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11/19/17 08:49 AM #790    

Alicia Fields Rudnicki (1969)

Thanks, Renne, for the clear picture of what happened to Pacific High. I was busy with my life out of state when the school board made its unfortunate and, it appears, underhanded choice to sell a school of relatively recent construction. Talk about throw-away culture! I never understood how or why the board would make such a bad choice financially for the school district. In my opinion based on many trips back home, San Leandro is a more interesting, more diverse place these days. But its school situation is much worse due to extreme crowding at San Leandro High. You reap what you sow.

11/26/17 03:12 PM #791    


Janice Vegas (Heal) (1962)

I have come to the conclusion That greed in high places is the new tradition; never mind the general public. 

11/27/17 09:22 PM #792    

Gregory (George) Crispin (1967)

Sue, thanks for the web site.  5 months late, thamks for reunion.  Tech Ed turned out, but I tuned out on senior year. Sargeant Peppers Marching Band Called😎

11/28/17 09:55 PM #793    

Gregory (George) Crispin (1967)

Class of 68, I hope you pull off a reunion as good as the one the class of 67 had👍

12/02/17 11:24 AM #794    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Fellow Vikings.  

Heres a great site to keep tract of whats new in San Leandro.

Thanks, John Tapia for the information.. Sue

12/24/17 02:10 PM #795    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

Just wanted to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas

and the

Happiest of New Years !!!

Love to all..

12/25/17 08:49 AM #796    


Michael Corbett (1962)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also. Thank you for all your work and time making this site available for our enjoyment and providing a means of staying in touch with our class mates. 

12/26/17 10:02 AM #797    


Cheryl Garcia (Jaeger) (1963)

Wishing everyone a New Year of only Good happenings.  Regards Cheryl (Garcia) Jaeger

12/26/17 01:20 PM #798    


David M. Bunday (1965)

Wish everyone a Happy New! With nothing but good happenings. Sue thanks so much for all your hard work on this site. It means a whole lot to all of us. May God Bless you and yours. As always David Bunday. 

12/26/17 04:24 PM #799    


Bruce Williams (1963)

Seasons Greetings to ALL.

Sue, Thank you soooo much for this great website and forum.

12/27/17 08:43 AM #800    


Carol Purcell Bethke (1962)

Wishing Everyone a Blessed and Happy New Year! And a special thanks to Sue for all she does for this site.

12/29/17 03:00 AM #801    

Barbara Bricker (Stutzen) (1962)

I want to extend my best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year to all my old classmates.  Fun to think about you from so far away.


01/04/18 01:46 AM #802    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

Phyllis thank you for saying such kind words! your dad was my buddy when i lived 2 doors down before moving to las vegas. any info. or help you needed for your house Bud was alwasy there to lend a helping hand. your mom was also a wonderful woman. i ofton think of them.

01/07/18 02:15 PM #803    


Phyllis Baker (Lively) (1966)

Hi Vinny - I don’t get on here very often - it was good to hear back from you.  I sure miss your “buddy”, my dad and my mother too. What I’d give to have them here again. We keep the faith and know we’ll be together again some day. I sum it up this way.... not gone - simply waiting on the other side!    

Happy New Year to you and yours Vinny.  Wishing you all the best in 2018 - good luck, good health, and God’s blessings.  Be well my friend.....   —Phyllis  




01/08/18 08:01 PM #804    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

i lost another brother last week at 89 years old. the oldest of the boys. my sister was 5 years older. 2 of us left myself 69 and a brother 86. we are the last of the 9 kids. we were talking the other day and he said sometimes he wonders which of us 2 will be the last one? i told him i had a dream and he died at 120 years old and i was one of his pallbearers. it could be a close race. i know i have fans out there hoping he wins.

01/08/18 08:55 PM #805    


Ronald J Sheldon (1968)

Hey Vincent, I can understand were you are coming from. My oldest brother is loosing ground on his situation but we haven’t given up yet. The one thing we know is we just don’t know. Our time is limited from the the time we are born. My Mom told me that before I was three that I went to the hospital twice with the expectations of dying and I’m still here. We can only take it one day at a time and hope we give meaning  for why we have been given the pleasure of being here at all. So many have gone so early in life. May the blessing always be with them as well as the ones that are still here. There must be some destiney or purpose in mind for those that remain. It is always great to hear your thoughts. 

