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10/18/19 08:05 AM #893    


Jan Polk (Krill) (1971)

Hi everyone! When I read the posts, I am so impressed with the alumni!  I didn’t get involved in much during my high school days unfortunately.  I wish now that I had, as it would have allowed me to get to know some of you personally.  I was engaged during my senior year and got married 14 days after graduation!  Kinda moved forward and didn’t look back.  Now in my senior years, I have 2 sons and three grandsons that keep me busy.  Anyway, just wanted to send a shout out and let you know that I find myself lucky to have sat in class with some of you and walked the same halls.  God bless you all!

10/19/19 09:46 AM #894    

Sheryl Bryant (1963)

Sorry to hear of Otis McQueen's passing. Remember him in classes. Sympathy to his family.

11/21/19 09:31 AM #895    

Patricia Gonsalves (Wagner) (1970)

Good day Sue,

Thank you for your continued fine work :):):)   My guess is next year our class will have a 50th reunion.  I would like to help with a specific project :)  Not sure whom to contact????  You...being the queen of things may know???

Do have a nice thanksgiving to you and yours,

Yes!!! eat all the food you want :)

11/22/19 01:21 PM #896    

David Loucks (1970)


Pat our reunion is scheduled for 10/10/2020. Please save the date. We are working out the details and should start posting notices by January. If you would like to volunteer to help Denise Velez is in charge of decorating and I am sure she would appreciate help. You can email me at if you have questions?

David Loucks

11/28/19 10:07 AM #897    


Randall Johnese (1968)

And a very happy Thanksgiving to you, Vincent.

11/29/19 11:10 AM #898    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Thank You Marla Fry Evans (1974), Sharon Whalen Talso (1967), Gary Sheldon (1963) and Bruce Williams (1963) for your donation to help Jackie DeCesari son Tony. Your gift cards and cash  will be so helpful to them.  Tony is just starting Radiation and they are having big problems and again spending hours and hours in the hospital. 

This is one of the notes on facebook about Tonys problems with Radiation

His head has to be screwed down to a table with a mask, like some medieval torture. His arms , legs are strapped down and he is not allowed to even, twitch. They say they got the measurements ready to go for tomorrow.

Unfortunetly it didnt work and they are going to try again on Monday Morning. Prayers are needed for the enitre Family. 


UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Friday Dec. 13th   One week of Radiation Done !!!  


12/31/19 10:17 AM #899    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

I want to wish all of you the Happiest of New Years !! 

 I cant believe it's 2020 !!!!


01/01/20 07:59 AM #900    

Jackie Newman (De Cesari) (1974)

Happy New Year Sue! I want to thank you and the alumni for the gift cards. My son Tony will have his last radiation on his spine this Friday, then 10 more sessions on his brain. We are almost at the end.of this trying journey. He is now walking with just his cane, he still has braces on his legs but he's doing great. His eyes are almost adjusted back to normal. The brain tumor grew and put pressure on the backs of his eyes which made them point in different directions. The radiation made his hair fall out but in a few short months, it should be growing back again. He's on a lot of medication so once he gets cleared, weaning him off could take some time. My husband and I are grateful and Thank God he's made a comeback. He is excited to get back on the water for trout fishing again. The boy loves his fishing with catch and release in his souped-up kayak. Thank You Again for the prayers and help. Happy New Year!

01/02/20 09:59 AM #901    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)



Jackie thats great news.. We are still praying for Tony and wish your entire family A Happy New Year!!!



03/10/20 11:13 AM #902    


Marla Fry (Evans) (1974)

I am sad to say, I just saw on Facebook the Vicky Edwards Werner passed away on March 6th.  She was from Bonaire.  Graduated in 1973.  I am in shock.  I just was talking to her on facebook.  I don't know what happen.  Please pray for her family.


03/11/20 08:10 AM #903    


Lynn Tapley (1972)

Very sad. Sending prayers for the family and friends.

03/11/20 08:28 AM #904    


Patti Ramos (1974)

I'm so saddened about Vicky's passing. She had a heart attack. Prayers to her family and friends.

03/13/20 03:11 PM #905    


Ron Goetz (1973)

Greetings Fellow Vikings:

I just wanted to let you know about some changes in my life. My wife Diane died five years ago, and two years ago I married an Iraqi woman, Nital. It was a whirl wind romance, but when you're 62 you know more than you did at 21. Like me she has three adult children, although she didn't become a grandma until after we married. Her two grandkids are under two years old, my four range from 5 to 18. We're all located in the San Diego area.

