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02/28/21 06:03 AM #1363    


Joseph Steele (1968)


THATS WHY ITS CALLED FREE  SPEACH. If they don't want to hear what you say they can go read something else.  Don't be afraid to say what you mean. And Carol keep up the good work on the information. Joe glad to see that everything is going well and your staying safe. Neighborhood buds great to hear from you. If we all do our part we should be back to almost normal in a little while. THE FLU PANDEMIC  took three years to tame.  Be patient and be a survivor. 


02/28/21 06:09 AM #1364    


Jim Watson (1964)

Wow—some seriously entertaining Flat-Earthers here. Good luck, kids!

02/28/21 07:48 AM #1365    

Brad Amaral (1969)

Hey Joe glad your still kicking, my wife & I received both shots here doing fine. Thoses who decline to get there shots good luck . Please where a mask 😷 like the people who did receive there shots they still where there masks. That's how we will beat this. 

02/28/21 09:43 AM #1366    

Gerald Sheldon (1963)

Have anyone else ever Looked up Patents on USPTO.Gov     There's a Great Difference between a "Virus" and n A "Pathogen Genator....   Guess I have Too Much Time on my Hands...  LOL


02/28/21 05:49 PM #1367    


Clifford Nannini (1967)

Carol's description of what it takes to (maybe) avoid exposure, and the medications given to hospitalized covid patients, added valuable information for those open to new perspectives on accepting immunization. If the well publicized medical evidence wasn't convincing, I hope at least some will find Carol's well crafted and personalized contribution lead towards a richer viewpoint. Thank you Carol for your continuing contribution to community health.
After reading so many covid related posts, I started looking for other new perspectives on the science and political issues, including the "right to chose" debate around masks and immunizations. It occurred to me that there are similarities with the (then) emerging smoking issues, choices, and subsequent restrictions back in the 80's. Similarities, but differences- including the fact that if someone chose to smoke around others, it was seen and smelled and therefore could be detected and avoided. Another difference- one exposure to tobacco smoke couldn't put a non-user in the hospital, or the grave...
Fellow Vikings please know: like Carol, I'm not joining in to persuade, but just to add some thoughts for those who may still be open to the copious dialogue regarding what may be a life changing decision.
BTW, my wife and I received our second injections two weeks ago and experienced mild headaches and fatigue for about a day.

03/01/21 11:49 AM #1368    


Peggy Wood (Guernsey) (1968)

 Wearing a MASK is a great advantage AND PLEASE REMEMNER to continue to WASH YOUR HANDS.  

My Dr. just suggested that I take my second vaccine in the other arm from where I had the first,   It's okay with me. Why note try and see if effects/reactions might be different.  I am awre of all the yucky effects that are happening so I am mentally prepared that I will be fine!         Also another thought the practice  of medicine is still a practiced science, that may change daily.  My prayers are for the guidiance of the Lord that it all be used for good.    Have a blessed day Vikings, Peggy

03/01/21 06:13 PM #1369    


Bill Statler (1969)

As Senator Pat Moynihan once noted, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. So here goes some facts about the Covid-19 vaccine:

1. Following extensive testing, over 75 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been administered in the United States without any serious reactions. (A sore arm at the injection site doesn't count as “serious.”)

2. According the most recent data I could find, based on 17.5 million doses administered through January 18, 2021 in the United States, the rate of severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) was 2.5 per million for the Pfizer vaccine and 4.7 for the Moderna one (combined rate for both of 4.5 cases per million). That’s a likelihood of 00045% chance of an adverse reaction – pretty good odds. 😊  (Note: if you have a friend that has had a severe reaction to the vaccine, you associate with a very rare group of folks. As they say down under: good on ya!)

Source: Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA)

3. In most of the cases, anaphylaxis occurred in people who had a prior history of allergies or allergic reactions. Most of the reactions occurred within 15 minutes after the vaccine was given (which is why they ask you to wait that long after being vaccinated before leaving.) No cases resulted in death. Again, pretty good odds considering that over 500,000 Americans have died from Covid-19.

