lights would flash when I went from door to door.  

11/07/20 08:40 PM #1203    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

Tom you must have a lot of stuff in your garage from gramer school til now. instruments and amps ect..

take care



11/08/20 01:20 PM #1204    

Carol Swan (Marshall) (1971)

In response to question 17 about Halloween costumes --- my best costume was the one that I had put together for my oldest son when he was 9. He was the Pillsbury Dead Boy. I took a long white sheet, cut a V for his head to fit through, and stained the sheet with fake blood. He wore a white tee-shirt underneath to keep the white (dough) theme going. I tied a rope around his waist and stained it with "blood" as well. My husband was in the food business at the time and brought home a toque, (tall chef's hat). Ryan's mouth had a bit of fake blood "coming out of his mouth" and his face was painted white. I wrote who he was on his hat. He looked cute, while kind of scary! It was the most creative costume that I had ever times for sure!

11/12/20 05:47 PM #1205    


Randall Johnese (1968)

Sad news ... I just received a call from Marina Garcia (Gelpe)'s cousin Claudia to let me know that Marina passed away this morning.  At on time she and I were engaged.  We also sang together as a folk duet and in other folk groupings and worked as volunteer organizers for the United Farm Workers together. We lost touch in the late 70's but I heard from her occaisionally over the years.  I know that she continued to sing and act and she worked as a teacher until she retired in up state New York.  Marina was always a voice of progressive politics and she will be missed.

11/13/20 10:40 AM #1206    

Gail Bills (Bills) (1969)

Randy, I remember meeting the beautiful, talented, joyful Marina at your house a few times. You were a lovely couple. Sorry to hear of her death & your loss. Take Care, Gail Bills

11/13/20 03:39 PM #1207    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

just wanted to say hi to all my fans!!!

11/13/20 09:39 PM #1208    


CarolLynne Biddle (Cole) (1971)

Hey there's back at cha Mate! Send my hello's to your lovely wife.

11/14/20 12:19 AM #1209    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

i will tell her. her cancer is in remission. thanks for the shout sissy!!!!

11/14/20 09:44 AM #1210    


CarolLynne Biddle (Cole) (1971)

Wow...what awesome news Vinny...I will write you an email!!!

11/16/20 11:31 AM #1211    


Linda Almand (Arnett) (1967)

Thank you to EVERYONE who reached out in helping me locate Toni Kreutzer! I so appreciate your willingness to help. I'm so excited to be back in touch with this dear friend. BLESSINGS, Linda Arnett

11/18/20 09:43 AM #1212    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Hi Alumni,

     Just wanted to remind everyone that I can not delete or edit someones comments.  I know everyone understands freedom of speech.  I also know we all have the right to scroll right pass a message we dont like or agree with.  

     Also please keep your email addresses current.  I can not respond to you if your email is not correct.  To change your email address all you have to do is click on Edit contact info in the left hand column.

     You might have noticed I have not asked any more Questions because I decided that with the holidays approaching we would cancel Questions until 2021.  Please Please Please send me some Question suggestions !!!!! 

      I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and I pray that we all stay safe..

                                               WEAR YOUR MASK  !!!


Sue Nunes Ferreira

11/18/20 03:21 PM #1213    


Roxanne J. Ferguson (Cline) (1970)

Sue, thanks for all you do.  Can't imagine the hours that you've devoted to this labor of love.  I appreciate the help you've given the 1970 reunion committee.

11/19/20 06:00 AM #1214    


Pat Carvalho (1971)

You are wonderful Sue. Thank you so much for all the information and the smiles you put on our faces. Safe and happy holidays to all. 

11/20/20 11:08 AM #1215    


Alicia Fields Rudnicki (1969)

Thank you, Sue. I don't participate much here, but I really appreciate your time and effort in keeping the Pacific High Forum positive and uptodate. It's fun to read.

11/21/20 02:10 AM #1216    

Sandra Moniz (1969)

Hi Alicia, my name is Sandra Moniz if i remember right didn't you go to Grover Cleveland, John Muir and Pacific High class of 1969? I remember you well in high school. I live on Douglas Dr, ( the family home) the family is all passed, so i am in the house and residing in San Leandro. Have a nice day.........

11/21/20 12:18 PM #1217    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

11/21/20 01:32 PM #1218    


Donna Bohrer-Abbott (Mayfield) (1963)

First of all, thank you Sue for the huge effort you have put into this site.  I'm sure all Pacific Alumni appreciate your work!

