2017 All Class Picnic


Pacific High School


All Class Picnic


July 22,2017


Did you go to the PHS picnic last year? How about the year before? When was the last time you went to a reunion? Five years ago? 10? Have you ever gone? Do you remember any of your classmates? Did you even like going to school? Well, here’s your chance to go…

Even though PHS closed its doors in 1983, the Viking Spirit lives on in the hearts of many past grads and alumni that once walked the halls and breezeways at the corner of Marina Blvd. and Wayne Ave!

If you’re curious to see classmates, wanting to reconnect with old friends, or just want to see who you’ve friended on FB because you share a connection of once being a student of Pacific High School in San Leandro – come to the PHS picnic at the San Leandro Marina on Saturday, July 22, 2017!