Source: Allergy and Asthma Network

4. It’s widely reported that the most common reported side effect following vaccination is pain at the injection site. (Along with others on the PHS site, I’ll agree with that! But after a few rounds of golf, it went away.)

I’ve noticed several comments remarking that when it comes to taking Covid-19 precautions (masks, social distancing, vaccination), they refuse to live in fear. I agree with that: stop being afraid of the vaccine.

A final note: I generally agree with the notion that freedom is the right to make the wrong choice. However, I think an important caveat to that is when a bad decision adversely affects others (as pandemics do). Freedom is not the right to falsely yell fire in a crowded theater (many get this Justice Holmes quote wrong: it is okay to yell fire if there is one!) or drive through a red light.

That said, whatever your decision regarding the vaccine (which I agree is yours to make), I wish everyone a safe and healthy journey through these challenging times.

- Bill


03/02/21 12:06 AM #1370    


Donna Bohrer-Abbott (Mayfield) (1963)

Bill Statler.....well said!


03/02/21 07:17 AM #1371    


Tom Brody (1969)

March 2, 2021

Dear Y'all Pacific Vikings, this is to join the string of remarks regarding vaccines.   Yesterday, I received my vaccine at CVS Pharmacy, located in Fruitvale a half block east of McArthur Freeway.  This was the Pfizer vaccine.  I asked the nurse if she went to the nursing school at Samuel Merritt College.  She replied that she went to nursing school at Chico State. (One my classmates from Pacific High went to undergrad school at Chico State, but my memory of her name is faint.)   For the first twelve hours, I experienced no side-reaction of any kind.   But at midnight, my right arm experienced a slight ache, whenever I rolled over on it.  Now, it is 7 in the morning, and the slight ache occurs only if I press on my right arm.  Second vaccination is scheduled for 3-weeks from now.   I will continue to always wear two masks, one over the other, when I'm out in public (but I rarely go out in public areas).  I've continued my weekend hikes  (Bolinas Ridge Tr. in Marin, Golden Spike Tr. in Oakland Hills, Tomales Point Tr. at Pt. Reyes, or around Lake Chabot), and I always take my mask from my pocket and then put it on, whenever I see other hikers in the distance coming towards me.  - - - T.B.


03/02/21 07:47 AM #1372    

Manuel Bustos (1964)

Hello fellow Vikings,.I tested twice positive for COVID!I decided to take a test ,just to take it!I had nor have any systems!Upon the first test,decided I would chk to see if it was a false reading!No it was positive again!Was put in quarantine for 14days!Be mindful I did not have COVID systems!Asked the dr ,what would have transpired if I did not have the test by chance?His reply was ,I could still transmit the virus!,Since ,I have had a vaccine,taking second one this Friday!My message to others,consider other persons in ur circle!,Also,don't know when or where I contacted the virus!If not by chance that I decided to take the test,I would NEVER have known if I had the virus!,Rem I did not have systems!, Take Care

03/03/21 08:06 AM #1373    


Joseph Ferreira (1966)

My wife and I just received our 2nd COVID vaccine. If I experience any reactions other than a sore arm, I will report them here. Stay well Vikings.

03/03/21 09:32 AM #1374    


Debbie Day (Camara) (1975)

I think we should all check in,in four years and record our health status.I will no longer comment on this subject because there seems to be an overwhelming push to proceed with the plan.

03/04/21 03:47 AM #1375    


Ruth Moore (Wilder) (1964)

I received my second vaccine yesterday. It was Phizer. So far so good. If I have any setbacks I'll post here. 

