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02/21/17 07:58 AM #739    


Judy Spears (Delzer) (1965)

I am sorry I was unable to attend as I had planned. I had car problems the day before and am waiting to get repairs done as I write this. Hopefully I can get there for the next one in June. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the gatherings. God Bless!

03/15/17 12:01 PM #740    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Hi Class of 67.  Just a reminder.... The first deadline to get your money in for the 50th Class Reunion is April 1st.  After that its $100 per person till May 15th..

03/23/17 07:37 AM #741    


Janet Hartsfield (Wilson) (1967)


My husband and I are planning to come. I'm making the hotel reservation today, but we're not home: I'll send the check for the reunion when we get home tomorrow.  Thanks! We're really looking forward to this.

Janet Hartsfield Wilson

04/02/17 04:16 PM #742    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Class of 1967 50th Reunion....

Updated 5-1-17

Everyones Asking  whos going...  This list is only the Alumni it does not include Guest

Dan Heiser   

 Linda Almand

Sue Ferreira

 Don  Nunes

Karla Alsgood

Gorge Crispin  

Ken Fuller    

Sharon Whalen

Ralph Martin   

Gail Childers

William Corry 

John Ross   

Ricky Gazarian

Margie Morbeto 

Nancy Boudreau

Sonja Galliani

Al Teixeria  

Sharon Millhouse

Larry Zietz  

Leslie Larsen

Johnnie Medeiros   

Dominic Chiovare  

Christine Bettencourt

 Carol Truex

Barbara Tarski

Dan Oden  

Rick Paiva   

Michael Henderson   

George Fred Libert

Gloria   Evan

Nico Futterer  

Tony Futterer

 Karen Orr

 Pat  Sharpe

 Joyce Long

Joe Sandoval 

Daniel Johnese  

Rick Schweitzer

Richard Estrada  

Hilary Mendonca   

Sandy Schott

Donna  Snow

George Fernandes 

Jun Kishi  

 Esther Benitez

Janet Hartsfield

Cliff Nannini   

John Tapia   

Martha Velasquez

Ross  Hupp

 Lynn Crissman

Carol Carden

Janice Caldeira

Bob Goodhart   

 Janis Cobb

Kurt Cooper

Ken Fujimoto  

Joseph Sandoval

Ray Filteau

Greta Grego

Ann Grego

Leo Halverson

James Murphy

Gary Ames

Kathleen Hartnel

Robert Brainard

Carol Libbrecht 

Bruce Teie

Trudy Teie

Larry Perry

Steve Trager

Carmen Rivera

David Velasquez

Lynda Cineros

Blanche Cabral

Eddie Arguero

Tom Garcia

Sam Martin

Dave Bunday

Sid King

Linda Messenger

05/03/17 09:39 PM #743    

David Gazarian (1967)

wanted to know why my name is not on the list as i did graduate in 67. Margie Morbeto Gazarian..


Sorry Margie.. I forgot you !!  Sue

05/28/17 06:06 PM #744    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

went to my veit nam battalion reunion last week. it was great seeing the guys from way back then. my company and battalion alternate every other year. next year is the company level it is great with guys i was in the field with all the time. we were in reno this time and the food was great there. the silver legacy rocks. it is the second time it was there. the company and battalion reunions are all over the country. mostly in the midwest to the east coast. these are men i trusted with my life as they trusted me with theirs. these are the people that mean so much to me. 

05/29/17 10:29 AM #745    


Gustavo G. Lopez Jr. (1980)

Vincent my good friend,

I want to thank you and all of the men and women who sacrificed and gave their lives for our great country so that each and everyone of us can live in peace and harmony.

05/29/17 02:08 PM #746    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

thanks gus you are a good man!

05/29/17 06:46 PM #747    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Vince, Thank you for your service.  I know you have some serious health issues from your Viet Nam assignment that you are still dealing with.  I am so sorry that your time there will always be with you..  heart


05/29/17 08:08 PM #748    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

thanks sue! you are so kind. i have no regrets from my service. pacific had a lot of good men go over there. pacific lost some real good men. we will always remember them.

06/04/17 03:58 PM #749    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

This message is for anyone that might have known Steve Wisley from the class of 67.  Steve passed away in 2004 and Steve's daughter has asked me if anyone has information on her father.  In her note she said that she was cuious about her Dad, she has lived in Minnesota all her life and saw little of her father. If anyone has information she would greatly appreciate it. I believe he lived in Muldford Gardens.  Does he have siblings? Are his parents still living? Wife? Children??

If you have information that might help her, Please email me at

Thank You

Sue Ferreira Nunes

Site Administrator

06/04/17 04:27 PM #750    

Elizabeth Lubker (Nay-Weatherton) (1967)



Thanks Liz, I sent her a copy of this response.. Sue

06/21/17 01:36 PM #751    


Linda Almand (Arnett) (1967)

A big thankyou to the Reunion Committee that made the Class of 67's Fiftieth Reunion this past weekend so great. I'm very grateful for all the work you poured into making the weekend so special and memorable!  It was fun beyond words having the joy of seeing and spending time with all of you. The Class of '67 was special indeed and I'm blessed to have shared a season of life with you. Linda Almand Arnett


Thank you for joining us !! I am so thrilled to hear everyones wonderful comments. It was a fantastic reunion weekend and it was so nice to see so many Alumni again..  Sue

06/22/17 01:14 PM #752    


Sharon Whalen (Talsma (Previously Johnson)) (1967)


I think that everyone in attendance at our Class of 67  50th Reunion can agree that the weekend was fantastic.  I agree with Linda, that we are indeed a special class.  The one thing I noticed immediately was that no one seemed to skip a beat with other classmates--like it hadn't really been 50 years.  The volume in the room was proof positive that once a Viking, always a Viking.  I don't hear people now days speak of having class reunions any more, such a shame.  Glad to be part of a generation where we continue to celebrate the seasons of our life..    It was wonderful to see everyone and I believe that those who joined us on the wine tour on Saturday afternoon had a good time.  I will cherish the memories of this past weekend and the friendships that were once again renewed.          