The most recent news, my book is now available on Amazon. The Galilee Episode: Two Men in One Bed, Two Women Grinding describes how Jesus mentioned two same-sex couples in Luke 17:34-35 (KJV) and what it means. 

It is definitely weird that my high school was bull-dozed. You have to ask, "What were they thinking?"

Take care.

Ron Goetz, Class of 1973  

03/31/20 11:38 PM #906    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

everyone be safe during the corona virus. wear gloves if you go out and mask if you can find some. i just stay home. God be with all of you!!!

04/01/20 02:20 AM #907    


Dwight (Pat) Howard (1962)

Vince, just curious, are you related to Tommy Acosta or Tommy Coata?  He was from a pre-PHS class.  Probably SLHS

04/01/20 07:17 AM #908    


Tom Brody (1969)

This is to respond to today's post about the virus by Mr. V. A. (Class of 1967).  As anybody can see from the social media, this is a big deal.  And so, as a result, I periodically use bleach-soaked towelettes for cleaning the outside handle and inside handle of the front door knob of my lhouse.  Also, I use bleach-soaked towelettes to clean the door handle and steering wheel of my automobile.  Additionally, I use bleach-soaked towelettes for cleaning the entire outside of any cans (e.g., canned corn, canned tuna) and the entire outside of any carboard packages (e.g., 12 packs of Modelo beer) that I get from the grocery.  - - -Tom Brody (April 1, 2020).

04/01/20 07:38 AM #909    

Jon Lilley (1968)

Hey Vincent love the hair do.  Is that Aqua net hair spray or did you use Brylcreem I know that a little dab will do you. Smile

04/01/20 10:36 AM #910    

Leo Halverson (1967)

Hope all you great old friends ( know or not) in all the big city's do like Vince said ( BE CAREFUL) this is one of the things about living in a small town ( less than 5K) and living 5 miles out of town , with 23 acres to play in and more things to do that I will if lucky never get all done ( keep adding to it ) 
ride this out, and just keep riding on, remember all of us from the classes of the 60 s are only in our Middle Ages , so be careful as it is said this to will pass!!!!!!

04/01/20 01:05 PM #911    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

Dwight no not a tommy. had a brother Richard class 65. Tom Brody realy good advice. and Jon it was hair spray.. i remember you living on billings. as i remember you were always joking aroung. great sense of humor

04/01/20 02:54 PM #912    


Susan Nieto (Nieto) (1976)

You too brother! Be careful...heart

04/01/20 03:27 PM #913    


CarolLynne Biddle (Cole) (1971)

Hey Vinny,

I hope you and your wife and family are doing fine during this weird pandemic. We are locked up pretty tight with the 3 grandkids...and Jim is doing ok at this time with ongoing chemo maintenance. Its not growing but not shrinking either...doctors are happy enough and he is treated well. By the your was the "style" then and you rocked it!! xx






04/02/20 08:06 AM #914    


Ralph Martin (1967)

I would like to wish Gail Acosta (Vinnys' wife) a ...successful recovery from her surgery last Monday.Vince & Gail now must navaigate thru this CoronaVirus-19 maze as well as follow-up medical appts related to her surgery during this stressful time..Best wishes to Vince & Gail..Lil Ralphie Martin

04/02/20 12:43 PM #915    

Wanda Petersen (Lanouette) (1964)

Jon, my grandparents lived on Billings (924?).  They were the Hawkins family.   Gramma took care of me while my parents worked.  The Kalama family lived up the street.  Sterling was my Uncle Walt’s best friend, as was Dale Hodge on another street. Julian was in my class (‘64).  I went to Grover Cleveland, like my aunts & uncles.

 Diana Weaver was my best friend—still is:))


04/02/20 12:44 PM #916    

Wanda Petersen (Lanouette) (1964)

Ralph, are you Jesse’s brother?   He was in my class (‘64). 

04/03/20 07:17 AM #917    


Ralph Martin (1967)

I'm not Jesses' brother but do have a brother Gary Martin who attended Pacific in 1964 and a younger brother Sam Martin....Hoping all out there staying safe and being nice to each other  Lil Ralphie Martin

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