03/04/21 06:28 AM #1376    


Paul Haller (1973)

. No need to wait four years. Women who have had the vaccine are already reporting changes in their menstrual cycle. A doctor who got the vaccine reported COVID 19 related swelling in her lymph nodes during a mammogram. Not to mention that over 1500 people have died after getting the vaccine. 
 No masks, one mask or now two masks the cdc is just guessing it changes on almost a daily basis.wait until they come out with the long term effects of wearing a mask. Dermatologist have a new term called mask acne, my wife had it and it's uncomfortable.
 Yes it is called practicing medicine which is the number three cause of death in the U.S. Thank you Mrs Camara and all the other doctors and nurses out there for what you do. I myself have had 7 surgeries and know there are side affects to every foreign substance put in my body. Without the kindness of the compassionate nurses I wouldn't be as well as I am today. Our body's are amazing things a can resist and adapt to many things thrown at it without adding a genetically altered foreign substance into the mix.

thanks for listening fellow Vikings as President Reagan once said the scariest words in America are I'm from the government and I'm here to help.



03/04/21 07:20 AM #1377    


Joel Laubscher (1972)

Just received the news that Kristine Ellis class of 65 passed. According to her brother Richard, She had just recovered from cancer and died of Covid while rehabbing at a nursing home.

03/04/21 08:17 AM #1378    


Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)

I've read comment after comment after comment and now I will chime in with my opinion, which I already know will be unpopular But because the First Amendment is still my contitutional right just as it is yours I'll proceed. I left CA when I was 18 years old, married my career military husband, lived around the world where he served and settled in the great red state of Texas, governed by Governor Greg Abbott.  I've never regretted one moment of being a transplanted Texan!

Now about the controversial - PLAN-demic - and whether to get the vaccine or not. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that myself, my husband, all my family and several friends & acquaintences, WILL NOT get this experimental vaccine injected into our body!!!  Call it what you want but intellectually I know & we should all know there was not enough testing done prior to shoving this vial of who knows what into peoples arms.  There's been no prior testing therefore no data to prove one wat or the other that this concoction is even safe.  We can all deal with "a sore arm" - big deal - but what about the neurological & other issues popping up?  No thanks - we'll take our chances.  I happen to believe that GOD has my name & date when I will leave this earth and be called home to His Heavenly Kingdon.

I'm of sound mind and have read so much about this "Covid-19" - my conclution and belief is that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation among other power hungry ^%*#+  are involved in something worse than the world has never seen the likes of....   with open minds people need to go back and re-read history books (before history is totally annihilated). Being a free country, for now anyway, life is full of choices. My choice is to refuse the vaccine at all costs!! And Vice versa for those of you getting the shots.  
OH I have read so many comments  telling people to wash their hands, wear a mask, social distance yadda yadda yadda. I'm a grown adult and if I haven't learned to wash my hands by now I'd have been dead long ago with all the different cooties & germs I've been in contact with for nearly 73 years!   And yes M'am, you know who you are, still my choice to be vacinated or not, so back to ya - good luck with that for you getting the shot. Your remark still hasn't convinced me to get it. No Way!!  God Bless You one and all! 

03/04/21 09:32 AM #1379    


Darold House (Cornell) (Cornell) (1966)

My wife and I had our 2nd shot yesterday and the day before. She is handling it well. She had a few body aches and low grade fever, but feels better today. Me on the other hand is a different story! I went to bed last night early, extremely tired, with body aches all over. This morning, I feel a little better, but the body aches are still there, along with fatique. I expect to recover tomorrow or the next day. Regardless, the shots are still worth it!

03/04/21 02:49 PM #1380    


Timothy Musch (1968)

For all of those that state that they are well-read and know that they should not take the vaccine because of inadequate testing, they are mal-informed and do not know the scientific literature. The research on the corona virus has been around for decades.  The development of vaccines was expedited because of the deadliness of the virus. The scientific process behind the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is "old school" but results in no hospitalizations or deaths.  The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are based on mRNA technology and is cutting edge in biomedical technology and can be modified in a very short time to deal with the variants that are coming out with a booster shot that should be available in the fall or winter. You have the right to not to vaccinate yourself, but when you become infected because you refused to become vaccinated and die a horrible death associated with pulmonary failure, just keep on telling yourself and your loved ones that you did the right thing! Herd immunity occurs when approximately 75-85% of the population is vaccinated.  If you won't look at the science, at least look at history!