Sharon Talsma (Whalen)

Thank you Sharon for all your help and for setting up the wine tour ( I know that was very difficult to check out all the wineries ! ).  I agree that we are a very special Class and it is sad that the kids today wont have the bond that we do.  I am so glad that we can say that we have never lost touch over the last 50 years... 

Love You,


06/23/17 05:15 PM #753    


Janice Caldeira (Wilkes) (1967)


A big thank you to Sue , Karla and all of the reunion committee for a fabulous 50th reunion. It was so much fun catching up with every one.


Thanks Janice, I'm glad you enjoyed it.  It was alot of work but well worth it.. Sue


06/25/17 02:17 PM #754    


Janet Hartsfield (Wilson) (1967)

AMEN! I am amazed at all the work the committee did and at how much fun we had. God bless Sue Nunes and all the rest who worked so hard.



Thanks Janet, I am so happy that you enjoyed the reunion !!  Sue

07/03/17 09:34 PM #755    


Cheryl McCulloch (Thompson) (1966)

It is with a heavy heart I report that Rob Norlinger has passed away.  My only information is he passed this morning in Nevada.  The class of 1966 has lost another Viking.  If anyone has more information please post.  Thank you.


I have added Rob to the In Memory List. Please let me know if you find an obit.. Sue

07/04/17 01:32 PM #756    


Lawrence Tobias (1966)

Rob's passing is very sad news. I have many great memories of what we did together along with Steve Seymore. Rest in peace Rob!

07/21/17 06:54 PM #757    


Susan Sarver (Parrott) (1968)

Hello fellow Vikings,  Now that the class of '67 has had their 50 year class reunion, I am concerned if the class of '68 has formed a committee for our 50th class reunion?  If anyone has information regarding the committee I would appreciate a response.  I am willing to help.  I hope we have an enthusiastic response and a good turnout.   


07/22/17 08:51 AM #758    


Timothy Musch (1968)


I too am wondering if the class of "68" will have a 50th reunion. Mike Munoz used to be the contact person in previous years and he may have the information needed on putting together a committee to get this going.  Mike is on Facebook and that would probably be the best way to contact him for information.  Since I have lived out of state since 1973, I really can't contribute to committee unless it is trying to update the members of our class and where they may be now.  I've made it a priority to come back to the Bay Area for previous reunions and I'm hoping that we will have one more.


07/22/17 09:05 AM #759    


Michael Varlas (1968)

Please make sure that everything about the reunion is put on Post-it Notes.  I can't seem to remember to do anything unless it's on a Post-it!  Seriously, that email from Sue was like a stab in the heart!  Fifty years...OMG and OUCH!!!  Oh, wait that stabbing pain wasn't from the email, it was my Pacemaker short circuiting!  What a rush.  Wish that would happen again..soon!  So, let's pray for a couple of things:  1.  That we have a lot of classmates show up and 2.  That we remember where and when the reunion is!  And to the committee-we are all senior citizens so we want that SENIOR DISCOUNT!

Peace, love and dope (by which I mean-Beta blockers, Acid blockers, Aleve and a pharmacy load of others),

Mike Varlas 

07/22/17 09:42 AM #760    


Julie Garcia (Mackenzie) (1968)

Hi Sue, thanks for posting this,  It would be a real shame if our class did not have a 50th reunion.  If there is to be a 50th reunion now is the time to start planning, sending out announcments and collecting contact information.  With most of us are retired and living away from our childhood home  people need as much lead time and encouragement as possilble in order to generate both support and a good turn out.  I have not been a part in any of our past  planning committees but would be will ing to help.

I know we have had an active group of school officers who have stayed in touch and worked hard over the years to produce the reunions we did have.  And to those people, Jane, Jan, Steve, just to name a very few, I say thank you, well done.  If that grooup is not too burned out and would consider getting together at least one more time for the big five -0.   I am sure you would find many people like myself and Sue who would be willing to help.

We are that point in our lives when we are sadly saying good-bye to many of our old frends, neighbors and classmates.  Each year I see postings from and about classmates that I grew up with and went to school with but really don't remember ever really talking to very much once we hit Pacific.  And t truly regret that.  I know there are a variety of reasons for this (I was very insecure and not comfortable in my own skin). I am sure I was not alone,  teenagers can be such self-centered and insecure beings. There are some perks to growing older!  I for one would like a chance to say hello to you all and to and share some childhood rememberances in person and not on memorial page.  I am going to post this now before I over think this and delete this!

07/22/17 11:02 AM #761    


Joyce Long (Sharpe) (1968)

 Hi, everyone! I attended my husbands 50th reunion last month. Sue Nunes and her committee did one hell of a job! The reunion was the best! I have asked some of our 1968 class and have also been asked if we are having a 50th. I would help, but I don't know where to start. Any ideas??

07/23/17 11:28 PM #762    


Randall Johnese (1968)

I agree that it our 50th should be an important event.  I would be willing to help in anyway I can.  We should form a committee soon if one isn't already in place.

07/24/17 09:01 AM #763    


Steven Larsen (1968)




To All in the Class of 68!

I  am most willing to head up the reunion effort.  I live in the North Bay Area in the small hamlet of Forestville.  We can use my house as a meeting point.  If someone is more central (if there is such a thing) let me  know and we can plan accordingly.  I am posting my cell # if you want to call 707 696 6599.  If you can't help but have ideas please email me  Let's make this 50th a grand event.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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