01/08/18 09:56 PM #806    


Vincent Acosta (1967)

life is too short to take it too seriously. we all want to live forever or as long as we can. it is just a brother thing and we prefer to enjoy some humor.  we will kid eachother as long as we can. my health is not very good so i want to have as many laughs as i can while i am here. thanks Ron always good to hear from you.

01/09/18 10:14 AM #807    


Gustavo G. Lopez Jr. (1980)

Hey Vinny the Fight Doctor, Happy New Year to you and your family! My condolences on the passing of your brother. I hope all is well with you and I don't think that you will be leaving us anytime soon, so it may be a tight race between you and your brother. I've been busier than a hoot owl and apologize for not keeping in touch with you. 2017 was a very busy year, hopefully 2018 will give me a little breathing room, so that we can catch up on the fight game. Take care buddy!

01/09/18 01:14 PM #808    


Sue Ferreira (Nunes) (1967)

A note from Marie Cordaway...  She also welcomes all Pacific High Alumni to their get togethers...

1965 Classmates...we have a date for our next get together next month....Saturday February 24th at Harry's Hoffbrau San always I arrive around 11:30 to check in...last time they screwed up our reservation and gave away our back room area...hopefully they don't do that again...anyway hope to see you there...and any class is welcome to join us......I live in New Orleans and Mardi Gras is in full swing...bringing a King Cake for all of us to enjoy...if you don't know what that is..look it's a tradition during the Mardi Gras season...!!

01/10/18 08:59 AM #809    


Penny Bode (Hughes) (1967)

I'm looking for a way to contact Celeste & Brian Hawkins, Gary Duckworth & Joy Bravard., all from the class of '67.  Does anyone know where they are and how to reach them?  An elementary school classmate is trying to arrange a get together for our very small class of about 15 people.  Thanks for any help you can provide.




01/10/18 03:59 PM #810    


Maria Cordaway (Villagomez) (1965)

Thank you Sue Ferreira (Nunes) for passing the word...



Your Welcome

01/19/18 09:42 PM #811    


Carol Truex (Young) (1967)

Sue, at a recent gathering of 66/67 ladies we reflected on the 67 reunion....what a fabulous evening....we again want to thank you and the planning committee for making our 50th such a memorable event.  My reflections on the class of 1967. Wishing all our classmates, those in attendance and those who were there in spirit a very happy 2018. 

Carol Truex Young

I attended my 50th high school reunion which required a willing suspension of disbelief, sacrificing realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment. I approached this with optimism as I came face to face with a room full of people from the present; would it be impossible to connect to the kids from the past? The cheerleader in me was confident as I cruised the room seeking familiar faces, that somehow those faces plus 50 years would defy time. That didn't work! The reality was all around and it included me. The faces were creased with age and life had made us wiser, but as we shared our current lives, the spirit of who we were and what we've become blurred together into something so very comfortable and familiar. We were part of the "ride or die" generation, we didn't ask where we were riding to, or why anyone would have to die! We didn't wear seat belts or helmets, we were instructed to hide under our desks to avoid death during an atomic attack, we played outside long after dark, had measles, chicken pox and mumps, we attended proms in the gym, had fathers who fought in WWII, Korea and classmates who died in Viet Nam, our music was Rock N Roll, Motown, Beach Boys, The Beatles, Psychedelic Rock, and Folk Songs, we cruised the strip, went to drive in movies, and baby boomed our way through life. We are the link between how things were and how they are now. We are the "class of 67" still alive and so far, it's been quite a ride.

Carol, I could not have said it better !! Our 50th Reunion Rocked !!!  It was a pleasure to be part of the Reunion Committee .. I think were due for another Girls Night Out !!.. Sue

01/20/18 08:13 AM #812    

Richard Lewin (1967)

Nicely done, Ms. T

01/20/18 10:25 AM #813    


Sharon Whalen (Talsma (Previously Johnson)) (1967)

Carol-  I believe you said what most of us felt about that evening!  I know that Sue Ferreira Nunes and others have made it a major part of their lives to keep us all linked.  Hopefully we will not let all that work go to waste. Wishing all Vikings the best for 2018 and let's stay connected!!!

01/20/18 12:35 PM #814    

Nancy Squier (Sukle) (1972)

I was from the class of 72, but that was very well said Carol and I'm hope all that went or will go to a reunion in the future will feel the same way you wrote it. I'm proud of the era I was raised in too, and wouldn't change a thing about it.  Thanks for expressing how most of us old folks (lol) now feel. Nancy Sukle (Squier)

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