03/05/21 05:47 AM #1381    


Tom Brody (1969)

The remarks from Dr. Timothy Musch (see, Comment 1380) are worthy of reading over two or three times and are worthy of careful contemplation, in view of the fact that his career includes research on mammalian physiology and biochemistry.  He is the author of over 100 publications in these fields of research.  These include, for example, "Benefits of exercise training on cardiovascular dysfunction," "No effect of endoperoxide or thromboxane receptor blockade on static mechanoreflex activation in rats with heart failure," "Neuronal nitric oxide synthase regulation of skeletal muscle functional hyperemia: exercise training and moderate compensated heart failure," and "The NO donor sodium nitroprusside: evaluation of skeletal muscle vascular and metabolic dysfunction."

03/05/21 01:30 PM #1382    


Floyd Michaelson (1967)

Dr. Musch, I'm interested in getting your expert opinion on the possibility that LNPs can cross into the brain and possibly cause neurological symptoms in the long term? 

03/06/21 02:54 AM #1383    


Tom Brody (1969)

To fellow Viking, Floyd M.    Please let me know what is "LNP."   Is "LNP" an abbreviation?   I might be able to answer this question.  My publications are in the fields of immunology (autoimmune diseases, antibodies, CAR T-cells), cancer (hematological cancers, solid tumors), neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, pain), and infections (Listeria bacteria, E. coli bacteria, hepatitis C virus).  - - -Tom

03/06/21 07:19 AM #1384    


Timothy Musch (1968)


Dr. Tom Brody, with a PhD in Biochemistry from U.C., Berkeley, would probably have more experience in this area. My area of focus is in Physiology. I too would be interested in what the anacronym LPN stands for as far as a chemical or something else (virus, bacteria, etc.). I follow my fellow Vikings on this website and I find sorrow in that many of my classmates are no longer with us. As far as COVID-19, I just wish that my fellow Vikings would follow the hard science as it may save the lives of many associated with family and friends. 


03/06/21 11:27 AM #1385    


Floyd Michaelson (1967)

Thank you Tom and Timorthy for responding to my post. "Lipid Nano Particles" carry the mRNA into the body with the vaccine shot. My understanding is that they are so small they can pass through the blood/brain barrier and possibly enter brain cells. I don't know if this is true and whether I should be concerned. I was hoping for more information from an actual scientist which I am not? Tom, could you research this idea? Thanks again. 


03/06/21 02:56 PM #1386    


Donna Bohrer-Abbott (Mayfield) (1963)

So sorry to hear of the passing of Frank Amienti,  I remember him as such a nice guy. God Bless his family and friends. RIP Frank

03/06/21 08:22 PM #1387    


Alicia Fields Rudnicki (1969)

Hello, All. This note is mostly in response to Floyd Michaelson's comment about lipid nano particles (LNPs).

First though, I should mention that I got my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine last Monday. My only symptoms were a small amount of soreness at the injection point on my arm for a day and a fatigue that gradually diminished over two days. Also, my husband's response to his first Pfizer shot was mild, and side effects from his second were  milder. Even if my second shot makes me feel ill for awhile, I'll be glad for the protection against a severe case of Covid-19. I've appreciated all the helpful and encouraging comments in the forum concerning response to the vaccine.

Floyd, your question is interesting, which — along with my worry about the pandemic — is why I spent a number of hours reading up on the topic. I'm a business writer, not a scientist, and these days, I mostly write about botanical topics that often require exacting research. So, I am careful about the resources I access. Thanks to your question, I now understand that a film of nanolipids (including cholesterol and lecithin-type phospholipids — fatty materials that resist dissolving in water) protects the mRNA strands from breaking and helps it pierce the Covid-19 particles.

I found no evidence of the Pfizer or Moderna nanolipids being able to breach the blood-brain barrier. However, researchers think that the Covid-19 virus — which is itself nano-sized — may be able to pierce the brain and that this may be the cause of a "brain fog" that Covid-19 patients experience. I hope this helps until Tom Brody can respond. 

Here's an article from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center that provides a good explanation of nanoparticles.


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