Also, I don't usually respond to often, but I would like to wish everyone a blessed Thankgiving and happy and healthy Christmas.  In this time of pandemic, I send special prayers to all.  God Bless.

11/21/20 08:50 PM #1219    


Bill Statler (1969)

Sue - Let me chime in wiht all the others and express my deepest appreciation for your wonderful work on this web site: It's really terrific and enjoed by so many.. :)

- Bill


11/22/20 11:19 AM #1220    


Alicia Fields Rudnicki (1969)

In response to Sandra Moniz: Hi there. Sandy, I remember you as always smiling, laughing, and being friendly. I'm sorry that your family is all gone. The same is true for mine, except for my sister, Thelma, who is still a sparkplug despite arthritis and asthma. I hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving Day complete with pumpkin pie. My mother was a great pie baker, so we had pie all year long. Pumpkin remains one of my favorites. How about you? 

11/23/20 09:13 AM #1221    

Steve Bennett (1970)

Hi Sandra


you mentioned your family is gone. Did you have a brother Eddie? I assume so because of your location, and my memory of riding bikes to your house.  in the spirit of thanksgiving i have a grover-cleveland/John Muir thankful memory to share about the kindness of your mom, dad and Eddie (Ed) that i will never forget.


i think it was in 4th grade Miss Burton or 5th grade Mrs Rogers that Ed and i got connected through model cars from shopping at McReys novelty candy/toy store. He had created a beautiful model car (George Barris’s “ALA KART”)  he painted expertly in a purple trim that i wanted to copy. I had bought the model and came to your house and became a fixture for several days while this was recreated. During that time i was invited to dinner and spent the night more than once. your mom and dad were so kind to me and your household welcoming (compared to my alcoholic one). Your dad woke us up early a couple of times i stayed over and took us to the san Leandro marina, and at another time to the Berkeley pier. They were fond memories as it was my rare experience of an active father  doing stuff with sons. At the Berkeley Pier Eddie and I broke away from your dad and discovered the art of “Sea-gull fishing”: when you baited the hook and casted it the sea gulls would try to extract the bait. i had so much fun. However, when you dad came to get us we got into a lot of trouble. However, i shortly after his anger subsided i remember how gentle he was in explaining WHY we should not do that type of thing-we were there for fishing, not causing harm to the sea gulls. Again, this stuck in my memory because this type of relationship and exchange was lacking in my dysfunctional family. I am thankful for this memory because it imprinted on me of what a dad COULD be to their children: i remembered it with each my four kids growing up, and continue to reflect on it with my five grandkids today.



My last memory of Eddie was from 9th grade metal shop. One of the tasks we had to accomplish was to break down (and put back together) a small gasoline lawnmower engine. I do not remember who my partner was, but we failed. However, i do remember watching Eddie and Bill (?) Halverston breaking a school record, doing the maneuver in minutes. It was amazing seeing the reflex actions and teamwork from them from the perspective of an appreciation of how motors work. But then i remember, we would visit your dad at the 76 station on bikes and watch him in action. i gather there must have been a great deal of teamwork with your dad to help make his 9th grade achievement happen. 


To sum up, one of important aspects of thanksgiving i remind myself about is that: 1)  i should not forget about those who have made lasting contributions to my well being; 2) i should try to continue to emulate that which was given to me; and 3) unless you specifically say thank you, no one will ever know what impact their lives had on you.


Sandra, if Eddy was indeed your brother and his Dad you Father, i wanted to simply state that they made a lasting difference in my life at a time of need, for which i am eternally grateful. My one regret about getting out of contact with Eddie is never finding out what happened to him, and to give him my appreciation and thanks for sharing his family, for which it made for a long-lasting positive imprint on me. 





11/23/20 11:46 AM #1222    


Bill Statler (1969)

Steve - So cool to hear from you (although sorry to hear that your growing-up situation was so difficult). As you may recall, we swam together.  (You got better over time ... I got a little worse: probably has something to do some pundit's notion that if you remember the 60's, you weren't' there. smiley).

- Bill  

11/24/20 06:10 AM #1223    


Pat Carvalho (1971)

Steve- Your posted response was a fantastic read to start the morning. Well worded. Thank you for sharing how our friends parents help raise us. 

11/24/20 02:48 PM #1224    

Linda Munoz (Brooks) (1965)

Class of 65...We have lost a fellow Viking. Our Dear friend Darrel Roloff has gone to Viking heaven (Valhalla). I do not have details, but his lovely wife Grace has posted on Facebook that he has passed away. RIP Darell.

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